New Research Shows Shark Beats Dyson As Top Vacuum Brand


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When you think of the best vacuums on the market, the first brand that pops to mind is probably Dyson. The electronics giant is known for unbeatable—albeit pricy—products. From blade-less fans to the famous “roller ball” vacuum, Dyson has dominated the market for years now. But now, a new brand is on the rise: Shark. And it’s even beating out Dyson.

Consumer Reports recently wrote that new market research from Mintel shows Shark has ousted Dyson as the No. 1 vacuum brand in the U.S., and that CR’s own research seems to support this finding. The independent product reviewer gives its seal of approval 24 Shark models. This means the vacuums have excelled in test labs, which include challenges like pulling pet hair from carpets, removing sand from bare floors and other feats.

On top of that, Consumer Reports’ reliability survey of more than 33,000 people found that only 11 percent of those who purchase a Shark vacuum will “experience a breakage by the third year of ownership.” This is less than half the breakage rate of other popular brands like Hoover and Eureka, which is pretty impressive.

When Consumer Reports asked consumers about the Shark’s performance, results were incredibly good. Of the people who purchased an upright Shark vacuum, 53 percent of owners were completely satisfied. Only Miele beat the brand with 65 percent customer satisfaction, and both Dyson and Hoover scored lower.

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