Zojirushi Programmable Mini Breadmaker

Last updated date: January 25, 2019

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Overall Take

In our analysis of 55 expert reviews, the Zojirushi Zojirushi Programmable Mini Breadmaker placed 7th when we looked at the top 9 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note March 16, 2019:
Checkout The Best Bread Machine for a detailed review of all the top bread machines.

Expert Summarized Score
5 expert reviews
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1,075 user reviews
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What experts liked
Lightweight and doesn't require much space for storage.
- BestReviews
The size of the machine itself is an advantage, as it allows you to move it when you need to without breaking your back or having to get help. For those who are shorter and with smaller arms much like myself, you often have to have help in the kitchen for lifting and reaching. With this item, you no longer have that thought in your mind.
- Village Bakery
December 25, 2018 | Full review
We absolutely love using the timer on Zojirushi machines, because it also prepares the ingredients to the optimal temperature before baking. If you want to make something other than bread, simply select one of the other settings such as cookie dough, French bread, or cake. We think that these settings will be more than enough for anyone looking to make bread and some specialty items.
- Bread Machine Pros
What experts didn't like
Only make one pound loaves, so not a great choice for families.
- BestReviews
The Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Home Bakery 1-Pound-Loaf Programmable Mini Bread Maker is only capable of making tiny, almost cube-shaped loaves, so it’s not as practical as most other machines.
- New York Times Wirecutter
There’s only one major disadvantage of this product, but it’s also a selling point of the piece. If you like all of the features but are looking to feed more people, you probably won’t be purchasing this model. While it does do a great job at making bread, it only produces one pound per usage.
- Village Bakery
December 25, 2018 | Full review
But we did notice that the machine doesn’t have options to select the time of rise, knead, or bake.
- Bread Machine Pros

From The Manufacturer

Wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread with this programmable breadmaker%2C which features a 13%2Dhour advance timer for delayed baking%2E The unit produces one pound loaves%2D%2Dperfect for smaller households to enjoy the taste of freshly baked bread every day without waste%2E The machine provides automatic settings for preparing a wide variety of breads%2C cakes%2C and fresh fruit jams as well as doughs for rolls%2C croissants%2C pizza%2C pasta%2C cookies%2C and more%2E When time is limited%2C its quick baking cycle bakes bread in under two hours%2E%0D%0A%3CP%3E %0D%0AThe breadmaker also offers three bread textures to choose from%2D%2Dregular%2C firm%2C or soft%2C as well as a crust%2Dcontrol function that allows for selecting regular or light crust%2E The machine%27s nonstick kneading blade ensures that dough is thoroughly kneaded for consistent results%2C while its nonstick baking pan releases bread effortlessly%2E For added convenience%2C the appliance comes equipped with a viewing window%2C an easy%2Dto%2Dread control panel and LCD screen%2C and a sturdy handle for simple transport%2E Accessories include a simple%2Dto%2Dfollow instruction video%2C manual%2C and recipe booklet%2E The compact breadmaker measures 8 by 11 by 12 inches and carries a one%2Dyear warranty%2E

Overall Product Rankings

1. Zojirushi Virtuoso Breadmaker
Overall Score: 9.5
Expert Reviews: 7
2. T-fal ActiBread Bread Maker
Overall Score: 9.1
Expert Reviews: 5
3. Breville Custom Loaf Bread Maker
Overall Score: 8.8
Expert Reviews: 6
4. Oster Expressbake Bread Maker
Overall Score: 8.3
Expert Reviews: 4
5. Panasonic Automatic Bread Maker
Overall Score: 8.2
Expert Reviews: 6
6. Hamilton Beach Home Baker Bread Maker
Overall Score: 8.1
Expert Reviews: 6
7. Zojirushi Programmable Mini Breadmaker
Overall Score: 7.9
Expert Reviews: 5
8. Oster Expressbake Bread Maker
Overall Score: 7.9
Expert Reviews: 6
9. SKG Automatic Bread Machine
Overall Score: 7.6
Expert Reviews: 4

An Overview On Bread Machines

In the 1990s, bread machines took over the country, with some saying they’d be the next big essential kitchen appliance. Although the fad soon faded, bread-making appliances stuck around, remaining popular with those who love the taste of regular bread. If you’ve ever tried to make a loaf of bread the old-fashioned way, you likely know the appeal of inserting ingredients and pushing a button for fresh, home-baked bread.

