Wyze Starlight Sensor Home Security Camera System

Last updated date: August 16, 2022

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Wyze Starlight Sensor Home Security Camera System

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We looked at the top Home Security Camera Systems and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Home Security Camera System you should buy.

Update as August 16, 2022:
Checkout The Best Home Security Camera System for a detailed review of all the top home security camera systems.

Overall Take

This smart camera can be set up to view a certain interior room or outside area of your home. The two-way audio and night vision are among many useful features of this camera system, one that can be added to over time as you find new areas you want to monitor.

In our analysis of 98 expert reviews, the Wyze Starlight Sensor Home Security Camera System placed 14th when we looked at the top 17 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Wyze Cam v2 delivers fast, clear, live stream footage direct to your smartphone via the Wyze App (iOS and Android), day or night. You can receive an alert anytime your Wyze Cam v2 detects sound or motion and view up to 14 days of saved alert videos for free – no monthly fees or subscription required. Use the Wyze Cam v2’s new Motion Tagging feature to easily identify motion in both live stream and playback video modes. Plus, you can add an 8GB, 16GB or 32GB microSD card (sold separately) to enable continuous recording, schedule custom time lapse videos, use 2-way audio to talk, and listen through your Wyze Cam v2. Use the Wyze App to manage and view multiple cameras, share your cameras with other users, view alert videos, and record and share photos and videos directly from the app. With its small size, magnetic base, and flexible 3-axis design, the Wyze Cam v2 can go anywhere you need it. The Wyze Cam v2 must be powered to use (it does not have a battery) and is designed for indoor use (it is not weatherproof).

