Worx 18-Inch 4 15.0 Amp Chain Saw

Last updated: May 16, 2019

You'll get power that rivals some gas-powered chainsaws with the 15-Amp Worx 18-Inch 4 15.0 Amp Chain Saw. A three-year warranty gives you peace of mind, and no assembly required means that you can use it right out of the box. Its 11-pound build means you won't have to worry about fatigue when working on bigger jobs.

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Product Details

In our analysis of 118 expert reviews, the Worx 18-Inch 4 15.0 Amp Chain Saw placed 2nd when we looked at the top 9 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The 18-Inch 4.0 HP 15.0 Amp chainsaw is a cut above the rest. The WORX exclusive, patented tool-free chain replacement and auto-tensioning system eliminates the headaches faced with most other chain saws. You don’t need to be a lumberjack to operate a chainsaw. The auto-tension system includes a single, oversized knob that secures the bar and chain and maintains proper tension during operation-automatically. The WORX auto-tensioning system also works to extend bar and chain life by eliminating any chance of over-tightening. What’s more, all-metal dogs at the base of the long, 18-inch bar help add stability during cutting, while an easy-to-lubricate sprocket on the bar nose helps preserve the life of the tool. Powerful enough for your toughest jobs, the WORX electric chain saws produce anywhere from 4.0 peak horsepower. The WORX 18-Inch chainsaw also offers gas-free, hassle-free operation. Different from gas-powered chain saws, our electric chain saw doesn’t require you to mix oil and gas or deal with difficult startups. And unlike the competition, the WORX features an automatic oiler that provides constant lubrication to both the bar and chain. Each WORX chain saw is equipped with a 6.75-ounce oil reservoir with an oil level indicator. Designed for Safety and Comfort. The WORX chain saws include a built-in safety chain brake that stops the chain in seconds when improper contact is made, protecting you in the event of kickback. Additionally, a rubber over-molded rear handle and ergonomic full-wrap front handle provide optimum operator control and comfort. POINTS TO REMEMBER: 1) Remove oil cap and immediately restore it after operation. This relieves any pressure during the oiling process. 2) Allow the saw to cool down before storing. 3) Remove oil from saw before storage. 4) Wipe down the saw sprocket area 5) Use only enough oil for the task at hand.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

The WORX electric chainsaw combines the convenience of a cordless saw with powerful cutting abilities to make even the toughest project a little easier. One of the biggest perks of an electric chainsaw is that you do not have to mix oil and gasoline to power the saw; this means no more noxious gas fumes to contend with during the work. It also means that less harmful emissions are being released into the environment. With increasingly strict environmental regulations, this is really beneficial.
This 18-inch saw performs as well as some light-duty gas models. It's well-suited for light work, with fast cutting. Among other pluses are a chain brake, tool-free adjustment, and a durable blade cover.
The extra reach this 18" chain allows users to cut more area faster than regular length chains, and the motor is the most powerful of any model we considered. This means the WG304.1 can fell or chop even the largest trees commonly found on most properties. The kickback bar is positioned for easy reach during use, offering added safety on large jobs. Chain tensioning and lubrication is automatic, more time-saving features which allows users to work longer.
It has a lengthy 16-inch guide bar, which is great for larger cutting jobs.
It is economical, easy to maneuver.
At 15 Amps it’s as powerful as an electric chainsaw gets. Capable of cutting through wood up to 16″ in diameter, and more if you have the patience to go slow. It has an 18″ bar and chain, which is a good length for most homeowners; but there’s one standout feature that you won’t find on any other chainsaw — This electric chainsaw has a built-in sharpening system so you never have to worry about sharpening your chain ever again. All you do is pull the sharpening lever for 2 to 3 seconds and voila! A sharp chain is important when it comes to getting the most from your chainsaw, especially an electric where power is limited.
This model also features WORX’s patented auto-tension and chain-tightening system which helps to preserve the life span of the chain itself.
This WORX 18-Inch chainsaw is reliable, it starts instantly with just a turn of the knob and delivers powerful and long-lasting performance for different kind of residential and commercial tasks. The patented automatic tool-less chain tensioning system keeps the chain at optimum tension for hundreds of uses.
This electric chainsaw is easy-to-use thanks to an automatic tensioning system that requires no tools at all. Also, there's an automatic oiling system that always keeps the bar and chain lubricated.
This machine features an automatic oil lubrication system and a tool-less chain replacement system, but as far as tension goes, it self-adjusts to keep the chain at the right tension for you.
With its 18 inch bar and chain, this saw can cut through small and medium sized logs with ease. It will make short work of 12” diameter wood and many users have used it on much larger logs.
This saw comes fully assembled and has a manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years. It also has a patented auto-tension chain-system which maintains the right tension and prevents over-tightening.
Good inexpensive chainsaw for homeowner use. Ideal chainsaw for small business.

What reviewers didn't like

This is a slightly more expensive chainsaw than the WORX saw, with a slightly smaller cutting radius.
There's no vibration dampening. We advise hearing protection and other protective gear for the operator.
Since it is designed for the kind of big jobs that often happen at the edge of properties, we wish the cord did not limit how far users can go from a power source.
It cannot deliver the power and speed offered by gas-powered chainsaws.
It is more expensive than our top pick.
Uses a lot chain oil.
Side-to-side motor placement drives the bar slightly to the left during sawing.
Not as steady when making horizontal cuts.
Not the most solid construction and it uses a lot of chain oil.
Drive sprocket is plastic instead of steel. Blade and chain come loose a little too often.
A bit noisy high running sound as compared to top 5 best chainsaws.
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