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The Best Car Floor Protectors

Last updated on July 27, 2023

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Best Car Floor Protectors

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Keeping the carpet in your vehicle clean is no easy job. From snow and rain to road salt and dirt, there is no shortage of ways the carpet can get dirty. If you have young children, the floor of your car will no doubt be filled with snack crumbs and juice spills. And pets add another layer of cleanup with their fur and dander. Cleaning the carpet in your vehicle is difficult, which is why car floor protectors are so helpful.

Car floor protectors are inserts you can install over your car’s carpet to make sure it stays clean. Car floor protectors are easy to remove and clean, which makes it simple to keep your car looking brand new no matter how many crumbs or spills you end up with.

There are two main types of car floor protectors: mats and liners. Mats are typically made from rubber or carpet (and sometimes both), and they fit into your car, covering most of the carpet and edges. Liners, on the other hand, are custom shapes, so they offer slightly more protection than mats because they go right up to edges of the car’s interior.

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 Top Pick

BDK Universal Trimable Car Floor Protectors, 3-Piece

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Universal Trimable Car Floor Protectors, 3-Piece

Available in black, beige and gray, these car floor protectors are a must-have accessory. They have a universal fit, so they work just as well in a small automobile as they do a large truck. The mats are made of rubber and have built-in grooves for traction and dirt collection.

Overall Take

Budget-Friendly ChoiceYou'll love the affordable price tag on this set of car floor protectors.

 Runner Up

FH Group Easy Clean Car Floor Protectors, 4-Piece

FH Group

Easy Clean Car Floor Protectors, 4-Piece

Whether you're driving an SUV or a 7-passenger van, these car floor protectors are the way to go. Each set comes with four protectors that keep your car shielded from spills, dirt and mud. The mats are also a cinch to clean with a little dish soap and water.

Overall Take

Stylish OptionYou'll find these car floor protectors come in a choice of fun colors, including red, blue, purple and pink.

 We Also Like

Armor All-Weather Car Floor Protectors, 4-Piece

Armor All

-Weather Car Floor Protectors, 4-Piece

The improved deep treads in these mats hold water, snow and mud to protect your carpet. The mats can be trimmed for a customized fit in your car. They are engineered for sub-zero weather and will not harden or crack.

Overall Take

Versatile PickThe treads in these car floor protectors hold water, snow and mud.

 Strong Contender

Motor Trend Universal Fit Car Floor Protectors, 4-Piece

Motor Trend

Universal Fit Car Floor Protectors, 4-Piece

These car floor protectors have a two-tone design. They feature a ridge pattern to capture dirt, mud, slush and liquids. The mats have rubberized nibs on the bottom so they won’t slide around.

Overall Take

Nice DesignGive your car a sense of style with this unique design.

What to Look For

  • Whether you’re looking for mats or liners, be sure to check how high the edges of the car floor protectors go. Having high edges with grooves and ridges protects your car from debris and spills. Otherwise the mess can get underneath the floor protectors and damage your carpet.
  • Look for car floor protectors that have a hooking mechanism to attach it to the car in some way. This prevents the mats or liners from sliding around.
  • The thickness of the car floor protectors is important because it helps to provide more absorbency. Thicker mats and liners are able to absorb more liquid, and they also provide the best cushioning for your feet.
  • Most car floor protectors come in the traditional two-piece style, where there is a separate mat or liner for each footwell below the seat. However, some brands also provide a one-piece option, where the mats are joined in the center, covering the space in between the seats. Two-piece mats are much easier to install, but they provide less coverage than the one-piece mats. However, installing one-piece car floor protectors can be challenging.
  • Some mats can be trimmed to give you a better fit in your vehicle.

More to Explore

Before you install your car floor protectors, be sure to properly clean the flooring in your car. Remove any old mats if you have them, and vacuum the carpet carefully. Then, when installing the new car floor protectors, make sure that your gas and brake pedals can move freely. Do this before you drive, because you don’t want to be on the road and then realize you have a problem. Also slide your seat back and forth to make sure it can move unobstructed.