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What experts liked

The best part is 1080p support at a budget price. There is nothing wrong with going with this product if you want to keep an eye on what’s happening in and around your house when you’re not there.
- The Keen Hunter
I love that the camera can swivel all the way around and tilt on its base, and how the base doubles as a wall mount. Seeing that the back of the camera features a USB port is also a good sign of some local storage to come. Overall, the Wyze Cam looks pretty good so I’m excited to see how it performs.
- Security Baron
July 11, 2019 | Full review
The Time Lapse feature works as advertised, and two-way audio is surprisingly clear considering the camera uses such a small speaker.
- PG Magazine - SE Asia
December 22, 2017 | Full review
The camera’s 110-degree wide-angle lens was able to take in my whole living room, and the image quality was excellent.
- TechHive
December 8, 2017 | Full review
In terms of the camera itself, thanks to its magnetic base and included metal plate with 3M adhesive, you can mount this thing anywhere close to a power source without the need for tools. You can also just stand it on its base and sit it on a flat surface, so like everything else about this camera, its physical installation is also effortless.
- Entertainment Buddha
May 18, 2018 | Full review
The Wyze Cam 1080p is an excellent security camera, and our best pick for its price. This device comes with two weeks of free cloud storage, as well as a microSD card slot which you can use to enable continuous recording and create time-lapse videos.
- Tom's Guide
October 8, 2019 | Full review
It records video in your home and updates you using a smartphone app when it detects motion, sounds, or alarms.And the best part is it only costs $20.
- Business Insider
June 9, 2018 | Full review
It offers night vision, motion detection, and two-way audio, and includes 14 days of free cloud storage.
- Digital Trends
June 21, 2019 | Full review
This device is one of the cheapest WiFi security cameras you can buy. It makes smart home security affordable for all.
- Spy Cameras Reviewed
August 2, 2018 | Full review
The Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Smart Home Security Camera is compatible with Alexa. You can expect a fluid and crisp response time for complete control on a budget.
- Budget Report
The Wyze Cam boasts some respectable specs including live-streaming 1080p HD video and microSD support for continuous local recording.
- Android Central
July 3, 2018 | Full review
These include 1080p high def streaming, night vision, and two-way audio. And it works with Alexa to boot!
- oneSmartcrib
May 15, 2019 | Full review
Users often speak about its easy setup process and its great video quality. There is a switch for the mic on the app using which you can talk to the people on the other end.
- Guiding Tech
March 25, 2019 | Full review
With 1080p resolution, easy ways to schedule alerts and adjust the sensitivity, and a genius feature that can notify you if your smoke alarm or carbon monoxide alarm goes off, this camera has everything most users would need, and it only costs $26.
- Reviewed
October 10, 2019 | Full review
The Wyze Cam is a good inside unit that can be bought in packs and setup for more viewing angles.The app will manage multiple camera connections which makes for a good setup to see from different spots located around a garage.
- WirelesSHack
October 11, 2019 | Full review
It boasts motion and sound detection, and you can choose to use a microSD card (sold separately) to record footage or use the free rolling 14-day cloud storage. The camera has two-way audio, as well as night vision up to 30 feet.
- Verywell Family
September 19, 2019 | Full review
Cheap devices that require an app and a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to operate are usually my definition hell, but I’m glad to see that WyzeCam is a shining, $20 beacon in the middle of this hellscape.
- The Verge
February 19, 2018 | Full review
The Wyze Cam is also easy to install, with a magnetic base and adhesive metal plate, so you don’t have to worry about screws. The 6-foot power cable gives you plenty of wiggle room, too.
- Tuck
August 13, 2019 | Full review
It offers night vision too and is compatible with Amazon Alexa so you can voice control it with a device like the Echo Dot.
- Windows Central
December 17, 2018 | Full review
The Wyze Cam is mounted on a hinge (or folding legs) that allow it to tilt forwards and backwards.It has a magnetic base and an adhesive base meaning that it can be mounted on a variety of horizontal and vertical surfaces without the need for screws.
- My Smart Home
May 10, 2018 | Full review
The app is well-designed, if a bit bare-bones - you can live stream video, set alerts for motion, sound and /or person detection, define a motion zone (just one), and adjust motion and sound sensitivity.
- The Ambient
June 17, 2019 | Full review
You even get motion detection zones that allow you to cut down on the number of meaningless motion alerts that get sent to your phone. This essentially provides most of the functionality you get from one of the high-end cameras and a monthly subscription fee for just a small fraction of the price.
- Tech Gear Lab
July 30, 2019 | Full review
The camera also works with IFTTT (If This, Then That) and has night vision and two-way audio. Through its own smartphone app, the camera alerts you to movement, but also to the sound of nearby smoke alarms.
- Gear Brain
July 20, 2018 | Full review
Two-way audio enables you to speak with whichever person, pet or perpetrator is in your house. Works with Amazon’s Alexa, meaning if you have an Echo Spot or Echo Show smart speaker or Amazon Fire TV, you can instantly summon a view of the camera’s live feed. No subscription service to worry about.
- Gear Patrol
July 24, 2018 | Full review
This Wyze Cam delivers quite fast, clear and live stream playing options. You can directly connect and attach your smartphone with this cam by using Wyze App.
- Techy Beasts
Setting up a Wyze Cam is super easy, too: just turn it on, press the setup button, and put your phone in front of the camera so it can scan the QR code on your screen.
- The Inventory
April 4, 2019 | Full review
The base of the camera is where the real magic happens on the hardware. With two joints and a rotating plate on the bottom, you can point the camera in nearly any direction. This simple design gives the camera a degree of flexibility that competing cameras can’t always match—and when they can, it’s not as flexible or doesn’t have the same range of motion.
- Review Geek
January 17, 2018 | Full review
The night vision of the cam is up to 30 feet whereas the digital zoom of the cam is up to 8 x. This indoor wireless smart home camera produces clear, crisp live stream footage on your smartphone working all day long and in the night as well.
- XiaomiToday
September 11, 2019 | Full review
The App is very simple to use and allows to interact with the camera by turning the night vision on and off and getting events such as motion and audio detection.
- Learn CCTV
The Wyze Camera is capable of two-way communication. The device captures sound and if you are away from home you can speak through the camera with your smartphone.
- Wireless Cameras For Security
February 28, 2019 | Full review
The features are fantastic. Outstanding design with complete convert: At a virtual clock you’ll discover, it’s possible to simply place the spy clock where you need from the home/office.
- VK Perfect
October 6, 2019 | Full review

