Here’s how teachers can get free coffee at Krispy Kreme through June and July

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Teachers don’t get nearly the “thank you” they deserve during the school year. But Krispy Kreme wants to put a stop to that. From now until the end of July, teachers can get a free cup of coffee with any regular purchase.

The doughnut merchant tweeted the news, “It’s time for teachers to celebrate a great year. Let’s celebrate all summer long with free coffee w/purchase.”

And that sounds like a good plan, indeed.

According to the tweet, all teachers need to do is present their ID at select U.S. shops, and they’ll receive a free cup of coffee to go with their donut. Because it was a long year, after all!

Perhaps the best part of this offer: it’s valid at any point in the day, according to, so educators don’t have to have to set an early wake up call to take advantage of this incredible offer.

There is a very special week in May dubbed “Teacher Appreciation Week.” But a week-long celebration simply isn’t enough, and Krispy Kreme just gets it. That’s precisely why they’re giving educators a full two months to enjoy this deal.

Krispy Kreme has a variety of iced and hot coffee beverages to choose from. There’s everything from decaf drip coffee to an iced chocolate version, so no matter how folks take their coffee — there’s something for everyone.

Teachers, who’s ready for a cup of coffee?

Krispy Kreme’s Special Summer Drinks

Krispy Kreme also has a few summer drinks on the menu. If you don’t like coffee, these drinks might get your attention.

There’s the Oreo Chiller, an icy, Oreo cookie filled take on a milkshake. Or customers can pick up a Frozen Lemonade. You can choose to add strawberry or mango flavor to mix up the classic lemonade.

So, if you know a teacher who could use a thank you, consider a stop at Krispy Kreme and treat him or her to a free coffee. We bet you’ll get a thank you, too!

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