People are loving this rubber chicken purse on Amazon

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Trying to scratch out a living as a comedian? Or do you just like to crack up your flock? Either way, Amazon’s got a great gift for folks with a sense of humor about their accessories.

It’s a rubber chicken purse! Resembling a white hen settled on her nest, the purse looks functional as well as funny. It’s sold by New York City gift company The Sarut Group, and 86% of the bag’s 760 reviewers have given it at least four stars.

The cheeky carryall sells for $34.95 on Amazon.

What’s the big deal about a bag that looks like a bird?

Reviewers leave comments like, “I highly recommend this purse for the country girl at heart!” from Nina B.

Or: “This bag was so weird that I knew I had to have it,” wrote Ronnie Deputy. “I work at a local produce stand/market and we have free-roaming chickens on premises … I knew this bag would be a hit!”

“People love the hen bag all around the world,” raved buyer Danielle Vincent. “It really is a conversation starter and broke down cultural barriers like no amount of well-meaning language butchering could.”


Take a stroll through Instagram, and you’ll find a good number of posts dedicated to this chicken bag. There’s even a @chickenbagadventures account that features photographic evidence of all the fun adventures one lucky chicken bag has taken with its owner.

It’s not the only piece of chicken-themed apparel available out there either. A search reveals a variety of cluckin’ cute items for the put-together poultry person. Check out our picks:

Chicken And Peeps Drop Earrings, $8.99

These adorable earrings offer a more subtle statement than the chicken purse — just a hint of hen.


Sterling Silver And Cubic Zirconia Rooster Necklace, $19.99

Raising chickens might not be the most glamorous occupation in the world, but you’d never know it from this glitzy rooster necklace.


Happypop Chicken Socks, $9.99

Bring a little chicken-coop chic wherever you go with cute hen hosiery. Eggs share the spotlight on these cotton socks.


Chicken Pom Pom Beanie Hat, $14.99

Give your henhouse a nod with a vintage-style winter hat. Featuring a sweet embroidered appliqué on the brim, this cozy beanie comes in a few stripey colorways.


These are just a few ideas. There are plenty of other egg-cellent choices on Amazon — if you peck around a bit!

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