This outdoor griddle has a built-in air fryer—and it’s $110 off right now

A Blackstone combination griddle and air fryer is shown.
Blackstone Products

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Air fryers are having a moment — and we’re here for it. You can make an endless amount of recipes in them and most meals end up being healthier because of it, since the food is cooked in hot air rather than being doused in oil. While most air fryers reside in your kitchen we found one that’s pretty unique because it stays outside!

This Blackstone griddle with air fryer offers an integrated system where you can air fry and cook on the built-in griddle using one appliance. Whether you’re cooking for one or a large party, this device can make the job manageable, no matter if you need to bake, sear, saute, roast or air fry.

Blackstone Products

You can also save big on this unique griddle-air fryer combo right now on Amazon, where it’s normally listed for $590, but is currently on sale for less than $480. That’s $110 off!

Blackstone Two-Burner 28-Inch Griddle with Electric Air Fryer and Hood


Offering 524 square inches of cooking space coupled with two quarts of frying capacity, the Blackstone griddle with air fryer is apparently simple and easy to use. You can store your prepped ingredients on its two side shelves and use the attached magnetic strip for griddling accessories and hooks to hang your spatulas and tongs. A propane tank attaches to the left side, giving the whole thing the look of your average gas grill to the unknowing eye.

Close the hood to retain heat and reduce splatter. With two independently controlled cooking zones, you can griddle on the rolled steel top or use the electric fryer drawer to roast, bake or fry. The air dryer drawer is perfect for cooking onion rings or tater tots, which you can then store in the nearly identical-looking warmer drawer until everything is ready to serve.

Blackstone Products

There aren’t many reviews so far on Amazon but the ones there are glowing. One reviewer, for instance, wrote that they love how the right side has a warming drawer and said, “I literally can cook a whole breakfast all at once and in one place. She also appreciated how she could cook hash browns on one side of the griddle while keeping pancakes or toast warm on the other side.

Measuring 25 inches by 60 inches by 42 inches and built from stainless and alloy steel, you’d probably have a hard time hauling it to the campground but it should last through many cookouts.

Will you be adding this Blackstone griddle with air fryer to your summer must-have list? If so, act while Amazon has this deal cooking!

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