Score Legos At 1958 Prices At Walmart This Weekend

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This is pretty awesome if you or your kids are into Legos: Walmart is selling Legos at 1958 prices starting this weekend.

This deal is part of the Lego’s “Rebuild History” promotion. Lego is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, so they’re releasing five 60th anniversary Lego sets, according to Forbes (check the sets out on the Lego website).

60th Anniversary Bundle For Just $5.65

Walmart is getting in on the action, too, by offering Lego sets at 1958 prices! On Feb. 3, Feb. 7 and Feb. 11 you can get the Lego 60th anniversary “bundle” for just $5.65. Per Walmart, this deal is good online only and supplies are limited.

The bundle includes a Lego classic creative building set and a sand baseplate.

The creative building set contains 583 pieces in 41 colors!

According to the online listing, the sand baseplate is a good starting point for all of your kids’ creations with Legos. It looks like wood floors or a desert!

Free Collectible Booklet With Purchase

They’re also offering a free limited-edition collectible booklet with a purchase of a Lego classic bricks on a roll set. It looks like you can already purchase this set today and score the free booklet—no waiting!

To get the free booklet, you do need to take a photo of your receipt and submit the photo via the Lego 60th anniversary website. It’s not clear whether you’ll be able to find this set at your local Walmart, so we recommend calling ahead to check.

Three Limited Edition Sets Coming In February

In addition, Walmart will be selling three limited edition classic Lego sets on Feb. 1, Feb. 5 and Feb.9.

Though the sets are listed as mystery sets on the Walmart website, the Lego website offers some insight into what they will be. (Similarly, it’s unclear whether these sets are online specials or whether you’ll be able to find them at your local Walmart!)

Feb. 1 will see the release of a limited edition house set.

On Feb. 5, there will be a release of a limited edition windmill set.

And on Feb. 9, it’s a limited edition truck set.

According to Forbes, they’ll cost you $19.99 each.

The History Of Lego

Lego officially celebrated its 60th anniversary on Jan. 28, but they’re keeping the celebration alive even though that date has passed.

“The simple idea of adding tubes inside a plastic brick turned into one of the most exciting and influential toys in the world—the Lego brick,” according to a Lego news release.

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The very first Lego was produced in 1949, but the creators kept tweaking the design. A man named Ole Kirk Kristiansen founded Lego, but called them “Automatic Binding Bricks” at first.

In 1958, they finally launched the Lego brick that we know today.

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“The original bricks were hollow, so they had limited clutch power. Children could build models, but they could fall apart if moved, or if the structures tipped over,” according to the release.

The tubes inside today’s Lego’s are what give them sticking power.

Interested in more Lego history? The company has put together a pretty cool timeline on their site.

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