Target announced a plan to hire and retain more Black employees

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Target has recently vowed to implement a number of changes to boost diversity within its workforce. The retail chain released details of a multi-faceted plan to diversify Target’s workforce, retain workers and become more transparent in its efforts to build inclusivity.

“Inclusivity is a deeply rooted value at Target and we’ve had an ambitious diversity and inclusion strategy for many years for our guests and team,” Melissa Kremer, the company’s chief human resources officer said in a press release.

“We know that having a diverse workforce and inclusive environment not only creates a stronger team, but also provides the perspectives we need to create the products, services, experiences and messages our guests expect.”

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One specific plan looks to increase the number of Black employees by 20% over the next three years.

Data from Target’s inclusion and diversity report from 2019 show that only 15% of the company’s 360,908 employees are Black, while white employees make up 50% of the company’s staff.

The disparity is even greater among the upper-level roles. In terms of managers, about 12% of these positions are held by Black employees. Meanwhile, the leadership team is 75% white, with only 8% of these roles held by Black employees.

Target’s efforts to bring in and retain more Black employees will include:

  • Developing programs to hire and retain Black team members in departments with low levels of representation, including technology, data sciences, merchandising and marketing.
  • Boosting Target’s network of mentors and sponsors to help Black team members advance their careers.
  • Ensuring benefits and partnerships drive wellness and safety for Black team members.
  • Continuing anti-racism training for leaders and employees that builds inclusion awareness and fosters a sense of belonging.

These actions are part of Target’s new Racial Equity Action and Change committee (REACH) and its efforts to bring about improvements for Black team members.

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