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Best Battery-Operated Candles

Last updated on October 9, 2023
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Antizer Romantic Pillar Battery Operated Candles, 9-Pack

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Romantic Pillar Battery Operated Candles, 9-Pack

These nine battery-operated candles come in six sizes and have an ivory color. They're made of real wax and have a handy remote that lets you control the flicker, brightness level and timing.

Overall Take

Good for Variety and CustomizationIf you like to control how the candles look and work, these LED candles offer the convenience of a remote timer and controls.

 Strong Contender

Vinkor Traditional Adjustable Battery Operated Candles, 9-Pack


Traditional Adjustable Battery Operated Candles, 9-Pack

If you want candles that look closer to the real thing, check out this set of nine ivory-colored candles of varying sizes. You get a remote control to operate these candles that feature a 24-hour cycle.

Overall Take

Lifelike LookYou'll get a variety of realistic battery-operated candles to use around your home and a remote control to power them on with the click of a button.

 Also Great

Enido Flameless Remote Battery Operated Candles, 9-Pack


Flameless Remote Battery Operated Candles, 9-Pack

This pack of nine flameless battery-operated candles in three sizes offers the option to use them indoors or outside. They have a waterproof cover where the battery goes and they can also hold up to harsh sunlight. A remote control is included for powering the candles on and off from afar.

Overall Take

Durable ChoiceIf you plan to use your candles where they could get wet or face the sun, this set offers durability for use in various indoor and outdoor settings.

 Best for Weddings

SHYMERY Flameless Battery Operated Votive Candles


Flameless Battery Operated Votive Candles

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Buying Guide

Whether you like using candles to give your home a pleasant atmosphere or you want them on hand for emergencies, going with flameless candles powered by batteries can offer some unique advantages over traditional candles. These reusable candles don’t come with the risk of causing a fire and they’ll work anywhere. You’ll also find battery-operated candles in a variety of styles and sizes to fit your needs.

Small tea light candles give off a soft glow and work great for craft projects, outdoor lanterns and party decorations. They often come in solid colors without decorations, but you can find colored tea light candles for holidays like Halloween.

Larger candles can provide a brighter light and they come in both basic and ornate styles. Some battery-operated candles have a realistic wax-like appearance and come in various shapes and designs, while others resemble simple candlesticks or votives. These candles can give your house a cozy ambiance and they work well for a romantic dinner, too.

When shopping for battery-operated candles, be aware that you have options beyond the traditional yellow light. You can find candles that give off a fun color like blue or pink, and there are even candles that change color on a gradual rotation. You can find battery-powered candles that come with a remote control so that you can quickly change the color or power the candle on or off.

When it comes to special features, know that you can find many battery-operated candles that flicker like the real thing. You can even find scented candles with real wax.

What to Look For

  • Before you buy battery-powered candles, check which kinds of batteries they use and whether you can replace them so that you buy the right option for your needs. Tea light candles usually use button-cell batteries that you might find harder to locate than the AA or AAA batteries typically required for larger candles.
  • If you’re buying candles to use regularly, consider rechargeable candles to save some money on batteries. Some outdoor candles use solar technologies to recharge when the sun is out, so they can shine at night. Other candles have a cable to recharge the battery inside, or you can simply use regular rechargeable batteries.
  • You can find battery-powered candles with a convenient timer so that they’ll only power on during certain times of the day. You might also want to look for candles with sensors that trigger the candle on when they detect darkness.
  • Avoid placing your battery-powered candles around water unless they’re waterproof or made for outdoor use, as the water can damage the electronics and cause the candles to malfunction. Some manufacturers make the candles water-resistant in case of accidental splashes, but check the instructions that came with your product.
  • If you notice that your candle starts flashing erratically, that likely means it’s time to recharge or replace the battery.

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