Southwest Flights Are As Low As $39 When You Book By April 20

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Been itching to get away? Well, now’s your chance because Southwest is offering flights as low as $39 when you book by April 20. Of course, there are specific cities you can travel to and specific dates you have to adhere to, but hey—it’s worth it for a flight that’s less than 100 bucks, right? Absolutely!

Get ready to head out of the office and take off to a city you’ve been wanting to visit. Whether you’re going somewhere in the continental U.S. or to select cities in Mexico, Southwest Airlines has you covered!

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Make sure you book your flight by April 20 to take advantage of this offer.

Once that’s out of the way, your trip has to take place between the windows of May 2 and June 14 or Aug. 22 and Nov. 1.

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And it certainly won’t be too strenuous on your wallet, which is the best part of all! Southwest clearly details the destination that are included in this major fare sale.

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For example, you can fly from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Long Beach, California, for the rock-bottom price of $39. The most expensive flight rings in at $227, but it’s from Cancun, Mexico, to Denver, Colorado, so considering that involves international travel, the price is still very reasonable.

Anyone else ready for a vacation right about now?

Make sure you give this deal some serious thought between now and April 20. Deals like this don’t come around often, and besides, you deserve a break!


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