Cheaper Cable Bundles May Finally Be Coming

The biggest complaint people have about the cable bills these days: Why do we have to pay for dozens of channels we don’t watch?

Good news: After years of losing subscribers to streaming services, cable companied are on the verge of offering slimmer and cheaper packages, sometimes called “skinny bundles.”

Cord cutters worrying cable providers

Millions of people have cut the cord in recent years, to cut their soaring cable costs.

“We were paying $115 a month, and we decided we were not watching that much TV anyway,” one mom told Don’t Waste Your Money.

Former cable customers like her are now streaming their shows via Hulu, Sling TV, DirecTV Now, PlayStation Vue, and other services.

Cable companies have noticed the bleeding and are getting worried.

So Bloomberg says they are now about to roll out something they would never consider before: sports-free cable bundles.

You will soon be able to subscribe to cable without the expensive sports channels that can add $25 a month, or more, to your bill.

Why going sports-free could be frustrating

But, keep in mind, the sports-free bundle may leave you with too many missing channels.

Hulu, Sling TV, DirectTV Now, and the upcoming YouTube TV all currently offer slim bundles, but each have drawbacks, in the form of whole groups of missing channels.

Some packages are missing the Viacom channels, including MTV, VH-1, and Nickelodeon.  Some don’t include Scripps Networks channels like HGTV and Food Network.