The 28 best gifts for the men in your life

Hunting for the perfect gift for the men in your life can feel like an overwhelming task.

That’s why we have compiled this handy list of foolproof gifts for every man on your “nice” list this year, whether you are buying for your spouse, father, brother-in-law, coworker, boyfriend or otherwise.


Nightstand Organizer

Help him ensure he never loses his glasses or his watch again with this handy nightstand organizer. This smart synthetic leather case also makes it easy to charge his phone and keep his change in order.

Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Help him keep his hands warm with this nifty rechargeable hand warmer from Zippo.

A Portable Campfire

No logs? No fire pit? No problem. Just open this lid of this tin, light it up and enjoy a warm, toasty fire that’ll burn for several hours.

A Wireless Charger

Wireless charging pads are great for office or bedside use. Just place the phone on top to charge — no plugging-in required. In our Don’t Waste Your Money reviews testing, we rated this Choetech charger as the “best value” and found it to be a great, versatile option for Apple and Android phones alike.

A Dash Cam

Dashboard cameras are becoming more popular, and this particular cam came in as the top-rated product in our Don’t Waste Your Money testing. One feature that put it above the rest is it night-vision capabilities.

Bluetooth Beanie

Here’s the perfect solution to keeping your man’s ears warm while he still gets to listen to his favorite music or podcasts without bulky headphones or earbuds getting in the way. Whether he is commuting, walking the dog or going for a jog, this fashion-forward beanie makes it easy to stay warm and entertained all at once.

Bike Wheel Lights

Here is a gift that is a must-buy if you have an avid biker on your gift list. These battery-powered LED lights will help your loved one bike safely, and they come in a variety of colors to suit your guy’s taste.

Survival Multitool

Move over, Swiss Army Knife. Every man needs a survival multitool, which offers multiple ways for your man to get himself out of any jam. It includes a car emergency hammer to break car windows, as well as an ax, saw, knife, bottle opener, flat screwdriver, a No. 2 Phillips screwdriver, file, pliers, saws, wire cutter, fish descaler and more!

Retro Mini Arcade Game

Is there a man on your gift list who is still a boy at heart? Then he is going to love this mini arcade game. With 200 preloaded games, this funny gift will offer hours of serious fun for all ages, but don’t blame us if he can’t put the game down to focus on Christmas dinner!

Tile Sticker

Gift him a two-pack of these Tile stickers, which can attach to anything he’s frequently losing track of, from keys to an iPad. These stickers have a built-in battery that lasts three years. One extra-cool feature: if you activate a Tile that’s attached to a phone, the device will make the phone ring — even if the ringer is turned off!

Men’s Yoga Mat

If your guy is into yoga or needs a mat for home workouts, then look no further than this sturdy, ultra-thick yoga mat from Gaiam. It rolls up easily and comes with easy handles for carrying.

Trunk Organizer

Is your guy obsessed with keeping his car in tip-top shape? This trunk organizer will make all the gearheads on your gift list happy, as it has super-strong dividers that will make it easy to organize everything from groceries to tools to luggage to household items.

Magnetic Wristband

Does your guy love to do projects around the house? Whether he is a regular Tim the Toolman Taylor or he is still learning how to change his own oil, this magnetic wristband will simplify all of his home improvement projects. The super-strong magnets are embedded in a comfortable wristband to ensure he never loses a screw or bolt again!

A Framed Motivational Quote From ‘The Office’

If you’re gifting to a fan of “The Office,” keep him chuckling throughout the year with a framed poster that’ll remind him of Michael Scott and his ridiculous antics. Frame sold separately.

Bluetooth Bedside Lamp

With this bedside Bluetooth speaker nightlight, he can do everything from charge his phone to play his favorite music. The LED lamp offers six dimmable colors.

Golf Shoes That Don’t Look Dorky

Let’s be real: Golf shoes don’t always look that cool. But now, brands like Adidas are making hip golf shoes that are cool enough to please even the most discerning sneakerhead.

Neck Massage Pillow

Whether he is desk-bound or works outside all day, it’s certain the man in your life could use a little TLC for all his aches and pains. This neck massager combines heat with shiatsu massage for a deeply relaxing and healing experience that will make his 2020 his most relaxing year yet.

Cozy Slippers

No one wants cold little piggies. These IZOD men’s classic houseshoes are masculine enough to please even the pickiest of men, but they are also super-cozy and warm. They come in variety of colors and styles.

A Heartwarming Journal

Here is a gift that just might make your dad cry. This guided journal offers children of all ages a heartwarming way to invite their father to share his experiences and wisdom with them. This journal will create a treasure trove of memories that your family will cherish for generations to comes.

Fresh Spices

Does your guy love to grill? Can he throw down in the kitchen like Bobby Flay? Then he is going to love a set of handcrafted gourmet spices from FreshJax. Their organic Smoked Spices line features hearty, bold flavors like Mesquite Lime and Smoked Cherrywood.

Handmade Leather Satchel

With this oil-rubbed leather messenger bag, your guy can tote everything from his laptop to his lunch in style.

Dad Jokes

Nothing is more lovably cringe-worthy than a dad joke. If you have a pun-happy dude in your life, then this book of “dad jokes” is the perfect gift.

A Luxury Shave Kit

Give the gift of self-care and luxurious grooming with the Gentleman Jon Deluxe Wet Shave Kit. The kit includes a safety razor, a badger hair brush, a canvas and leather dopp kit, a shave stand, an alum block, a stainless steel shave bowl, shave soap and Astra razor blades.

A Mug For All Seasons

Whether you are married to an outdoorsman or a man whose idea of the outdoors involves sitting by the Yule Log with hot cocoa, this Yeti Rambler is going to be the gift that keeps on giving, whether he wants to keep his coffee hot or his beer cold. This Yeti is specifically made with larger hands in mind, and its durable design is dishwasher safe.

Whiskey Stones

Do you have a whiskey lover in your life? Any whiskey aficionado knows that ice cubes water down the drink and ruin its flavor profile, but with whiskey stones, your guy can keep his whiskey cold as ice and pure as snow. This whiskey-lovers kit comes with a gorgeous wooden box, rustic slate coasters and real crystal glasses (and, of course, Royal Reserve’s 100% natural granite whiskey stones).

A Bonsai Tree Starter Kit

Get the guy with a green thumb this seed-starter kit, which includes everything needed to grow four bonsai trees.

Wallet Love Note

Everyone could use a pick-me-up on a bad day. Enter these personalized engraved love notes which are wallet-sized, meaning he can carry a love note from you in his pocket no matter where he may roam.

‘Game of Thrones’ Christmas Sweater

Please the GOT-loving dude in your life with this ugly Christmas sweater that features Tyrion Lannister. Don’t blame us if he never wants to take it off!


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