Shaquille O’Neal Once Had His Credit Card Declined at Walmart

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Shaquille O’Neal may shop at Walmart — but he doesn’t shop at Walmart like the rest of us. According to the basketball legend, he has “the biggest purchase in Walmart history,” and once you hear how much he spent, you’ll be inclined to take his word for it.

O’Neal once had his credit card declined after spending $70,000 at Walmart, and yes — this is a true story. The basketball player told late night show host James Corden all about the incident during an interview on “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” and honestly, it’s pretty hilarious.

Find out how his 3 a.m. trip to Walmart went awry:

Not only did his card get declined twice, but O’Neal did a classic move to try and get his card working again: He pulled it out of the card reader, blew on it and rubbed it off. Then he said, “I know I’m not broke.”

The security team at American Express even called him to make sure his card hadn’t been stolen.

Yep — we’ve all been there.

This moment definitely serves as a reminder that celebrities can have the same problems as the rest of us. OK — well, similar problems. Because I can’t exactly remember the last time I spent $70,000 at Walmart, but the card declining part, now that’s something many of us can relate to.

O’Neal isn’t the only professional athlete who’s relatable in terms of managing finances, either. There are several NFL players who have side hustles — did you know?

For instance, New England Patriots wide receiver Bernard Reedy works for works for a Florida company called Care Ride, which is a transportation service for people in wheelchairs, during the off-season. The side gig only pays $11 an hour, he told ESPN.

And Reedy isn’t alone. The Broncos’ Von Miller is a chicken farmer when he’s not playing football — talk about an interesting way to make some money on the side!

So, whether you’re familiar with side jobs or the fear that sets in when your card gets declined, these athletes can relate. And it’ll make you feel a little better knowing that someone like O”Neal has been in that situation, too.

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