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The Best Corner Coat Rack

Last updated on February 11, 2022

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 Top Pick

Milliard Multifunctional Shoe Storage Bench & Corner Coat Rack

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Multifunctional Shoe Storage Bench & Corner Coat Rack

If you've got a busy entryway, this compact rack is the way to keep it clean. There is ample space for shoes and coats and the modern build works with any decor. Assembly is easy and it can be done in different configurations to fit a range of spaces.

Overall Take

Perfect Corner StorageThis versatile rack can be built quickly to suit your space.

 Runner Up

HOUSE DAY Freestanding Powder-Coated Metal & Wood Corner Coat Rack


Freestanding Powder-Coated Metal & Wood Corner Coat Rack

Make the most of a cramped foyer with this coat rack. The tripod configuration makes it sturdy enough to hold even heavy jackets and it can fit into even the smallest corner. The petite shelves can be used to hold shoes, but they look great showcasing books or decorative items.

Overall Take

Minimal Yet FunctionalStore tchotchkes or footwear with equal style on this compact tripod.

 We Also Like

Roundhill Furniture Vassen 3 Built-In Storage Shelves Corner Coat Rack

Roundhill Furniture

Vassen 3 Built-In Storage Shelves Corner Coat Rack

Guests aren't likely to miss this sturdy coat rack, which will make a statement in the foyer or living room. The finished wood can stand up to years of use, and you can pile on the coats and shoes without fear. The shelves may lend themselves to decorative items, but they can hold boots or bags just fine.

Overall Take

Makes an ImpressionIf you've got the room, this rack will be a welcome sight for guests.

 Also Great

FILWH Adjustable Height Bamboo & Poplar Wood Corner Coat Rack


Adjustable Height Bamboo & Poplar Wood Corner Coat Rack

The bamboo material on this rack isn't just for looks. It's good for both the environment and your entryway, with a sturdiness that can outlast many house parties. Setup is relatively simple and the height can be adjusted to fit the room.

Overall Take

Eco-Friendly AppealThe green materials on this rack are both appealing and sturdy.

Buying Guide

Take off your coat and stay awhile. That’s a pretty standard invitation when you’re getting guests to settle in and relax. So where exactly do you put that coat? A corner coat rack, of course. Of all the pieces of furniture in your home, this one might be the most welcoming. It’s functional yet friendly, and if you buy the right one it can be the centerpiece of your foyer.

There are many different types of coat racks ranging from a single, simple wall hook to cabinets that resemble a miniature wardrobe. For this guide, we’re focusing on the traditional corner coat rack — a tall, stand-alone structure that’s meant to hold jackets, hats or scarves.

That’s some pretty basic architecture, but as soon as you start looking you’ll find that furniture designers have been able to do some very artistic things with it. You can find coat racks that look like anything from ancient trees to sleek modern sculpture. Consider that this might be the first piece of furniture your guests interact with, so make sure the style matches the decor of your entryway and sets the tone for the house at large.

Now on to more practical concerns. Obviously, even the most stunning coat rack isn’t much good if it can’t hold your coats. Small households might be able to get away with a thin rack with just a few pegs, but large families or those with a lot of visitors are going to need more hooks.

And remember, it’s not just about quantity. Try to think about what kind of coats your rack might be holding. Even the heaviest winter coats might only weigh a few pounds, but that can add up if your hooks are flimsy. If you’ve got kids, consider getting something more durable no matter what kind of climate you’re in. Coat racks can become the default place to schoolchildren to hang their backpacks, and those can weigh more than a few pounds.

The materials for your coat rack should be chosen with an eye to that kind of durability, but they can also make a visual statement. Wooden coat racks are naturally going to seem more rustic, while metal or plastic ones lend themselves more to a modern appeal.

If you’ve got a little space in that corner, you may also want to choose a coat rack that can handle more than just coats. If the base of your coat rack is more substantial than just a thin pole, that means it can have a little shelving underneath. And that means your coat rack can now be a shoe rack or a place to display a few knick-knacks. At Halloween or during visits from the grandkids it can hold a candy bowl. Some coat racks have a basket at the base meant to hold umbrellas — ideal for rainy climates. Just use a little imagination, and think of how you’d want to be welcomed into your own home each day.

What to Look For

Where do you usually find a coat rack? The foyer, of course. But that hardly means it’s the only place it can go. With a little creativity, a coat rack can be of use in any corner you need a little extra storage. The bathroom is one obvious alternative since it’s where many people need space to hang bathrobes or other articles of clothing while changing. If you’ve got a coat rack that’s especially striking, you can even take it out of the corner and put it center stage — right by your living room couch.

More to Explore

Every time you hang your hat on a coat rack, you may want to tip it first to one of the founding fathers of the United States. Not content with his part in drafting the Declaration of Independence and being the third president, Thomas Jefferson was also known to dabble in invention. He was apparently fond of showing off a space-saving “turning machine” to guests at his Monticello estate. By some accounts, this was a rotating version of the coat rack as we know it today.

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