Our favorite subscription boxes for year-round gift giving

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Wouldn’t it be nice to celebrate someone’s birthday or the holidays more than once a year? Why give one gift to your loved ones when you can give them something they’ll love year-round?

With gift subscription boxes, all the hard work of choosing the ideal gift gets taken care of for you. Plus, the recipient gets the benefit of receiving something new regularly. No matter how old we get, we all love getting packages in the mail from those we love.

Subscription box gifts come in all sizes, themes and price ranges. And depending on the subscription box, the sender can choose how often to deliver them.

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There are as many subscription boxes as interests, so if the thought of choosing one to send to your favorite people feels overwhelming, don’t worry! We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite subscription boxes to inspire you as you become 2024’s best gift giver.

1. KiwiCo


$24 at KiwiCo

Kids love getting mail and KiwiCo provides a monthly subscription box for all ages from infant to 14 years. Each box has a STEM-inspired activities to provide hands-on learning while at play. With nine boxes to choose from, based on age appropriateness, a child will read, draw, build or even cook something new each month.

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2. The Man Box


$24 at The Man Box

Finding the perfect gift for the guy in your life can be a challenge. The Man Box, listed as one of Rolling Stone’s best gifts for men, has a little something each month that all guys will like. From tasty snacks to tools or tech, The Man Box covers all the bases to make your favorite man smile.

Choose from the following subscription options:

  • One month: $24
  • Three months: $23.05 per box
  • Six months: $22.10 per box
  • 12 months: $20.31 per box

Plus, use the code HALFOFF to get 50% off the first box if you choose at least a 3-month subscription.

4. KetoKrate


$45 at KetoKrate

Eating healthy is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. Encourage a friend or loved one to keep their healthy habits with KetoKrate. Each month, the box will have eight to 12 full-size, low-carb snacks (less than 5g net carbs each). Plus, there are coupons to save on new snack purchases.

Giving the gift of cookies, candy, nuts and other yummy snacks that won’t break a resolution is a wonderful gift!

5. Amazon Kids Read Daily Book Club Subscription Box

amazon book box

$18.95 at Amazon

The gift of reading is priceless for children! Amazon’s Kids Read Daily Book Club allows customers to customize the book boxes’ age group (from babies to age 12), which can be changed as the child grows. Each box has three new kids’ books to enjoy.

The first month’s box is $18.95, with each additional box renewal at $19.95.

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6. Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas coffee club gifts

$50 at Atlas Coffee Club

You may not be able to send your favorite people on a trip around the world. But you can give them some international flavors with coffee from Atlas Coffee Club.

Each subscription box includes a bag of Single Origin roasted coffee (from whole bean, ground or even K-cups and Nespresso pods), postcards from the country and country cards with tasting notes and coffee history.

Your options for Atlas Coffee Club subscriptions include the following:

  • Three months start at $50
  • Six months start at $99
  • 12 months start at $189

7. FabFitFun


$55 at FabFitFun

The FabFitFun subscription box pulls together some of the best beauty, fashion, travel and accessory products on the market into one stylish box. Each box includes six items that could be anything from sunglasses to shampoo and conditioner to candles, purses, hats, home goods and more.

Choose from two subscription options, including:

  • The Annual Plan: $54.99 per box prepaid. This includes one box per season with six full-sized products. Each box can be fully customized.
  • The Seasonal Plan: $59.99 per box, pay as you go.

8. EveryPlate

steak and potatoes meal

$45 at EveryPlate

Imagine giving someone the gift of healthy and delicious meals on a regular basis, removing the stress of deciding what to cook for their family.

The EveryPlate subscription box has menus for everyone from meat lovers to vegetarians.

Subscription plans are available for a families of two, four or six people. Then, you choose your box based on how many meals per week you want the box to contain:

  • Two people
    • Three meals per week is $44.94
    • Four meals per week is $55.92
    • Five meals per week is $64.90
    • Six meals per week is $71.88
  • Four people
    • Three meals per week is $71.88
    • Four meals per week is $87.84
    • Five meals per week is $99.80 (best value per serving – $4.99)
    • Six meals per week is $119.76
  • Six people
    • Three meals per week is $89.82
    • Four meals per week is $119.76
    • Five meals per week is $149.70
    • Six meals per week is $179.64

Meals are chosen from a weekly menu with each dish taking no more than 30 minutes to prepare. Weeks can be skipped if necessary and subscribers can cancel at any time.

9. Silk + Sonder

Silk + Sonder

$15.75 at Silk + Sonder

A Silk + Sonder journal gives its owner a way to collect their thoughts, ponder their dreams or organize their day. If you know someone who would love to have a new journal each month to reduce their stress by keeping an eye on only the short term, then consider one of these subscriptions.

Each month’s journal contains goal tracking, intention setting prompts, calendars and much more.

  • Monthly journal, fee renews monthly: $24.95/month
  • Monthly journal, fee renews quarterly: $19.95/month
  • Monthly journal, fee renews annually: $15.75/month

10. CatLadyBox

cat lady box

$34.99 at CadyLadyBox.com

Cat people are a special breed of animal lovers and CatLadyBox.com celebrates their loyalty to their furry, feline friends.

Each subscription box from CatLadyBox has more than $70-worth of items inside. Gifts include cat toys for the pets and a few items for the dedicated cat person, such as coffee mugs, t-shirts and more.

Choose from two subscription plans:

  • The CatLadyBox: $34.99/monthly, including three to four items for just the pet owner
  • The Crazy CatLadyBox: $39.99/month, including three to four items for the pet owner and two gifts for the cats

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Whether your favorite people love pets, fashion, beauty, food or toys, these subscription boxes will impress them with some lovely gifts and the knowledge you’re thinking of them every month.

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