Worx Electric Chainsaw

Last updated: May 16, 2019

With a chain that moves at 12 miles per second, the Worx Electric Chainsaw provides plenty of speed and efficiency . It weighs only 11 pounds, also making it easy to hold and maneuver for an extended period of time. Auto-tension and chain-tightening systems keep your chainsaw in peak operating condition with every use.

Worx Electric Chainsaw

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In our analysis of 118 expert reviews, the Worx Electric Chainsaw placed 4th when we looked at the top 9 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The WORX 16” 3.5 HP 14.5 Amp chainsaw is a cut above the rest. For starters, the exclusive WORX patented tool-free chain replacement and auto-tensioning system eliminates the headaches faced with most other chainsaws – no lumberjack experience necessary to operate this chainsaw! The auto-tension system includes a single, oversized knob that automatically secures the bar and chain and maintains proper tension while you’re working. The auto-tensioning system also extends bar and chain life by eliminating any chance of over-tightening. What’s more, all-metal dogs at the base of the 16” bar help add stability during cutting, while an easy-to-lubricate sprocket on the bar nose helps preserve the life of the tool. Powerful enough for your toughest jobs, WORX electric chainsaws produce anywhere from 3.5 peak horsepower. The WORX 16” chainsaw also offers gas-free, hassle-free operation. Different from gas-powered chain saws, this electric chainsaw doesn’t require you to mix oil and gas or deal with difficult startups. And unlike the competition, WORX features an automatic oiler that provides constant lubrication to both the bar and chain along with a 6.75-ounce oil reservoir with an oil level indicator. Designed for safety and comfort, this WORX chainsaw includes a built-in safety chain brake that stops the chain in seconds whenever improper contact is made, protecting you in the event of kickback. Additionally, a rubber over-molded rear handle and ergonomic full-wrap front handle let you work in full control and comfort.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

One advantage to corded chainsaws is the additional power over a battery-powered model. The 14.5 amps produced by this unit offers enough cutting power for even very thick limbs. Cuts through trunks of moderate thickness. Works for commercial or ranch work. Compact and portable enough for trimming overgrown or dangerous limbs on household properties.
This plug-in electric saw was faster and better-balanced than its larger 18-inch sibling, the Worx WG304.1. Indeed, cutting speed was on a par with the fastest light-duty gas saws we tested. Other pluses include a chain brake, tool-free chain adjustment, and a durable bar cover for safe storage.
It has a lengthy 16-inch guide bar, which is great for larger cutting jobs.
The first thing you’ll notice when you hold it in your hands is that it feels comfortable; designed to be ergonomic and easy to hold for long periods of time. Let’s face it, chainsaws are one of the most dangerous tools you can buy so comfort is extremely important. Not only that, but it’s quite lightweight at only 11 lbs.
The power output is one of the brightest points of this machine. Even though it’s an electric unit, it still offers a great deal of consistent power output. Furthermore, it’s significantly less noisy than a vast majority of its gas-powered competitors. Therefore, if you’re looking for low levels of noise, the WORX WG303.1 will meet your expectations.
This electric chainsaw features a 16-inch chain that makes it perfect for moderate-sized projects, with the added benefit of a 14.5 sized amp motor. Something that translates to consistency and durability when it comes to getting projects done. The chain moves at 12 minutes per second, making it a fairly fast machine. It also has the added benefit of weighing in at just 11 pounds, making it a great option for anyone to use, and less likely that your arms will tired faster.
This chainsaw from WORX has an added safety feature in the form of the built-in chain brake and the low kickback bar. The saw has an automatic oil lubrication system that reduces the amount of required maintenance.
Lightweight, yet more robust than smaller electric chainsaws, this sturdy saw features an 16-inch bar length that handles nicely for basic limb work and trimming, clearing bush, and cutting firewood, and their patented automatic chain tensioner alleviates any headaches of having to keep the chain blade is secure and tight.
This is a chainsaw that delivers a high cutting performance which is similar to gas saws. It is an ideal tool for farmers, homeowners, and even ranchers. It has a 14-amp motor that provides enough power to saw through tree branches and roots. This robust and light electric saw comes in handy for quick and easy jobs around your farm or even yard. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t emit harmful fumes during operation and has minimal operating costs.
- The Z9
It is powered by electricity and therefore does not release noxious emissions hence a friendly addition to any yard. The automatic oiler keeps the chainsaw lubricated continuously for heavy cutting jobs. Moreover, you no longer have to deal with headaches; the blade remains tight and secure even after a heavy task.
Quieter and less hassle than gas chainsaw.
There is a large knob for the auto-tensioning and it helps to ensure that the chain always maintains proper tension. And it is one of the key features that make this one of the best corded electric chainsaws out there as it also extended the life of the chain and bar.
Coming in under $100 the saw represents excellent value for money, offering features and performance you would expect to find in a much more expensive product. Given its solid construction and excellent track record you will probably find this machine far outlives its warranty and in my mind that represents great value for money.
The built-in oiler keeps bar and chain lubricated. It has an oil level indicator to keep track of auto lubrication.
This tensioning system is great as it eliminates the trouble of having to adjust the chain slugness every now and then. It also extends chain and bar life as over and under-tensioning of the bar is alleviated. Similarly, metal dogs built-in at the base of the bar stabilizes it during woodcuts.
A nice feature of this chainsaw is its auto tension chain system. This system keeps the chain tightened to the correct extremity regardless of which type of wood its cutting. Having this feature keeps it from stripping, breaking, or falling off at inopportune times. It also helps to make it as safe as technologically possible.
It is less expensive. For budget shoppers with smaller cutting projects, this is probably the best electric chainsaw for your needs.
Its interactive design made it best portable hand carry machine with lighter in weight. As this wood eater machine is electric so it does not have any harmful emission like smoke.
Usually, with a conventional chainsaw, I need to use the screwdriver to adjust the screw to adjust the tension of the bar. However, I don’t need any tool to adjust the tension because there is an oversized adjustment knob located on the size of the chainsaw, making tension adjustment easier than other chainsaws.

What reviewers didn't like

Some users report that this model uses oil more quickly than might be expected.
You'll need to work within 100 feet of an outlet--and own a generator for use when the power is out. One caveat: There's no vibration dampening. We advise hearing protection and other protective gear for the operator.
It cannot deliver the power and speed offered by gas-powered chainsaws.
This WORX chainsaw isn’t designed for heavy-duty cutting.
The chain adjuster knob is somewhat too big and will loosen itself by rolling against the wood in tight areas. Make sure you pay attention to the knob when doing these cuts, because a sudden readjustment of the chain may cause some issues. Some people complained about it using too much oil for lubrication.
The assembly of the chain bar may prove to be difficult hence advisable to read the user manual well before attempt.
- The Z9
Might utilize a lot of bar oil.
Uses a lot of bar oil.
In terms of the few negatives, some consumers thought the saw was too heavy for them and others mentioned that it uses quite a lot of bar chain oil. A number of negative reviews centered on the saw leaking oil and chain tension not being quite right.
Corded chainsaws are limited by how far away they can operate from electricity. Plus, it doesn’t cut well at tip because of its special no-kick tip.
Auto-oiler uses a lot of oil and it is not suitable for detailed carving with the tip.
Replacement parts are hard to find. Another oil guzzler (this seems to be a problem with WORX).
Failed sometime against heavy stalks.
After using the saw, there is some oil left in the oil reservoir, I put the chainsaw in a horizontal position in my garage. The day after, I saw that there is a big puddle of oil coming out from the chainsaw.
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