WuliFun Fireproof Casing 3-To-2 Prong Plug Adapters, 6-Count

Last updated date: September 15, 2022

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WuliFun Fireproof Casing 3-To-2 Prong Plug Adapters, 6-Count

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We looked at the top 3-To-2 Prong Plug Adapters and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best 3-To-2 Prong Plug Adapter you should buy.

Update as September 15, 2022:
Checkout The Best 3-To-2 Prong Plug Adapter for a detailed review of all the top 3-to-2 prong plug adapters.

Overall Take

Available in white or black, this pack of six adapters is a good option if you prefer variety. They're listed by the ETL, made to provide a tight fit and designed to be fireproof.

In our analysis, the WuliFun WuliFun Fireproof Casing 3-To-2 Prong Plug Adapters, 6-Count placed 4th when we looked at the top 4 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

3 PRONG TO 2 PRONG ADAPTER: WuliFun ETL listed polarized 2 Prong to 3 Prong Outlet Adapter allows 3-prong plugs to plug into 2-prong outlets anywhere. NO FIRE HAZARD: The 3 prong to 2 prong adapter is made of PBT fireproof casing material up to 200℃ temperature-resistant, AC input 110-125V, 15A, Max Wattage 1875W. PORTABLE SOCKET OUTLET: 0.6 ounces per unit, easy to put in backpack and take out for traveling, garage, library, café. HANDY 2 to 3 prong outlet adapter, very sturdy that could work for household, workshop, industrial and other appliances, also perfect 3 prong adapter to 2 prong for power stripes and Christmas lights. EASY to USE: Just turn 3 to 2 Prong Adapter into the wall outlet and fasten the grounding tab under the metal wall mounting screw. SAFE GROUNDING: The 2 to 3 prong outlet adapter plug snugly into the wall outlet and will not fall out even with a heavy cord.

An Overview On 3-To-2 Prong Plug Adapters

If you live in an older home and you haven’t had any electrical upgrades done, you might have electrical outlets that only allow you to insert plugs with two prongs and are ungrounded. These differ from the modern outlets that you’ll find that have the two normal vertical holes along with a third round hole used for the grounding prong. While these older outlets are still permitted per building code rules, they create an inconvenience when you need to plug in modern devices like computers and appliances that usually have plugs with three prongs.

That’s why you might consider a 3-to-2 prong plug adapter as a solution for using the device. This kind of adapter has three holes in the front where you can plug in the 3-prong device. The back side features two prongs to plug into the outlet plus a special metal tab. This metal tab is designed for you to install onto your outlet’s cover plate with a screw to make a ground path. You can have success if your wall box is made of metal but not if it’s made of plastic, so you’ll want to check on this before you buy the adapter.

When shopping for a 3-to-2 prong plug adapter, you’ll notice that many options will look similar in shape and color. They often come in neutral colors such as white, cream or gray, and the tab is usually silver. While they’re all often compact, some adapters are wider or taller than others. That means you’ll want to make sure the one you choose won’t block access to other nearby outlets.

You can find 3-to-2 prong plug adapters with highlighted features as well. For example, some have grips on the sides so that it’s easier to insert and remove the adapter from the outlet. Others might have surge protection features or emphasize being fireproof.

To make sure you’re getting a quality product, you’ll want to look for one that is ETL or UL listed. These designations mean the adapter meets the standards set by the specific organization.

In addition, you’ll want to consider how many of these adapters you need. While you can find individual options, the adapters often come in sets with three to six included. It can also be more cost-effective to buy a larger set as long as you know you’ll use them all.

The 3-To-2 Prong Plug Adapter Buying Guide

  • Always make sure that you safely secure the metal tab on your 3-to-2 prong plug adapter. This means plugging the adapter into the top outlet so you can install the metal tab using the faceplate’s middle screw. While you might find this inconvenient versus just plugging the adapter into the wall quickly, avoiding the extra step creates safety risks. You’d also risk the possibility of having your expensive gadget fail due to an electrical issue without the grounding protection.
  • If you need help or have concerns about the outlet, it’s best to consult an electrician before trying to use the 3-to-2 prong plug adapter. They can check if your home’s electrical system is up to code or has any safety issues. In the end, they may suggest a solution such as upgrading your outlet to a 3-prong grounded one. While that’s a more expensive option, you’d be able to simply plug your items directly without an adapter, and you’d have less of a chance of a fire, shock or equipment damage.
  • Discontinue using the 3-to-2 prong plug adapter immediately if you notice issues like overheating or experiencing issues with the plugged-in device.
  • These adapters should have polarized plugs, meaning you can only plug them in one specific way. This is for your safety, so avoid trying to force the adapter in the wrong way.