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The Best Coverlet

Last updated on March 7, 2022

We looked at the top 8 Coverlets and dug through the reviews from 12 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Coverlets.

Best Coverlet

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If you find yourself feeling chilly at night and need something extra to keep you warm and snug, a coverlet is a versatile option. It can be used on top of a duvet or blanket in the colder months, and when the weather is warm, you can just pair it with a sheet. It’s a great choice whether your bedroom decor is traditional or modern.

Unlike a bedspread which goes all the day down to the floor, a coverlet is a smaller type of blanket that only goes as far as your bed skirt. It works whether you have a traditional dust-ruffle bed skirt or a flat contemporary one. The coverlet is small and compact enough that it can also be folded and draped on the end of the bed, so you can just grab it when you need it.

If you have a stylish bed frame that has statement leg pieces, a coverlet enables you to show those off. A coverlet is also thin enough to tuck under the mattress if you’re going for a neater, more minimalist style.

Our Picks For The Top Coverlets

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 Top Pick

Hansleep Microfiber Quilted Coverlet Set

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Microfiber Quilted Coverlet Set

Elegant is the best word to describe this line of coverlets. Each of the options feature an attractive damask pattern design that adds style to any space. The bedspreads are nice and lightweight, making them a great option for spring and summer use.

Overall Take

Most EconomicalWhen sticking with a budget, this affordable coverlet is the way to go.

 Runner Up

Tempcore Microfiber Quilt Coverlet Set


Microfiber Quilt Coverlet Set

No matter what the current season, this coverlet is a good buy. It provides added warmth during the colder months and a decorative covering when the weather warms up. The coverlet is also easy to clean, as it's machine washable and safe to tumble dry on low.

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsYou'll find this coverlet is available in over 10 attractive colors.

 Runner Up

Uozzi Easy Clean Playful Coverlet Set


Easy Clean Playful Coverlet Set

Brighten up your bedroom with this stylish coverlet. The set includes one quilt and two matching shams and is available in a twin, queen or king size. It's also constructed from a durable microfiber that can quickly be cleaned in your home washing machine.

Overall Take

Multiple PatternsYou'll find this coverlet comes in a choice of nine fun patterns, including pink unicorn, colorful flowers and blue and gray with triangles.

 We Also Like

Mellanni Lightweight Wrinkle Resistant Coverlet Set


Lightweight Wrinkle Resistant Coverlet Set

This hardy coverlet can withstand rough use in families with kids or pets. The stitching will not unravel with daily use. This set comes with a coverlet and two matching pillow shams.

Overall Take

Durable Stitching and FabricThis stylish coverlet is perfect for families with kids and pets.

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Our experts reviewed the top 8 Coverlets and also dug through the reviews from 12 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best of the best Coverlets.

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What to Look For

  • When you’re looking for a coverlet, opt for one that is made out of microfiber or polyester. This is a durable material that is incredibly soft, comfortable and easy to clean. Typically, you can machine wash and tumble dry your coverlets.
  • Coverlets often have a stitched, embossed or pressed pattern on the cover. This adds decorative appeal and style. Patterns may include criss-cross stitching, bohemian design or a unique abstract look. Consider what your bedroom style is like and how the coverlet will complement it.
  • You can find coverlets in both muted and bold colors. If you have a number of different colors on your bed already, consider getting a classic beige-toned coverlet so it matches with all of your bedding. On the other hand, if your bedding is on the plain side, add a pop of color with a bright and bold coverlet.
  • Coverlets can be used in either warm or cold climates, though in colder temperatures, you’ll need to layer the coverlet with a thicker blanket, quilt or duvet. In the summer months, a coverlet can provide enough warmth on its own.

Coverlet Rankings

1. Hansleep Microfiber Quilted Coverlet Set

Overall Score: 9.5
Reviews Included: 1

2. Tempcore Microfiber Quilt Coverlet Set

Overall Score: 9.4
Reviews Included: 1

3. Uozzi Easy Clean Playful Coverlet Set

Overall Score: 9.2
Reviews Included: 1

4. Mellanni Lightweight Wrinkle Resistant Coverlet Set

Overall Score: 9.1
Reviews Included: 5

6. Madison Park Quebec Reversible Classic Coverlet Set

Overall Score: 8.8
Reviews Included: 5

7. Comfort Spaces Kienna Hypoallergenic Coverlet Set

Overall Score: 8.7
Reviews Included: 5

8. AmazonBasics Ultra Soft All-Season Coverlet Bed Set

Overall Score: 8.6
Reviews Included: 2

More to Explore

Many people confuse a coverlet with a quilt, but it’s important to know the difference. Quilts are typically constructed out of multiple pieces of fabric sewn together in a design, whereas a coverlet is made up of just two pieces of fabric: the top and bottom.

Quilts have a filling while not all coverlets do. Plus, quilts offer a more rustic or cottage-style vibe, whereas coverlets are more modern or bohemian. You can use either a quilt or coverlet as part of your bedding.

Quilts are also often hung on blanket racks or walls as works of art, while coverlets are more functional in nature.

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