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The Best Hypoallergenic Sheets

Last updated on February 3, 2022
Best Hypoallergenic Sheets

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It can be difficult to get a good night’s rest when you have skin irritations or are constantly rubbing your itchy eyes. Allergies are a nuisance during the day, but they can also be quite disruptive at night when you need time to sleep. In some cases, your bedding could be aggravating your allergies and making things worse. If you suffer from allergies to dust mites, pollen, pet dander and other common allergens, opt for hypoallergenic sheets so that you’re able to sleep without any discomfort.

When it comes to the material, there are two main kinds of hypoallergenic sheets: organic and non-organic. Organic hypoallergenic sheets are made out of natural substances like cotton, bamboo and silk. These materials are naturally hypoallergenic and repel allergens. Plus, they are processed without harmful chemicals. Non-organic sheets are made from synthetic materials like polyester microfiber. They are incredibly durable fabrics that last a long time. However, keep in mind that they involve chemicals in their processing. Some hypoallergenic sheets are made out of a combination of both organic and non-organic materials.

The most important aspect of hypoallergenic sheets is that they are breathable while still keeping allergens away. The materials used need to have the right pore size, which is dependent on the fabric weave used. Typically, the pore size of the sheets affects how well it can block out allergens. If the pore size is large, allergens will be able to come through. If the pore size is smaller than the allergens, it will effectively block them. Look for hypoallergenic sheets that have a pore size under 10 microns. This will help you get a good night’s rest without any irritation from allergies — while still having breathable material that is comfortable to sleep on.

Our Picks For The Top Hypoallergenic Sheets

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Lanest Housing Machine Wash Anti-Acne Hypoallergenic Sheets, 4-Piece

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

Lanest Housing

Machine Wash Anti-Acne Hypoallergenic Sheets, 4-Piece

If you're searching for an elegant set of hypoallergenic sheets, this four-piece set is an excellent choice. The satin sheets have a 400-thread count and are super soft against skin. They fit mattresses with a thickness of up to 14-inches and come in sizes ranging from a twin to a California king.

Overall Take

Color OptionsYou'll find these hypoallergenic sheets come in 14 different colors, including pink, light gray, scarlet red and taupe.

 Runner Up

Comfort Spaces CS20-0121 Elastic Fade Resistant Hypoallergenic Sheets, 6-Piece

Comfort Spaces

Elastic Fade Resistant Hypoallergenic Sheets, 6-Piece

With this set of hypoallergenic sheets, you'll receive one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and four pillow cases. Each is constructed from 100% microfiber, which can be cleaned in any washing machine. The material is also fade-resistant, so you can count on the sheets looking like new for a long time to come.

Overall Take

Economical PickWhen outfitting multiple beds in the home, you'll want to go with these affordable hypoallergenic sheets.

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Sonoro Kate Anti-Wrinkling Hypoallergenic Sheets, 4-Piece

Sonoro Kate

Anti-Wrinkling Hypoallergenic Sheets, 4-Piece

These high-quality hypoallergenic sheets are incredibly soft. They are stretchable and durable and can fit mattresses up to 16 inches deep. The material is fade-, stain- and wrinkle-resistant.

Overall Take

Fine CraftsmanshipGet ultra-soft comfort with these brushed microfiber sheets.

 Strong Contender

Cosy House Fade Resistant Hypoallergenic Sheets, 4-Piece

Cozy House

Cosy House Fade Resistant Hypoallergenic Sheets, 4-Piece

This unique fabric is soft, breathable and comfortable. it also has thermal-regulating properties that keep you cool at night. The hypoallergenic sheets are odor-, stain- and wrinkle-resistant.

Overall Take

Breathable and LightweightThese hypoallergenic sheets are made from a bamboo and microfiber blend.

What to Look For

  • Consider whether you want hypoallergenic sheets with a natural or synthetic material. Natural materials include cotton, silk or bamboo. Synthetic fabrics are made from polyester or microfiber. Both options provide hypoallergenic qualities. Keep in mind that some synthetic materials can irritate the skin if you have severe skin sensitivities.
  • Some hypoallergenic sheets are certified by third-party associations that conduct detailed tests to ensure the quality of the material. Standards to look for include OEKO-TEX and TUV RHEINLAND.
  • Check the size carefully to make sure the sheets will fit your mattress. In addition to checking the bed size, such as queen or twin, be sure to measure the mattress depth. If your mattress is higher than around 14 inches, you’ll need to look for hypoallergenic sheets that are designed with deep pockets. These can accommodate mattresses between 15 and 22 inches, depending on the brand of sheets.
  • Many hypoallergenic sheets come with other bedding items. In addition to a fitted sheet and flat sheet, some sets include pillow cases, pillow shams or a bed skirt.
  • The color of the hypoallergenic sheets helps to create the look and feel of your bedroom. The bed is often the largest element in the bedroom, so the eye is naturally drawn to it. You can create a mood or atmosphere simply by choosing the right kind of bedding. For example, opt for neutral colors like gray or blue if you want to create a more relaxing and mellow look, or opt for bright and bold colors like red or orange for an energetic and lively room. Be sure to also look at other textiles in your room for color inspiration, such as the curtains, comforter or rug.

More to Explore

In addition to getting hypoallergenic sheets, you can take a couple of other steps to reduce the amount of allergens in your bed. Be sure to wash your sheets at least once a week. Follow the care instructions, but if possible, wash them in hot water. This helps to kill any germs and bacteria that may trigger your allergies. If the weather permits, air out all of your bedding, like comforters and pillows, in the sun for a few hours each week. The UV rays and the heat from the sun help to kill any harmful bacteria. Showering before bed also helps you to make sure you’re not bringing any outside allergens with you to bed, such as pollen or pet dander.