Today’s bread machines have come a long way from the early days, especially when it comes to appealing to modern dietary restrictions. Now that they have gluten-free baking options, they’re appealing to an audience of people who have trouble finding delicious bread at the grocery store or neighborhood bakery. But not all bread machines have gluten-free features, and of those that do, only some can bake tasty gluten-free loaves. So it’s important to shop for that specifically if you’re on a special diet.

Whether you’re baking a gluten-free or regular loaf, though, you’ll want delicious-tasting bread baked consistently all over. This includes soft slices with the perfect outer crust. Some bread makers do better than others at this, based primarily on the way the machine distributes heat. It’s important to note, though, that some machines produce bread that doesn’t have that traditional “loaf” look and search for one that does if it’s important to you.

Some newer bread machines have fruit and nut dispensers that release those ingredients at the exact moment they’re needed. If you plan to make banana bread or date nut bread on a fairly regular basis, this might be a feature to consider while you’re shopping.

DYWM Fun Fact

Bread has a long history, which means it’s the subject of numerous legends and superstitions. In Scotland, for instance, you aren’t supposed to sing while waiting for your bread to rise since doing so will take the wind out of it. While slicing bread, if you accidentally drop a slice, it means friends are on their way. Your parents and grandparents may also have included bread as a good luck charm to new homeowners. It was customary to take a loaf of bread as a housewarming gift as a wish that the owners would never go hungry, as well as a bottle of wine so that they’d never go thirsty.

The Bread Machine Buying Guide

  • Bread machines can have a bit of a learning curve. You’ll need to first gather all the ingredients you need, then know which buttons to push. The Zojirushi Virtuoso bread maker has a light-up digital display and easy-to-use settings. The Breville Customer Loaf bread maker also has a large LCD screen that’s easy to read.
  • One notable feature in the Zojirushi bread machine is that it tells you what time your loaf will be done, rather than merely giving you a countdown timer.
  • If you plan to make fruity bread, consider the Breville Custom Loaf bread maker, which has a fruit and nut dispenser. Your ingredients will release at the designated time. The Zojirushi Virtuoso bread maker doesn’t have the dispenser, but it does beep when it’s time for you to manually add them.
  • More than 3 million Americans are following a gluten-free diet. Normally this would mean forgoing bread — and bread machines — altogether. However, some bread machines let you make delicious gluten-free bread at the press of a button. The Zojirushi Virtuoso creates gluten-free bread that tastes better than you’ll get in any store. You may even find it tastes better than regular bread. The T-fal ActiBread bread maker also has a gluten-free bread setting.
  • If you want the luxury of creating foods beyond bread, the Breville Custom Loaf bread maker might be the machine for you. You can make pasta and jam by just choosing those options on the menu and inserting the necessary ingredients.
  • If you’re on a budget, you may want to stick with the T-fal ActiBread or the Oster Expressbake since both retail for under $100. Both the Zojirushi Virtuoso and Breville Custom Loaf bread machines retail for more than $250.
  • When it comes down to it, your bread maker needs to put out high-quality, good-tasting bread. All of the other factors are important, but this one is a top priority. The Zojirushi bread machine has a heater on the lid that ensures each loaf is evenly cooked on all sides. No matter what size loaf you’re making, you’ll get this same result. The T-fal ActiBread makes delicious bread, but the shape of each loaf is different from what you’re accustomed to getting when you buy bread. You’ll find it’s taller and longer.