Richard Branson is hiring an assistant to help run his private Caribbean island

Virgin Group founder Richard Branson leads a pretty fabulous life. Since 1978, he has primarily lived on Necker Island, a private retreat in the British Virgin Islands.

Now, the billionaire businessman is hiring an assistant, who will get to live on the exclusive island.

The unique job opportunity is listed on LinkedIn, and the candidate will work for Branson as well as Necker Island’s General Manager Keny Jones.

Although the setting cannot be beat, it sounds like the job will keep whoever is lucky enough to snag it pretty busy.

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You’ll actually have to work instead of, you know, lounging on the beach all day looking up at the blue Caribbean sky.

Responsibilities include email and calendar management, general correspondence, filing and archiving, booking travel and providing cover for Branson’s personal assistant when they’re traveling.

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Candidates should have great administrative and organizational skills, but soft skills are important, too.

The ideal candidate will be self-motivated, outgoing and enthusiastic and able to “balance this with the essential need for discretion and confidentiality.”


If you think you have what it takes and are ready to pack up and move to a sunny private Caribbean island, you need to send your resume and a two-minute video that explains why you want the job, an interesting fact about you and your unique skills and experience that make you perfect for this role.

Email the video and resume to They’re accepting applications until March 10, so act fast!


Although Necker Island was damaged by Hurricane Irma, Great House, the luxury resort located on the 74-acre island, is expected to reopen by October 2018.

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In January, Branson shared this stunning photo of a rainbow over the island:

In 2015, Branson wrote an article for LinkedIn about what he looks for in candidates when hiring, and he stressed that personality, passion and purpose were of the utmost importance.

“Company knowledge and job-specific skills can be learned, but you can’t train a personality. We look for people who are friendly and considerate, and who like working with others,” Branson wrote.

Doesn’t like the world’s worst office, eh?

Not interested in working for someone else? Branson has also shared some advice on being a successful entrepreneur and starting your own business.

“As tempting as it may be to staff your new business with friends and relatives, this is likely to be a serious mistake,” he told Fundable. “If they don’t work out, asking them to leave will be very tough … One of your goals should be to find a manager who truly shares your vision, and to whom you can someday confidently hand the reins so that you can carry out the next step.”

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What do you think? Would you apply for this dream job and work for Branson?

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