Sam’s Club Will Soon Carry Affordable, In-House Wine


Buying in bulk is never a bad thing, so it would behoove you to have a Sam’s Club membership. Especially since the retailer just announced they’re going to carry a variety of it’s own wines. I’ll cheers to that!

Buying wine (and a lot of it) is nice, and if it’s more affordable—well, isn’t that the dream? And that’s exactly what’s coming to an aisle near you, all thanks to Sam’s Club.

According to Fortune, Costco is currently the largest wine retailer in the country, and Sam’s Club wanted to get in on the action. They’ve recently launched a Chardonnay, coming in at only $8 (cheers!), and they’re set to release a Cabernet, a prosecco and a champagne under the Member’s Mark label.

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This is all part of reaching a goal that Sam’s Club shared with Fortune in an interview: to reach more affluent customers. Reportedly, the average income of a Sam’s shopper is $80,000, and they’d like to see that rise to $100,000. The average for a Costco shopper? $120,000.

Selling decent wine at an affordable price sure seems like a good way to raise the bar at Sam’s Club. Being able to buy your groceries and your wine all at the same place makes things easier, and I can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t want that, regardless of yearly income.

According to a press release from the retailer, “Sam’s Club is introducing 300 brand new items this year and another 300 next year. The product lineup will span from fresh food to apparel and to health and wellness, where members will find a breadth of daily essentials for their home or business and surprising finds.”

Also headed to shelves this year are sea salt caramels, honey and lasagna. So, by the sounds of it, it’ll really be worth it to be a member of this store in 2017. Even if you only join Sam’s Club for the Chardonnay.

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