Save An Extra $2,000 The Year With These 9 Simple Tricks


How’s your emergency fund? Probably not as big as you would like.

A new survey by finds that more than 60 percent of Americans do not have $1,000 in savings to help pay for a big car repair bill or trip to the emergency room.

But with nine simple money tricks, you could save up that $1,000 emergency fund, and even more. And the best part: you may never even notice it.

Melissa Jordan is an associate for an insurance agency. Alex Singleton is a mom of school age kids.

What do these women have in common? They both are experts at saving a few bucks every day.

So they agreed to share their best money “hacks” with us, to help you save money with no pain.

1. Save Your Spare Change

Jordan says whenever she breaks a dollar, anywhere, she takes the change and puts it in a jar, at her office or at home.

“After a while I have enough to fill the jar,” she said, “and that becomes my vacation money. I keep all my change, and I never spend any of it.

For a more high-tech version, try the smartphone app It rounds up purchases you make on your phone (such as your daily Starbucks fix or Amazon purchases), and then saves the change for you in an investment account.

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2. Join The “$5 Savings Club”

This idea, made popular on Pinterest, is a turbo-charged version of saving your pocket change. Every time you get a $5 bill, you tuck it away, for even bigger savings.

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3. Hide Your Raise

Jordan said she’s done this two years in a row.

“Whenever I get a raise, I pretend like I never got it,” she said. “I just take whatever the amount of my raise was, and take it right out of my check and put it into my savings.”

The savings were stunning, she says. “That’s an extra $2,000 I am saving every year.”

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4. Join A Prescription Rewards Program

You can do this at a drugstore like Walgreens, or your grocery store.

“I’ve saved about $900 this way,” Singleton said.

For Singleton, every new prescription means cash to spend on groceries.

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5. Download A Rebate App

“Ibotta is a life saver for me. I love it,” Singleton said, referring to one popular app.

With Ibotta, you scan your receipts, then earn cash back for certain items, giving her an extra $25 a month, or $300 a year.

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6. Buy Regular Coffee

You’ll save $2 a day, or $600 a year, if you downgrade your latte to a plain cup of Joe. Or, better yet, make your own coffee at home for even bigger savings.

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7. Bring Your Lunch

Brown-bag your lunch three days a week, saving at least $20 a week, or $800 a year.

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8. Drink Tap Water

Give up your bottled water habit and consider refilling a reusable bottle instead.

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9. Don’t Give Up

Don’t quit trying to save after a month like most New Year’s resolutions.

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Alex Singleton and Melissa Jordan have just shown you how to save more than $2,000 a year.

Too much effort? Then start small, with those dimes, nickels and quarters. “The last time I did that for one year,” Jordan said, “I made $250 at the end for my vacation.”

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