I have this Target tank top, a wardrobe staple, in multiple colors

Target Blue Tank

Getting dressed in the morning can feel like a hassle for me, especially during the summertime. While my winter wardrobe has me downright excited to get dressed — the denim options, the layering and rompers! — my summer clothes often leave me standing in my closet thinking, “Meh.”

Then one day at Target I spotted the Slim Fit Ribbed High Neck Tank Tops from A New Day. I’m not exactly sure what caught my eye. Maybe it was the seemingly endless color options or the $8 price tag, but immediately upon picking one up, I knew I was going to walk out of the store with it.


$8 at Target

Prior to this moment, my tank top collection consisted of a series of faded black or dingy white well-past-their-prime options that I hung together on one hook and sometimes threw on when I went to the gym.

They all have thicker straps because even as a grown adult, I’ve yet to master the strapless bra under a thin tank top look. It has always seemed not quite right, leaving me loudly sighing and flailing my arms as I wriggle out of it to find a better option.

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$8 at Target

That night, I purchased a gray tank top. I loved the cut and texture so much, I went back for two more within a week. As of this exact moment, I own a total of five. Will I buy more? Yes, probably. They go with everything and are great for layering.

The only thing I’d change is that I wish the white was a little thicker because it’s just a tad too see-through for me, although it has worked out well under a thin button-down. Since the tanks come in an array of basic solid colors, they can be worn year-round.

I find the high-neck cut flattering. It works well with or without jewelry. I notice myself gravitating to these tanks on days when I know I’ll be outside a lot; it’s nice to not have to slather my décolletage (which tends to burn quickly) in sunscreen.


$8 at Target

The high-neck tank top is fitted enough that I can tuck it into high-waisted pants or skirts — yet I do not feel self-conscious wearing it with yoga pants. Now when I go away for the weekend, I just toss these tanks and my Stan Smith tennis shoes in my bag and go.

What might be best of all is that there’s no need to succumb to an uncomfortable strapless bra! The cut is perfect with any racerback bra, including sports bras.  If you’re looking to add a new staple to your wardrobe, I highly recommend picking up a few. Aside from the super low price tag, these tanks come in 14 different colors with sizes ranging from XS to 4X.

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