XOOL Professional Non-Slip Precision Screwdriver Set, 42-Piece

Last updated date: June 29, 2020

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XOOL Professional Non-Slip Precision Screwdriver Set, 42-Piece

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This screwdriver set is one of the larger sets on the market and contains all the tools you need to fix everything, from personal electronics to home-improvement projects. All of the screwdrivers are neatly organized and secured in a storage tray, so you don't have to worry about losing a tool. They screwdrivers are outfitted with a heavy-duty magnetic tip to quickly attract dropped screws. In our analysis of 29 expert reviews, the XOOL XOOL Professional Non-Slip Precision Screwdriver Set, 42-Piece placed 5th when we looked at the top 11 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note June 29, 2020:
Checkout The Best Screwdriver Set for a detailed review of all the top screwdriver sets.

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What experts liked
High-quality materials and corrosion-resistant. Non-skid grip for safe operation. Magnetic tips for easy usage.
- PremiumTopList
Extensive 42-piece set, Extremely versatile with its 25 different bits, Durable, Comes with a carry case, Magnetic tips
With the XOOL Professional Screwdriver Set with Case, you can carry out repairs on practically anything. This 42-piece set is designed to work on anything including automobiles, home appliances like washing machines and microwaves, small gadgets like smartphones and tablets, and even on watches and digital cameras. You get 5 different types of screws including Phillips, Torx, Slot, Hex, and Pozi and 25 different bits. The screwdrivers are made from durable 6150 CRV material and are all engraved for quick and easy identification. At the same time, the handle is made from PP and TPR material and it all fits into an easy-to-carry case.
- Nino Starter
This set is inexpensive, Screwdrivers are well made, Comes with a good assortment of sizes, They have an ergonomic design
- Be Your Car
What experts didn't like
Smaller drivers are difficult to handle
Case isn’t durable
- Be Your Car

From The Manufacturer

Equipment without a good screwdriver is not a good craftsman.With a good screwdriver, anyone maybe be a good craftsman. You may need a different type of screwdriver for each. Just two types of Phillips and torx are not enough, because you need more than these two types. With this screwdriver, you can easily solve the maintenance problems of all home appliances.They can meet your every need. Its handle is very comfortable for high torque and tip grip.

An Overview On Screwdriver Sets

No tool collection is complete without a screwdriver set. Screwdrivers in a variety of types and sizes are necessary for even the simplest of home projects. If you need to replace an outlet cover, you’ll need a screwdriver. If your child’s toy runs out of batteries, you’ll need a screwdriver to open the compartment to replace them. As you shop for a screwdriver set, there are a few important features you’ll want to look for.

Examine the construction of the screwdriver first, as you want to invest in a set that is going to last for many years to come. The EFFICERE Best Choice Precision Screwdriver Set, 9-Piece is an excellent choice, as the shaft is made from a high-strength chrome vanadium steel that is then coated in a rust-resistant chrome plating.

Look at the screwdriver’s handle next. You want a set with an ergonomic design, as this will reduce wrist fatigue. That’s especially important if you spend a lot of time working with your hands. The CREMAX Non-Slip Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set, 14-Pc offers this feature and goes a step beyond by adding cushioning to the handles to make them more comfortable. As an added bonus, the handles are also labeled with part numbers and sizing figures.

Review the screwdriver’s tip to make sure it has the ability to hold the fastener firmly. The GEARWRENCH Torx Dual Material Screwdriver Set, 20-Piece has a non-slip black oxide tip for added security. Other models use magnetic tips that also assist in effortlessly picking up fallen screws. Of course, you also want to go with a set that comes with flat, Phillips and Torx heads.

Consider going with a screwdriver set that has a little something extra to offer. For example, the XOOL Professional Non-Slip Precision Screwdriver Set, 42-Piece comes with a complimentary storage tray. Each of the items is held firmly in place within the tray, so that even if you turned the tray upside down, none of the tools would fall out.

DWYM Fun Fact

The Guinness World Record for the largest screwdriver went to Aaditya Pratap Singh from India. He constructed a screwdriver in 2016 that measured 20 feet 9 inches long! Here are a few more interesting facts about this common household tool:

  • The first time a screwdriver appeared in print was in the 16th century, in a military workshop manual.
  • The earliest known screws were made from wood and used to hold a variety of presses together, such as olive presses and wine presses.
  • Screwdrivers weren’t available for sale in America until the 1800s.
  • The Phillips head screw was invented specifically for use in automobile manufacturer assembly lines.

The Screwdriver Set Buying Guide

  • It’s good practice to store your tools in a cool, dry location that doesn’t experience high humidity. If you have no other option, you can always install a dehumidifier in the room to keep the humidity levels in check.
  • Keep your screwdriver set neatly organized within your storage space, so you don’t lose any of the pieces. If the set didn’t come with a storage case or tray, you can always purchase one separately. You can also use pegboards, tool chests or canvas tool bags to keep your screwdrivers orderly.
  • Before you put your screwdrivers away at the end of the day, you’ll want to clean them off. This keeps your work area clean and also extends the life of your tools. A little soap, water and WD-40 is all you need to restore your screwdrivers to like-new condition. Just remember to dry the tools immediately after cleaning them.
  • Should your screwdrivers become rusty at any point, set them in a bucket of hot water mixed with cleaning solution for 30 minutes. Afterward, you’ll be able to remove the rust using a piece of steel wool.
  • Since screwdriver sets come with a variety of pieces, you can’t simply compare the price of each set without first determining how much you’re paying per piece. To arrive at the price per piece, you’ll need to divide the total cost of the set by the total number of pieces. You’ll discover that the XOOL Professional Non-Slip Precision Screwdriver Set, 42-Piec turns out to be the most affordable. You’ll pay a moderate price for both the CREMAX Non-Slip Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set, 14-Pc and the EFFICERE Best Choice Precision Screwdriver Set, 9-Piece. The GEARWRENCH Torx Dual Material Screwdriver Set, 20-Piece is laser-etched with part number and size, making it one of the more expensive sets on the market.