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Use your Stanley cup to carry snacks with this handy gadget

Meeti Snack Tray

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If you’re one of the many people who own a Stanley cup, did you know there are a handful of fun accessories you can purchase to make it even more useful?

One such accessory is the Meeti Snack Bowl. It attaches right to the top of the cup while still leaving room for the straw so you can snack and sip at the same time. The snack bowl is divided into three sections, so you can fill it with different snacks, from popcorn and nuts to chocolate and cheese.


$13 (was 16 at Amazon)

The snack bowl would be a great addition to a movie night or for sitting around watching your favorite television show. It could also work well for moms on the go, anyone who wants to snack while watching a sporting event, and those with a long commute to work.

Priced regularly at $16, it’s currently available in cream and green to fit Stanley’s 40-ounce tumbler, or cream, gray and purple for the 30-ounce.

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If you haven’t yet fallen for the Stanley cup hype, you can find a snack tray that works for other types of water tumblers. This option from Quincry features a straw and snack holder without dividers on Amazon for $9.99 right now. There’s even one at Five Below for just $5.

If you do have a Stanley cup and are looking for more accessories, Amazon has dozens to choose from. You’ll find straw covers, charms and stickers to personalize your cup and even carrier bags to free up your hands.

4-piece Silicone Straw Covers Cap


$6 (was $10) at Amazon

Priced at $6 right now, these silicone straw covers will keep germs and debris out of your drink. The set includes four different-colored flowers that slip right on top of your straw, but also easily pop back off when it’s time for a sip.

AnnabelZ Letter Charm Accessories


$8 at Amazon

A perfect way to personalize your Stanley is with these stainless steel initial charms for $7.98. Available in white or black, the charm attaches to the handle of your cup and looks like a bracelet.

Carrier Bag with Phone Pocket for 40-ounce Tumbler


$17 (was $24) at Amazon

While the Stanley is great to have around to make sure you’re hydrated, holding it can be tough if you’re running errands. This carrier bag is priced at $19.98 on sale and holds a 40-ounce cup plus your cell phone. It can be carried by the handle or worn over the shoulder to make it completely hands-free.

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