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The Best Baby Bath Seat

Last updated on May 26, 2022
Best Baby Bath Seat

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Blooming Bath Original Plush Baby Bath Seat

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Blooming Bath

Original Plush Baby Bath Seat

This baby bath seat fits neatly in most sinks to make washing your infant easier. The seat comes in the shape of a flower, with each of the four petals designed to cradle the baby for both comfort and safety. After each use, the seat can be tossed in the washer and dryer for a quick cleaning.

Overall Take

Multiple Color CombinationsYou'll find this baby bath seat is available in six different color combinations, including gray and yellow and seafoam and white.

 Runner Up

Skip Hop MOBY Smart Sling 3-Stage Tub

Skip Hop

MOBY Smart Sling 3-Stage Tub

You'll get the most use out of this baby bath seat, as it's designed to grow with your child. The reclining position is perfect for newborns, while the seating position is best for infants. Once your baby reaches six months of age, the sling can be removed and the child can be bathed directly in the tub.

Overall Take

Grows With Your ChildThis adorable baby bath seat is created to look like a gray whale.

 Strong Contender

Fisher-Price Soft Mesh Supporting 4-In-1 Baby Bath Seat


Soft Mesh Supporting 4-In-1 Baby Bath Seat

This baby bath seat is designed to cover your baby from infancy to toddlerhood. It includes a soft mesh sling for bathing newborns, as well as a cushion insert for infants. After baby graduates from the tub, there's a seat to keep your little one upright during bath time.

Overall Take

Plug for Easy DrainingIncluded with this baby bath seat is a squeeze bottle and whale scoop to help you rinse baby clean.

 Also Great

Munchkin Non-Slip Compact Baby Bath Seat


Non-Slip Compact Baby Bath Seat

Designed for baby's first year, this baby bath seat makes bath time a breeze. The seat holds baby upright with its non-slip backing. There's also plenty of room for baby to splash around and explore a toy or two.

Overall Take

Keeps Kiddo UprightParents will love the built-in drain in this baby bath seat, as it makes cleaning the tub after each use a cinch.

Buying Guide

Milestones can come nearly every week when you’re caring for a newborn. One of the big ones is baby’s first bath time, and it can be a beautiful chance to bond with your child … or a stressful and traumatic event that leaves both you and your little one wet and wailing.

The difference between the two can be as simple as a reliable bath seat. These products can come in a variety of different configurations, from mesh contraptions that look like tiny hammocks to brightly colored foam mats. They all serve a common purpose: To keep your baby safe and supported in the tub (or sink) while you give them a wash.

One thing to keep in mind is that no matter how much you love your baby bath seat, it’s going to become obsolete in a year at most. That’s around the time your child will be able to sit up in the tub on their own, so keep that in mind when you’re determining how much you want to spend.

On the higher end, baby bath seats can be fully contained, sloping seats that you can pour water into and use anywhere. They might even include spray nozzles and temperature monitors to ensure that the water doesn’t get too hot. These are all very helpful, but they usually mean that the tub will be harder to store when not in use.

More common are bath seats that function as a sling. These usually have a mesh backing stretched across a frame, and they are as versatile as they are portable. You can typically break it down for easy storage, and you can use it as long as baby can still fit inside the frame. Some sensitive infants might not enjoy the feel of the mesh against their skin, but parents can always cover it with a cloth or sheet as long as it doesn’t cause the baby to slip around.

Another option is a baby bath mat, which is essentially a large piece of waterproof or water-absorbent foam. These are mainly shaped into colorful flowers or characters to keep baby’s attention, and they’re easy enough to fold up or hang from the showerhead after use. They’re great for the sink since you can just use them as a protective lining and plop baby inside. They allow a bit more freedom of movement, which makes them best for older children.

No matter what kind you buy, look for products that meet standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. You can also check the CPSC website for recalls on bath seats and other baby products.

What to Look For

The use of a bath seat shouldn’t be a substitute for proper safety precautions. Even if your baby seems comfortable, you should never leave them unattended in the bath seat or in the bathtub in general. You also may want to watch the placement of the bath spout, which can be easy for mobile children to bump their head on. Consider placing the bath seat at a distance from the spout and using a washcloth, or soften the spout with a protective cover (available at most children’s stores).

More to Explore

Babies are the primary market for bath seats these days, but the first people to use them were the elderly and infirm. “Bath chairs” were oversized wheelchairs used to transport those who could afford them around spas and resorts in Victorian England. They were named not for the bathtub but for the town of Bath, England where they were originally devised.

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