What experts didn't like

Video comes at 10fps rather than the typical 30fps you see with most security cameras, which is one of its only shortcomings.
- PG Magazine - SE Asia
December 22, 2017 | Full review
Motion- and sound-triggered video clips are limited to 12 seconds, which may or may not be enough time to get a good look at someone breaking into your home, so we don’t recommend relying on the Wyzecam if you need a robust security solution.
- Digital Trends
June 21, 2019 | Full review
Some reports that the motion sensor doesn’t work well (will pick up a mosquito, but not a person).
- Spy Cameras Reviewed
August 2, 2018 | Full review
Isolated complaint about the motion detection being inconsistent
- Budget Report
Too light, easy to get knocked over if not properly mounted. Two-way audio is nearly unusable. Power cable limits placement options.
- Android Central
July 3, 2018 | Full review
The audio quality is decent but not amazing as its pricier counterparts such as the Nest Indoor cam.
- Guiding Tech
March 25, 2019 | Full review
The app could be a little better organized. Its controls and settings are easy to use, but notifications and the videos you saved yourself are kept in two different places, which isn't that intuitive.
- Reviewed
October 10, 2019 | Full review
Unreliable camera alerts/detection. Limited smart home integration. Automations are basic.
- The Ambient
June 17, 2019 | Full review
The biggest shortcoming of the Wyze is that the camera takes 5 minutes to reset after it senses motion and records a 12-second clip. That means if there is continuous activity in front of the camera, it is only going to record 12-seconds of video once every 5-minutes.
- Tech Gear Lab
July 30, 2019 | Full review
No advanced features, such as facial recognition. It’s an indoor camera that needs to be constantly plugged into the wall to work.
- Gear Patrol
July 24, 2018 | Full review
It is not weatherproof. It does not support or compatible with 5GHz Wi-Fi networks.
- Techy Beasts
I had some trouble with notifications not coming through last week, until I logged out of the app and rebooted my phone—after logging back in, things worked reliably, but that’s not exactly something you want to just “go out.”
- The Inventory
April 4, 2019 | Full review

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An Overview On Home Security Camera Systems

Home security cameras are currently more affordable than they ever have been, and they are becoming a fixture in many homes, where they are helping to thwart home invasions or thefts, as well as generally helping the homeowner feel safe and comfortable when it comes to the security of their home.

Security cameras can be a single stand-alone product, perhaps pointed to the front door or porch area, where it can capture things like your mailman or solicitors as they approach your door. Other systems involve many cameras that you place strategically around your property to capture any entry points to your home or even interior areas of your home where important and valuable items are stored.

The difficulty in setting up a camera system can vary from extremely easy, with wireless and battery-powered options, to more involved installations where you will find yourself drilling holes to run solid wires for power or communication, making a more bulletproof security system. The right system for you will be determined by your specific needs, and if you find a few differentiating qualities of the current security camera systems that make them the right product for you, you can narrow your selection down to a product that will be ideal.

A one-camera security setup is often used as a smart doorbell system. The camera can sense motion and alert you when something triggers it. The alerts will go directly to your phone through an app and you can immediately see who is at your door. Some cameras allow you to talk through the camera as well. This feature can be handy if your neighbor or a friend drop by while you are out and you can simply tell them you’re out of the house, but it can also allow you to scare off a would-be thief who might be eyeballing a package that was delivered to your front stoop.

For a more robust home security system that covers a larger area of your property, you will want to look at multi-camera system, says our home expert Vicki Liston, writer and producer of the award-winning home improvement show, “On The Fly…DIY.”

“Since a system includes cameras at multiple heights, angles, and locations around (and/or inside) your home, you’ll need to consider how they are powered, how many you’ll need, and how they store video footage,” Liston says.

