The best gifts for sloth-lovers


There’s something that’s just so appealing about sloths. Their adorable faces wear permanent smiles and sweet, chill expressions. They’re furry and look extra cuddle-worthy. And they live life at their own unhurried pace, without an apparent care in the world. No pressure to hustle there!

If you have a sloth lover on your list (and really, who doesn’t?), you’ll be delighted to learn that there are loads of charming sloth-related items that would make the perfect present for any occasion. We’ve hand-picked a sampling of sloth stuff to help in your gift-giving endeavors.

Lavender Sloth

You might not be able to give your friend or loved one a real live sloth, but a snuggly, lavender-scented doll is a close second. What’s wonderful about this gift is that your recipient can pop the plushie into the microwave for a warm, aromatic cuddle.

Wearable Blanket

If you can’t have a sloth, maybe you could pretend to be a sloth. This soft and cozy blanket is perfect for wrapping yourself in to hang on the couch or maybe that always-chilly workplace. It features a sloth-faced hood and clawed hand pockets.

Sloth Philosophy Book

Who better to learn the art of deliberate, mindful living from than a sloth? This cheerfully illustrated book is chock-full of tips and tidbits to destress and simplify. It begins with the SLOW method for a more slothful life and incorporates practices such as tidying up and Hygge.

Cell Phone Purse

This compact crossbody bag is adorned with a fun, textured sloth decoration. Crafted from vegan leather, the purse has pockets and zippered compartments to hold all of your necessary items. The stitched-on sloth features cute details, such as button eyes and soft, 3-D claws.

Insulated Tumbler

Your recipient can tote warm or cold beverages in this descriptive tumbler, which features a sloth and the words, “Nope, not today.” The pink and floral cup is BPA free, dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

Sloth Necklace

This simple and charming necklace features a sleepy sloth happily hanging out on a branch. The pendant and chain are both made of sterling silver, although the charm is also high polished with white gold for a brilliant shine. Give it as a reminder to “slow down and be happy.”

Adult Coloring Book

Help your friend or loved one pass the time, decompress and channel some creative energy with a sloth-focused coloring book for grownups. The book includes numerous coloring page styles, with two of each design (in case of an “oops” or for coloring together).  Your recipient will be able to download and print favorite images as many times as they want.

Slow Brew Infuser

It takes time to brew the perfect cup of tea, which makes a sloth the ideal companion for teatime. Fill the fun and functional infuser with loose tea leaves and steep away. The pleasant sloth will hang onto the side of the mug until the tea is ready.

Phone Ring Stand Set

Endearing sloths will gladly (albeit sluggishly) volunteer to hold your phone. This set includes three different phone ring designs, so you might opt to give two as gifts and squirrel away one for yourself. You can wear the ring to prevent dropping your phone, use it as a kickstand and more.

Pack of Sloth Sticky Notes

This sweet sloth family makes it easy to jot down notes. Meanwhile, catching sight of their adorable faces is sure to make your friend smile. A momma sloth (whose face is a pad of sticky notes) cuddles three babies, which are actually tab-style sticky notes. Mark pages, flag signature lines or simply add a fun sloth to a document.

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