Realtors made a racy movie trailer to sell this $100 million mansion

Do you need a new place to live? Do you have millions of dollars just burning a hole in your pocket? Does wondering where you are going to store your 100 bottles of Cristal Champagne keep you up at night? Well then, my friend, I may have found the property for you.


Welcome to Opus, a mansion in Beverly Hills that just hit the market with a cool $100 million sticker price. The seven-bedroom, 11-bath mansion spans 20,500 square feet and also includes two pools, a waterfall and a 10-car garage that comes with a Rolls-Royce and a Lamborghini.

When you have a mansion to sell with that many amenities, you can’t just take a few cellphone photos and post it on Craigslist. So instead, a former movie producer went full Hollywood and created an entire three-minute movie trailer for the mansion that looks like a Goldfinger fantasy crossed with a Fifty Shades of Grey sequel. As you might have gathered from that description, this video is not safe for work:

Within 30 seconds, the trailer features people slathering gold body paint on each other and a woman engaging in some intimate alone time while donning a virtual reality headset. According to People Magazine, the video was supposed to evoke “a modern day Cleopatra” and give potential buyers “a sneak peek into a life where the boundaries are limitless.”

Of course, most of the “sneak peeks” in this video involve scantily-clad women. If you’ve ever wondered what the rich and fabulous do all day, it seems they writhe around naked, spending the money they saved on clothes to pay supermodels to wander around the house all day in thongs and pasties. You might want to install a really tall privacy fence in case your neighbors cry TMI when your DIY VR activities leave the BED.