Sam’s Club just dropped a 3-pound Pepperoni Explosion Pizza for $10

Sam's Club

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If you’re looking for something to eat while watching March Madness, or just really love pepperoni pizza, Sam’s Club just dropped a massive pie you have to see to believe.

The store’s new 14-inch Pepperoni Explosion Pizza weighs a whopping three pounds and costs just $9.98. That’s not even the best part, though, because this pizza features four styles of pepperoni, two kinds of cheese, and a stuffed, cheesy crust! You’ll find full-size pepperoni slices, bite-size pieces, thick chunks and little bits sprinkled all over the pizza. It is seriously loaded with pepperoni.

Because the pizza is take-and-bake, you can simply head to your local Sam’s Club and pick one up to start chowing down. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees and bake the pizza for about 20-22 minutes directly on the oven rack. You’ll want to hurry, though, as the Pepperoni Pizza Explosion is only available for a limited time.

If you don’t have a Sam’s Club near you, you can try to create this yourself. Just purchase a variety of pepperoni styles, cut them up yourself and put them on a frozen pepperoni pizza. Or make a pizza from scratch from your favorite recipe, top with a variety of pepperoni types and you’re done!

Having trouble finding different kinds of pepperoni at your grocery store? Many only have a couple of brands available. Try searching your local supermarket for similar ingredients that might upgrade your pizza, like Sopressata or dry Italian salami. Alternatively, see if you have an Italian market or deli near you. If you can wait a few days for delivery, Amazon also offers some options in different shapes and sizes!

If you have a Sam’s Club membership but still think you’ll miss out on the Pepperoni Explosion Pizza, you can buy Sam’s Club’s regular pepperoni pizza year-round. It’s actually a bit bigger at 16 inches and cheaper at around $6.99. While it only has one style of pepperoni, you could always add more!

The Pepperoni Explosion pizza comes on the heels of Sam’s Club’s four-pound Massive Meatball Pizza, which launched in February. Along with one full pound of meatballs, that pizza also offered two kinds of mozzarella and yellow peppers. It fed up to 12 people.

Will you be trying the new Pepperoni Explosion Pizza from Sam’s Club?

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