The best December sales from now until Christmas


So the seemingly endless month of Black Friday sales is finally over.

But don’t worry if you haven’t found everything you need: we head into December now with more days to find deals, through Christmas Eve.

Just like Black Friday stretched into a weeks of deals, Cyber Monday is now Cyber Week. And it seems there are new sales every other day.

So when will you find the best deals from now till Christmas?

The savings site says:

Green Monday, Dec. 7 or 14, depending on the retailer, is a great time to order from smaller online merchants and local stores.

Free Shipping Day is Dec. 14, the last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery (at no surcharge) from hundreds of web retailers.

Dec. 15 is not an official sale day, but is traditionally when toy prices start to drop, according to

Dec. 20 is when prices on winter clothing and jewelry that haven’t sold start to get slashed.

Christmas Eve sales usually start a couple of days before Christmas Eve, and are a last-ditch attempt to clean out unsold gifts, clothing, and other items. You can find some incredible deals 48 hours before Christmas.

Why you shouldn’t wait much longer

But from the doesn’t that stink file, is the risk this year of waiting too long to order online. says this year has seen many shipping delays, and with so many people ordering online, supply lines could bog down again by mid-month.

After free shipping day in mid-December, you are pushing your luck ordering online, unless you are willing to pay for $15 or more for priority shipping.

That late you may want to put your mask on and head to the mall.

With online shopping up 30% this pandemic year, Amazon, FedEx and UPS are expecting a crush of orders.

So shop early, so you don’t waste your money.

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