Reddi-wip is looking for an amateur barista to work just one day for $15,000

If you’re not a barista but you love to watch these coffee magicians whip up lattes and cappuccinos like works of art at your local coffee shop, Reddi-wip is looking for you.

Now through March 22, Reddi-wip is on the hunt for a special someone to become the brand’s first-ever Everyday Barista. The ideal candidate is someone who isn’t a professional barista — but thinks they have the skills of one. That’s right: It’s actually preferable if you have no barista experience.

Being an energetic morning person is a plus, but other than that, you’ll simply have to know how to turn a can of Reddi-wip’s Sweet Foam Coffee Topper or Nitro Coffee Creamer upside-down, shake and spray — and you’re qualified!

The winner will join Reddi-wip in New York City to showcase the new Barista Series of products and be featured on Reddi-wip’s social channels showing coffee drinkers how to use them. In exchange for being a one-day barista, the winner will receive $15,000, a $250 Amex gift card and transportation to New York City, plus two nights of accommodations for two in the Big Apple. The approximate retail value of the entire prize package is $18,400.


To enter, just head to the contest’s website and upload or include a link to a one-minute video telling Reddi-wip why you want to become the brand’s Everyday Barista. Then, share your email, phone number and full name and you’re in.

The date for the trip to New York is not yet determined, so keep in mind that you’ll have to have a pretty flexible schedule if you win. You must be 21 years or older to enter, but can be from anywhere in the U.S.


If you win, it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the products you’ll be showcasing: Reddi-wip’s nitro creamer and sweet foam.

The nitro creamer is dispensed directly into a beverage to infuse the entire drink with a velvety vanilla-flavored texture. It can be used in place of a traditional creamer for hot or cold coffee and you can even put it in other beverages like soda or cocktails.

The sweet foam will add a finishing touch of sweetness to your drink, but it sits on top of the beverage (like a cappuccino or latte) instead of dispersing throughout the drink like the nitro creamer.


Will you be entering Reddi-wip’s Everyday Barista contest for your chance at $15,000 and a trip to New York City?

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