Small Canadian Town Will Give You A Job And Land To Relocate

If you’ve ever thought of moving to Canada, now might be your chance.

Cape Breton Island is a small, picture-perfect island off Nova Scotia on the eastern coast of Canada. According to the 2011 census, Cape Breton’s population is approximately 135,000, and the island is just under 4,000 square miles (a little smaller than the state of Connecticut).

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A few weeks ago, The Farmer’s Daughter Country Market, a bakery and general store on the island posted this plea for help on Facebook:

In the description, it reads,

Are you someone who is looking to live a simpler life, close to nature, in an area that still believes in community meals and weekly jam sessions? We can’t give you big money, but we can give you an awesome life…

We are looking for people who are environmentally conscious, want to be part of a community and will see our business not as you work for us, but we all work together to create something to be proud of. If you take pride in being friendly, helpful, and positive and have skills in the food industry or customer service, then you are who we are looking for.

If you are willing to relocate to this seemingly-perfect paradise (and meet all the qualifications for the job), you will be given two acres of land to live on (and on which you can build your tiny dream home, of course) and a job at the Country Market. If you work for the Country Market for five years, you will be eligible to own the land outright.

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