XBOX ONE Forza Motorsport 5

Last updated date: August 29, 2019

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XBOX ONE Forza Motorsport 5

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We looked at the top Racing Games and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Racing Game you should buy.

Update as September 20, 2019:
Checkout The Best Racing Game for a detailed review of all the top racing games.

Overall Take

In our analysis of 65 expert reviews, the XBOX ONE Forza Motorsport 5 placed 6th when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Forza Motorsport 5 is a cinematic automotive journey starring the world’s greatest cars and tracks. Built from the ground up to take advantage of Xbox One and the vast power of the cloud, no game better delivers the wide-eyed thrill of racing.

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

The Forza 5 racing game for PC features an all-new graphics engine that delivers texture you can feel and air you can taste at 60 frames per second and a resolution of 1080p. All cars used in this game are selected by experts at Top gear,ensuring that you're always blown away with their performance.This game includes 17 next-generation tracks in addition to ten bonus downloadable cars including new imports, sport cars, open-wheel race cars and extreme exotics. Overall, the is one of the best racing games Zbox one.
- Car Bibles
The frame-rate never dips, textures are silky smooth and car models have been meticulously recreated to the extent that you can almost smell the leather interior and alpine air freshener.
- Digital Spy
November 20, 2013 | Full review
Beginning with a consistent performance set at 1080p and 60 frames per second, the result was always assumed to be a technical showpiece for the console. But there’s more to the game than just looks.
- Game Rant
Forza 5 holds fast to what separates it from other games of its type--you can get realistic racing from a dozen other games, but Forza is special in its ability to engender in the player a real passion and desire to improve
- Games Radar
November 20, 2013 | Full review
Forza 5 is a whole different beast in this regard. It contains all of the staples that make the series so accessible and enjoyable. All of the driving assists that help the newer players ease into the game are present.
- Gaming Excellence
March 7, 2015 | Full review
This is helped by Forza's excellent controls, along with a new addition on the Xbox One's controller: the impulse triggers. The way Forza feels, physically, is probably the most next-gen thing about it. The controller's triggers give an incredible amount of useful, tactile feedback.
- Polygon
November 20, 2013 | Full review
Forza 5 analyses the driving of every player that gets behind the wheel. After a few races, it has enough data that it can create a Drivatar for you. A Drivatar is a digital representation of a player, meaning that when you are offline, you have a digital driver representing you in other player’s games that races against them using your racing habits.
- Only Single Player
December 13, 2013 | Full review

What experts didn't like

Team building still feels superficial. No VR support. Visually a bit bland
- Car Bibles
Our only complaint is that the backdrops don't appear quite as alive as the cars racing past them. Crowds, for example, look like cardboard cutouts, while trees fail to sway and move with the wind.
- Digital Spy
November 20, 2013 | Full review
The lack of variety in the tracks is a minor quibble but it is greatly balanced out by the fantastic innovations of the rumble feedback and the smoothness of the gameplay itself.
- Gaming Excellence
March 7, 2015 | Full review

Overall Product Rankings

1. XBOX ONE Forza Horizon 4

Overall Score: 9.3

2. XBOX ONE Forza Horizon 2

Overall Score: 8.9

4. XBOX ONE Project Cars 2

Overall Score: 8.6


Overall Score: 8.6


Overall Score: 8.1

10. PS4 DriveClub

Overall Score: 7.8

An Overview On Racing Games

There’s no doubt that you’ve seen car commercials where the car moves at top speed through mountain roads or races through the desert. As the commercial ends, tiny print at the bottom of the screen appears: “Do not attempt.” 

Most of us would never try to drift around an airplane runway at night, but why should stunt drivers have all the fun? Racing video games can give you the same thrills and chills without the risk.

Today’s titles have unbelievable graphics that make you feel like you’re right there, speeding through gorgeous settings featuring British castles or rolling Irish hills. Realistic, dynamic weather and thoughtful soundtracks add an extra layer of shine on the latest games. 

There are two major sub-genres of racing games, and most players prefer one or the other. Simulation racers are designed to be as realistic as possible. The cars respond with physics that mimic real-life driving in an open-world setting. (Open world means that you’re not limited by a closed racetrack. You can drive off-road and you’ll never hit a wall where the graphics end.) Some people find these games more difficult to play, but diehard car and racing fans love them. The Forza Horizon series has some of the most popular simulation racing games

Arcade-style racing games put less emphasis on realistic controls and focus on creating the most enjoyable race possible for a general audience. You’re usually confined to a track, but the games are loaded with extras like weapons, boosters and ramps for trick jumps. The controls are usually easier to pick up. The Mario Kart series is one example of arcade-style games. 

Some games straddle the line between simulation and arcades, with ramps, missions and off-road activities hidden throughout an open-world environment. They usually have unlockable levels and fun extras to keep you playing. 

Both simulation games and arcade games have more options for cars, drivers and customization than ever before. You can choose from hundreds of vehicles, like Ferraris, Audis and Beamers. Online playing expands your gaming world, connecting you with friends and challenging players across the globe.

Now that you’ve got a solid grasp of racing games, zip on over to our Tips & Advice section to help you choose the perfect one.

The Racing Game Buying Guide

  • First off, consider what gaming system you use before you buy. Most games are built to run on multiple systems, but there can be subtle differences between the controls and features from console to console. Make sure that you’re okay with any user differences on your console. 
  • Next, you’ll want to think about whether you’re looking for an arcade racer or a simulation racer. If you want to pull off high jumps, drifts and other tricks while you attack your fellow racers, look for an arcade racer. If you’re more concerned with realistic driving in gorgeous outdoor settings, a simulation racer is the right pick. 
  • The controls in some games are easier to pick up than in others. In general, arcade-style games have simpler controls and are friendlier to general interest players or kids. Simulation-style games rely on accurate physics, so their controls will be closer to an actual driving experience. They’re better for older players or serious racing game junkies.
  • Customization options abound in modern racing games. Some games let you modify every detail of a car down to the lug nut, while others just let you switch colors or models. Drivers can also be modified, or you can choose from a roster of professional racers. Pick a game with plenty of modification possibilities if that’s something you really want.
  • Today’s racing games offer far more than laps around a track. Face-off races, where you challenge other players online, can create a new challenge every time. You can also play against your old times in some games, or earn new cars or abilities if you master tricks or beat off-road challenges. Choose a game the type of add-ons that will keep you playing.
  • Racers take place almost entirely online. The type of server that each game has will affect how quickly it loads and how well it performs. For the fastest experience, look for a game that has a dedicated server. That means that the server is only used for gameplay and doesn’t waste bandwidth on other things like connected e-commerce stores. 
  • The speed of your home internet will also factor into how quickly your game loads and how smooth your experience is. Check out how much bandwidth each game requires and make sure your current Internet plan matches.