This Sundress Made From Upside-Down Jeans Is Retailing For $445


We’ve seen some pretty interesting fashion designs this year, from jeans that have ‘clear knees‘ that retail for $95 to straight-up clear jeans which will run you $100 to fake muddy jeans that retail for a whopping $445 a pair at Nordstrom.

But it seems as though the fun hasn’t stopped there, as the latest wearable denim item available from the clothing retailer ShopBop is now in the spotlight.

The dress, which is now available to purchase online, is constructed by the company 6397 and is made using two pairs of patched-together jeans. Extra denim fabric is then used to fill in the gaps.

With the original waistbands of the jeans still intact, the dress is said to have adjustable slits on both the front and back and also features adjustable shoulder straps. You know, so you can make sure you achieve the perfect look while sporting this unusual dress.  And even though the get-up is unlined, it’s retailing at the hefty price of $445 on ShopBop’s website.

We’ve also discovered, thanks to Fortune, that although the design of the denim dress features four pockets, not a single on of them are usable due to being upside-down. Facepalm.

The company 6397 says that their ready-to-wear collection, which is the category this denim dress falls under, is inspired by American sportswear that is familiar to all of us.

The company also said on their website that each season they like to play with the idea of classics and re-interpret them, celebrating the spirit of individuality and community. And a quick glimpse of their look book for next season confirms their design philosophy.

While you surely would be celebrating individuality if you sported this particular dress, we’re also thinking that with all of the tutorials out there for different ways to repurpose old jeans and denim, you could probably make something pretty similar for just pennies on the dollar (if you’re so inclined.

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