You can earn $110 just by installing this free app

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Here’s a good offer you’ll likely not want to pass up.

If you have a smartphone and download the app called Smart Panel, the company behind the app will pay you up to $110 over the course of a year.

Wait, So What Is The Catch?

There really isn’t a catch, however, the idea is that you’ll be sharing the data from your smartphone with the company for research.

Smart Panel is a market research project and the company’s goal is to collect information about how people use the internet to interact with one another through their computers, smart phones or tablets.

So basically, by participating in Smart Panel and using the app, you’re allowing the company to view your data. But don’t worry, that picture you sent to your best friend through Facebook Messenger will stay anonymous. The company just uses the data to perform a variety of statistical calculations that are then shared with the very websites, apps and tech companies that you know and love.

Smart Panel

Here’s What You Need To Do To Start Earning

If you decide you’re cool with anonymously sharing your data from one of your devices, then you’ll first need to sign up for a Smart Panel account.

You’ll be asked a series of basic questions, including your age, birthdate, family size, education, race and what devices you typically use.

From there, you’ll be sent a confirmation email and instructions on how to download the app. You will also have to allow the app to have access to your data, but the company will give you easy and detailed instructions on just how to do this.

Once Smart Panel is active on your phone, the company will add $5 to your account. Once the Smart Panel app has been installed and active for 30 days on one of your devices, your reward will be available to redeem. Then, for every month after the initial 30 days that you allow the app to collect information on your data, you’ll continue to be paid $5 a month.

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Smart Panel gives loyalty bonuses, too. So after your device has been synced with the company for 90 days, they’ll put another $5 in your account. After six months, you can earn a loyalty bonus of $10, after nine months $15, and every quarter after that another $15.

The rewards are redeemable either as payments to your PayPal account or as an gift card.

So by earning $5 a month plus loyalty bonuses, you’re looking at pocketing up to $110 a year—which isn’t bad for doing nothing, right?

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