YETI Portable Cooler

Last updated: August 13, 2023

If you're looking for a portable cooler that you'll be able to use for a very long time, this is your best bet. The Yeti brand lives up to its reputation with this soft cooler, which comes in multiple colors.

YETI Portable Cooler

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: You can fit up to 11 cans in this handy cube-shaped cooler with a shoulder strap and top handle.

In our analysis of 197 expert reviews, the YETI Portable Cooler placed 5th when we looked at the top 19 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

SOFT COOLERS The Hopper was built for those adventures where you want to grab your gear and go. It’s the original 100% leakproof, ice-for-days portable cooler. And because we used materials found in things like HazMat suits and whitewater rafts, it’s also tough as nails. The Hopper is made in sizes to fit any adventure, whether that’s on a wild river in a kayak or a floatplane trip to remote salmon streams. FEATURES DRYHIDE SHELL The Hopper’s high-density fabric is waterproof and resistant to mildew, punctures, and UV rays. The liner is made from an FDA-approved food-grade material. COLDCELL INSULATION Closed-cell rubber foam offers far superior cold-holding to ordinary soft coolers. HYDROLOK ZIPPER The toughest, highest-performing waterproof and leakproof cooler zipper in the world. HITCHPOINT GRID Easily attach pretty much anything, including the MOLLE Zinger, MOLLE Bottle Opener and SideKick. SOFT COOLER ACCESSORIES YETI Sidekick Dry YETI ICE MOlle Bottle opener Molle Zinger YETI Sidekick Dry The SideKick Dry is designed to keep the important things accessible, secure, and 100% dry. This waterproof gear case is the best way to carry your keys, wallet, fishing license, and phone in the wild. YETI ICE YETI ICE is filled to the brim with science, dialed in to the most effective temperature to maximize the ice retention of any cooler, with a durable design that is break-resistant. Its custom shape reduces freezing time and comes in multiple size options. MOLLE Bottle Opener The MOLLE Bottle Opener attaches directly to your Hopper, meaning you’ll never again be without a way to crack into those frosty brews. MOLLE Zinger Bottle Opener Keep your multitools or bottle openers within arm’s reach with the MOLLE Zinger. The MOLLE Zinger easily attaches to your YETI Hopper HitchPoint Grid. Its retractable cord is made from braided bomber cord for maximum strength and durability.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

It all starts with the rugged Dryhide shell that encompasses every Yeti Hopper. This material is Yeti’s special high-density fabric that is both waterproof as well as resistant to mold/mildew. In addition to this, the fabric is extremely tough and very resistant to scratches and tears.
We definitely love the tough exterior and how the whole design, coupled with the tough zipper, is waterproof and leak proof. This is a soft cooler you can take into the wettest and toughest of environments and fully trust to do its job without a hitch.
The first thing we come to notice is the large zipper. According to YETI; it’s “the toughest, highest-performing waterproof and leak-proof cooler zipper in the world.”This very same zipper allows an easy access and visibility to whatever is in the cooler thanks to its wide-mouth opening.
One of the biggest selling points of the Yeti Hopper Flip is the zipper. Unlike other zippers, it’s not stitched into the lining of this soft cooler; it’s embedded into its fabric. This combined with the lack of stitching on the inside of the cooler essentially makes this cooler leakproof. If you’re ever afraid that your cooler is going to fall into a river, or worried about leaks from the cooler ruining the rest of your stuff, the Hopper Flip will give you peace of mind.
The dry hard shell and hydro lock zipper make the contents waterproof, and closed cell rubber foam is far superior insulation to most other soft-sided coolers.
It is unmistakable with an especially design with the middle YETI logo and with colour Blaze Orange and Gray. All are built by DryHide Shell is waterproof and resistant to mildew, punctures, abrasions, and UV rays so it will hold its own when faced with the hazards of the wild. That’s not all, the liner of this best small cooler is made from an FDA-approved food-grade material.
One of the best parts is the coldcell insulation; a unique cell foam utilized to hold ice longer than regular soft coolers.
The Dry Hide shell is one of the things that is very unique to YETI products and is incredibly durable. Not only is it puncture-proof, but also resistant to UV rays, helping to keep your items cooler for much longer.
The Hopper Flip 8 features the characteristic Yeti construction materials found in the rest of the Hopper line. The Dryhide shell fights off the elements, the Coldcell Insulation keeps everything cold, and the Hydrolok zipper seals the cooler frog-butt tight.That zipper is also airtight by the way. Should you drive the cart into the water hazard, your golf bag will sink, but the Yeti will float, allowing you to retrieve beverages to enjoy while you contemplate how you got to this place in life...

What reviewers didn't like

The only major issue that we have is in the lack of additional storage pockets. Outside of the insulated inner, you won’t find much in the way of additional places to store things.
While we did mention that the basic color scheme lends itself well to customization, we’re not really fawning over it; we just like to be nice!
On the other hand, the zipper’s strength can be problematic at times. While Yeti provides zipper lubricant to make the zipper easier to operate, it’s really tough to pull, and you’ll need two hands to open it. If you expect to be opening and closing your cooler constantly, this may not be the cooler for you.
Expensive for the size.
One of the turn off which takes center stage is the price. Yes, this product is expensive, and some users in the comments can’t help but ask if Yeti products are worth the price?
Pricey for the size.
The lid will not close when filled with bottles.
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