SUCCESS Game is a great way to teach personal finance skills

Can a board game help high school students prepare for the “real world?”

“This game is great it’s called SUCCESS,” said Maplewood High School student Malachi French.

NewsChannel 5 in Nashville, Tennessee stopped by Maplewood High School, where the game is being played as a way to learn about finances, making smart investments and donating to charity.

Here’s what the game looks like, according to the company’s Instagram feed:

Unlike other board games, “winning” does not necessarily mean making the most money. Success is defined differently for each player.

Inventors Jason and Tiara Evans came up with the game for their own family and say they hope other families will use it to educate and entertain.

SUCCESS is a family game for two to eight players. For more information click here.

Written by Kristen Skovira for Channel 5 News.

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