WizGear Universal Swift-Snap Technology Magnetic Air Vent Cellphone Holder

Last updated date: October 5, 2020

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WizGear Universal Swift-Snap Technology Magnetic Air Vent Cellphone Holder

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We looked at the top Cellphone Holders and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Cellphone Holder you should buy.

Update as February 8, 2022:
Checkout The Best Cellphone Holder To Keep Your Phone Steady And Safe for a detailed review of all the top cellphone holders.

Overall Take

With one piece attached to your air-vents and another thin piece of metal trapped in the back of your phone's case, this mount is as minimalist and unobtrusive as they get. When the phone isn't mounted, you likely won't even notice that there is a mount in place.

In our analysis of 103 expert reviews, the WizGear Universal Swift-Snap Cellphone Holder placed 10th when we looked at the top 18 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The WizGear Air Vent Mount is a magnetic holder for smartphones, is a very slim mount which it goes into the air vent of your car, which will not take away your windshield view at all! you can mount it on any air vent, even to the air vent next to your steering wheel so the smartphone will be very close for your view. The installation of the mount is very fast and easy, just push it on your vent and it will stay there! It comes with metal magnet plates which you will insert next to your phone and you’re done with the installation! your phone will snap on it very fast and easlly and it will come down very fast and easily.

Expert Reviews

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12 expert reviews

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24,340 user reviews

What experts liked

Strong magnetic hold that keeps phone in place. Vent attachment works well in most vent designs.
- BestReviews
Holder can be mounted on the air vent giving you the best access to your phone
- Reviewscon
It's great for delivery drivers or travelers who need GPS functionality or who like to listen to their favorite playlists while driving.
- Wiki EZ Vid
WizGear’s magnetic phone holders also swivel back and forth, so you can see your screen as clearly as possible.
- Car Bibles
The phone attaches to the mount with a powerful magnet that attaches to magnetic strips that come with the phone mount and easily attach to your phone.
- Just Creative
This mount attaches easily to your air-vent, constructed with an adhesive metal plate that will stick directly to the back of your device.
- All True Stuff
If you're looking for a car mount that will work with any phone, and doesn't take up too much space, Wizgear's is your best bet.
- Business Insider
Since this car mount is smaller, it’s barely noticeable and doesn’t take up significant space in your car.
- iDapt
The universal magnetic holder produces an intensive force of attraction to hold any of your phones with ease.
- Dotbeasts
One of the biggest plus points about this entry is that it has an exceptionally strong magnet with intense force of attraction to keep your smartphone visible and completely secure without harming your smartphone.
- 10 Bees
I've been using this mount for three years and it hasn't let me down once. It's relatively compact, fits great onto just about any air vent, and it hasn't loosened up or anything.
- Windows Central
This car phone mount, however, has an interesting feature that seems to leave customers amazed and that is its ability to swivel back and forth which enables you to have a perfect view of your phone’s screen.
- The Washington Note

What experts didn't like

If the phone has a curved back, the magnets may have problems sticking.
- BestReviews
Cannot hold bigger phones
- Reviewscon
Angle is not adjustable
- Wiki EZ Vid
The only downside to air vent mounts is that you can't position your phone at as many angles as you could with a suction cup mount.
- Business Insider
This doesn’t just make viewing your phone very easy.
- The Washington Note

An Overview On Cellphone Holders

We use our smartphones for pretty much everything these days. Smartphones are often our go-to GPS devices when we need driving directions, as many of us don’t have built-in navigation in our vehicles. The catch is that it’s very dangerous and even illegal in many places to have your phone in your hand while you’re driving.

If you need to see your phone’s screen while you’re driving, you want to make sure it’s in a position that is easily glanced-at while you’re still paying attention to what is happening on the road around you. Having your phone in your lap, showing you directions while you drive around heavily-trafficked highways and city blocks is a really easy way to have an accident, especially if someone in front of you brakes hard and you’re too busy looking at where your next turn is to see the impending collision.

Smartphone mounts were designed to perfectly satisfy this conundrum, and there are now many great styles and options for mounting your phone in front of you in the safest way possible. Your car’s dashboard is different from others, and your windshield is sloped differently, too. Variables like these made it challenging for companies to find the right blend of engineering and versatility to make the perfect smartphone mount. But there are now a variety of products so it actually can be a bit difficult to even know which one is best for you.

Cup-holder smartphone mounts are one creative way to get the job done when you want to mount your phone in your car, but you’ll want to consider when and where these are actually going to be good products. If your cup holders are set very low and nowhere near your windshield, you might still be looking down at your screen, which is quite a good distance from your field of view.

Even with extending arms, these cup holder models are best used in vehicles with cup holders set in places that are near the front of your view, up high and centrally located in your vehicle. Cup-holder mounts are handy because they don’t require any permanent mounting in your vehicle with an adhesive, which can leave a residue if you ever take it off.

For another style of phone mount that doesn’t require adhering anything to your dash or using a suction cup to your windshield, there are many types of smartphone holders that clip right into your existing air-vents. A pair of pinchers on the backside of the mount will simply squeeze around the slats on your vent, allowing you to then place your phone in the mechanism that holds it steady. These are great for times when you simply need to mount your phone for one trip here and there, not wanting a permanent set up in your car.

For something that’s really upfront and center, there are mounts that adhere directly to your dashboard and can pretty much be placed exactly where they will best suit you. Often times, there is a small piece that attaches to the dashboard and then another piece that attaches to that anchored point. This means you can remove the phone mount and leave only a small part stuck to your dash in the times when you don’t want your phone mount sitting up there.

Magnets are awesome and they have found a firm footing in smartphone mounts. Regardless of how your mount attaches to your vehicle, there are options that include magnets rather than a physical clamp. The magnet needs to have metal to work and that usually happens by placing a special phone case on your smartphone or simply inserting a metal plate behind your phone, sandwiched in place by your phone case of choice.

If you are leary of magnets or don’t want the hassle of having a phone case at all, there are really solid clamps that are attached to many of these mounts. The clamping mechanisms are designed to fit pretty much every smartphone in existence and sometimes they can even hold tablets.

Some cellphone mounts are not meant for vehicles at all and are meant to sit on your desk. These would be used to prop your smartphone or tablet up at a good angle where you can see it without moving your head too far from your primary working area. This saves your neck from unnecessary strain and also makes referencing your phone or tablet a much more natural motion.

The Cellphone Holder Buying Guide

  • Verify that the mount will hold your exact model of smartphone. Most will be truly universal, but it’s best to always check.
  • See if you can plug your smartphone in while you use the mount. Having your screen on for navigation can drain your battery fast.
  • Try a simple option to see if you like having a mount at all. You can always upgrade down the road.
  • Always mount your phone before you start driving as it’s safer to have it in place before moving your vehicle.