7 Stores That Will Give You Discounts And Free Stuff For Bringing In Used Items

You might not exactly enjoy spring cleaning. However, what if some of your used items could save you money on new purchases? A number of retailers have incentive programs for shoppers to turn in used items for discounts. Here are seven retailers that let you bring in your recycled items and give you savings in return!

1. Target

Target recently announced a car seat trade-in program for parents. This is great for parents who have a car seat their child has outgrown. Until May 31, parents can bring in used car seats and get a coupon worth 20 percent off a new seat. Target works with TerraCycle to get the used car seats recycled into new maters. According to their website, Target and TerraCycle hope to keep about 700,000 pounds of car seat materials out of landfills. Not a bad trade, right?

This promotion happens pretty regularly, so if you miss this window at Target, there are more opportunities to save. Other retailers, including Babies”R”Us, also host similar events!

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2. The North Face

The North Face has a “Clothes The Loop” initiative for its customers to return old clothing. According to the company’s website, The North Face invites people to drop off unwanted clothing and footwear at any of its retail and outlet stores. They can be any brand and any condition. Shoppers who drop off recycled items then get a $10 off coupon for their next purchase of $100 or more at The North Face.

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3. Madewell

Have some old jeans that you don’t want to recycle for a DIY project? Then, Madewell stores will take them for you. The retailer recycles old jeans for household insulation for communities in need. Bring in your old jeans and Madewell will give you a $20 off coupon for a new pair of non-discounted jeans. So far, Madewell has collected more than 155,000 pairs of jeans toward the cause.

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4. MAC

If you are a MAC cosmetics fan, then take advantage of their Back to MAC program. Simply bring six MAC primary packing containers to a MAC store counter or their online store. Then, you get a free lipstick of your choice!

This is a great deal—MAC lipsticks typically run from $17 to $23.

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LUSH cosmetics already uses recycled material for its famous black pot eye shadow containers. To encourage recycling even more, LUSH invites customers to bring in five clean, empty black LUSH pots to a local shop. In return, customers receive a free Fresh Face Mask.

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6. H&M

All you need to do to get a 15 percent off coupon from H&M is bring at least three old clothing items to your local store in an average size plastic bag. An H&M representative confirmed the deal to us on Facebook. So, get digging in that closet and get ready to go shopping!

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7. Kiehl’s

The skin care retailer has a special stamp card for its customers. For every empty container turned in, the customer gets one stamp. Once the customer collects 10 stamps, Kiehl’s gives out one travel-sized product for free.

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