YA OTTA PINATA Game Controller Piñata

Last updated date: December 10, 2019

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YA OTTA PINATA Game Controller Piñata

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In our analysis of 8 expert reviews, the YA OTTA PINATA YA OTTA PINATA Game Controller Piñata placed 6th when we looked at the top 6 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note January 10, 2020:
Checkout The Best Piñata for a detailed review of all the top piñatas.

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Game Controller Pinata (1)

Overall Product Rankings

YA OTTA PINATA Unicorn Piñata
1. YA OTTA PINATA Unicorn Piñata
Overall Score: 9.0
Expert Reviews: 1
Juvale Miniature Donkey Piñatas, Pack of 3
2. Juvale Miniature Donkey Piñatas, Pack of 3
Overall Score: 8.8
Expert Reviews: 3
TexMex Fun Stuff Mexican Star Piñata
3. TexMex Fun Stuff Mexican Star Piñata
Overall Score: 8.6
Expert Reviews: 2
Aztec Imports Racing Car Pinata
4. Aztec Imports Racing Car Pinata
Overall Score: 8.4
Expert Reviews: 0
Aztec Imports Macaw Piñata
5. Aztec Imports Macaw Piñata
Overall Score: 8.3
Expert Reviews: 2
YA OTTA PINATA Game Controller Piñata
6. YA OTTA PINATA Game Controller Piñata
Overall Score: 7.8
Expert Reviews: 0

An Overview On Piñatas

Pinatas are a great addition to any party or celebration. They are inclusive and invoke a sense of excitement about what little surprises may be hiding inside. If you’re looking for a pinata for a birthday, Cinco de Mayo celebration or a family gathering, you’ll want to read this guide for tips on finding the perfect pinata for your special occasion.

Consider the size of the pinata first. In addition to the average-size pinatas that work great for children’s birthday parties, you’ll also find large versions for bigger celebrations, like weddings, and smaller models that are best for decorating.

Examine the materials used to construct the pinata. The Juvale Miniature Donkey Piñatas, Pack of 3 is made of environmentally-friendly cardboard and tissue paper. These materials are biodegradable and can be recycled.

Take a look at how the candy and trinkets are to be added to the pinata. The YA OTTA PINATA Unicorn Piñata has a well-hidden pre-made hole for filling. Parents will find a sticker on top of the hole that is clearly labeled “insert candy here.” This model is also capable of holding as much as 2 pounds of candy at once. Other pinatas, like the TexMex Fun Stuff Mexican Star Piñata, actually have a center hole that is closed with a series of Velcro strips.

Determine how the pinata can be hung up. Does the model use a built-in loop or a fancy ribbon? You want the pinata to have a hanging loop that is strong enough to withstand blows from a stick or baseball bat. The Aztec Imports Racing Car Pinata comes with a heavy-duty cable tie, so you don’t have to worry about it snapping in the middle of the activity.

Finally, select a pinata that has a design that matches the theme of your party. Unicorns work well for a little girl’s birthday party, while race cars are best for boys. Adults will find the colorful stars and traditional donkey pinatas are great for festive celebrations.

DWYM Fun Fact

Did you know that explorer Marco Polo first came across a pinata in China during the 13th century? Here are a few more fun facts about the one-of-a-kind pinata:

  • According to the Guinness World Records book, the largest pinata was created by M&M’s in New York. It measured an astounding 47 feet high, 37 feet wide and just over 68 feet long.
  • The Spaniards were the ones who actually brought pinatas to Mexico, where Catholics used them in a variety of celebrations.
  • Spanish missionaries got the idea for wearing a blindfold with the pinata from the ancient Mayans. They used this practice to represent the concept of faith.

The Piñata Buying Guide

  • Typically, the stick, blindfold and candy are not included with the sale of the pinata.
  • There is always a risk that someone will accidentally get hit with the stick or the bat used to break the pinata open. It’s important that an adult supervise the pinata activity and keep all spectators and participants at a safe distance while each individual is taking his or her turn at whacking the pinata.
  • Some pinata parts can be a choking hazard for kids age 3 and under.
  • Make sure the candy you insert into the pinata is individually wrapped. You don’t want your child eating candy that has touched the floor or landed in the dirt outside.
  • In addition to adding candy to the pinata, you can also add stickers, bouncy balls, small rubber ducks, boxes of raisins, glow sticks, pencils, crayons, finger puppets and any other little trinket that will fit in the pinata’s opening.
  • For fun, consider adding some confetti among the candy in the pinata.
  • It’s a good idea to give each child a bag to collect the candy once it falls.
  • As you begin to shop for pinatas, you’ll notice that most of them are similar in price. There are some that cost a little more due to their larger size and extra materials. For example, you’ll find the YA OTTA PINATA Unicorn Piñata, Juvale Miniature Donkey Piñatas, Pack of 3 and the Aztec Imports Racing Car Pinata are in the same price range, however, the TexMex Fun Stuff Mexican Star Piñata commands is a higher price thanks to its size and added ribbons.