These factors and considerations can seem daunting or complex, but they don’t have to be. Some cameras have an easy-to-setup camera system. The cameras don’t need wiring run to them, as they are powered by batteries and use your home’s wireless network to upload their footage to the provided smart-base. The biggest effort you will face in mounting these is having to maybe climb a ladder to install them up at the best vantage point for each area.  These systems typically offer two-way audio so you can communicate through the camera with whomever it has captured, but they may also have a high-decibel siren that can scare off intruders. Combine these features with a useful app that allows you to operate the camera’s features with your smartphone and you have a fully functioning, weatherproof security system ready to help keep you protected with only minimal setup effort.

If your camera happens to capture a criminal activity like a thief attempting to break into your home or steal a package from your front porch, you will be relying on the footage from this camera as your main source of identification of the perpetrator. This is when having a 1080p camera becomes a huge benefit to you. A security camera that records in 1080p can be the difference between having a blurry image of this criminal activity versus a clear image. If the image is clear enough, which is much more likely in a 1080p camera, it can be the most crucial clue in actually tracking down the person captured in the image. Saving a little money by using a lower-quality camera can actually end up being a big waste of money if the footage is never crisp enough to be usable.

“It makes no sense to spend considerable time and effort setting up a system if the picture quality is only ‘fair’ to ‘good,’” says Liston. “1080p quality will give you a great picture, even when recording in night vision mode (and night vision should be a given with any security camera system).”

Some security cameras are best used in an indoor setting where you hope to monitor something of value inside your house. Often times the most valuable thing in your home could be your sleeping baby and it is common to want to be able to keep a set of eyes in this particular room to ease your mind and help you ensure the safety of the child. A camera like the YI 1080p Home Camera really shines through for this use as a nanny-cam. The camera is programmed to hear the sound of a crying baby and immediately notify you through the app interface on your smartphone. This function lets you see what is going on in the baby’s room when they are crying, but there is also a live camera function on the app that lets you view the activities in the room at any point in time. This adds a level of comfort and ease in the mind of the users as they know they can remotely check in on their young child at any time of day, also a useful feature when you have a new babysitter at home as well and you would like to make sure they are giving the best treatment to your child.

Whether it’s monitoring your pets or children inside your home while you step out for an errand, or keeping tabs on your deliveries to make sure the packages are handled with care, there is likely a good security system suitable for your needs. Think of how much coverage you want from your cameras and how you plan to store your security footage and you can narrow down the field of products to a handful of contenders. From there, find one that has a handy app that you can use through your smartphone or one that can satisfy your need for two-way audio. The right product for you will be revealed once you really determine your priorities and choose the best options for you.

The Home Security Camera System Buying Guide

  • In a day where hackers can access many of your wireless cameras and devices, it is more important than ever to make sure you aren’t giving them easy access to footage of a camera that is recording the activities inside your home. Liston’s biggest tip regarding a new security system is to be sure you have a dual authentication setup for interior cameras.

“If you are monitoring any interior locations, it is absolutely necessary to have layers of security in the login process,” Liston says. “Don’t simply use a username and password alone as any skilled hacker will eventually be able to crack this. Use a password and a one-time code sent to your phone or created via an authentication app. Either way, you are making it extremely hard for a hacker to obtain access and monitor the camera feeds…and your day (and night) life.”

  • Think of how you plan to power your camera. A wireless camera that runs on batteries is ideal for an apartment or a rental unit where you aren’t allowed to drill holes in the wall. A wired camera, though, will never need to be charged or have batteries replaced, so the act of setting it up permanently will make the lifetime maintenance of the cameras practically nothing.
  • Security cameras can either save footage to a memory card that is stored locally at your home, or to a cloud service that will host the footage for you. Many of the memory card options can be set up to delete old footage while recording new footage in its place, which is a convenient way to save on storage while still having access to recent footage when you need it.
  • Some camera systems give you the option of adding cameras in the future. This means you can start with one or two cameras that are aimed toward the areas that you think are the most vulnerable and you can add more cameras over time if you find that there are still certain areas lacking in coverage. This modularity will provide a good value to your security system so you won’t have to worry about replacing every camera each time you want to upgrade.