Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

Last updated date: October 1, 2020

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Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

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We looked at the top Camping Hammocks and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Camping Hammock you should buy.

Update as October 1, 2020:
Checkout The Best Camping Hammock for a detailed review of all the top camping hammocks.

Overall Take

Whether you're heading to the beach, camping resort or your backyard, the Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock is able to provide a comfortable resting space. The hammock itself is made out of 210T nylon parachute fabric. It's able to hold as much as 500 pounds and can accommodate up to two people.

In our analysis of 315 expert reviews, the Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock placed 12th when we looked at the top 14 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

There are a lot of camping hammocks to choose from on Amazon. Why do you choose from us? Hammock: Our hammock is a double hammock(size: 118″ x 78″) rather than single hammock.Compare to the other hammocks, it’s not only larger but also feels soft and comfortable. Tree straps: Our hammock set contains two tree friendly straps, it could protect our tree and avoid the damage caused by rope. It values $10. Rope: Our rope diameter is 0.3 inches, others is only 0.1 inches. Our rope are more stronger than others. Carabiners: The edge of our Carabiners are flat and smooth, but others are sharp. The sharp edges may snag your hammock or ropes. Price: Our double hammock price is only $26.99. Key Features: Top Quality And Affordable Price Winner Outfitters series products are produced by our factory which has produced many hammocks for international brands. We sell Winner Outfitters products directly through Amazon platform rather than traditional channels such as distributors or retailers, So we can give customer more discount on price. Material And Processing Characteristics The hammock is made of super strong 210T parachute nylon material. So it’s very lightweight. This soft, breathable and resistant nylon cloth will last for a long lifetime. We have employed high-grade nylon triple interlocked stitches to maximize hammock strength for your ultimate safety. So the hammock are tested to hold up to 500 pounds. Way Too Easy Money Back Promise Our promise is that our product is just as great, better or the best out there and we back it with our crazy promise. If you are are unsatisfied with our hammock, you could contact us and tell us your reason, then we will give you your money refund within 5 hours and you can keep the hammock.

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What experts liked

The fabric is made from parachute material and though we don’t know how they make their hammocks, Winner boasts durability, breathability, and strength. This has all been confirmed from other hammock sources that use the same material.
- The Sleep Judge
Sleeping in Winner Outfitters, you don’t need to worry about the safety because of triple locked stitches.
- Outdooren
Includes two steel carabiners, two ropes and two straps.
- Gear We Are
This hammock is made with the super strong 210T parachute nylon. This makes the hammock lightweight, breathable, and mildew resistant. When you are in a hurry to pack in the morning and you have no time to dry, it’s nice to be able to put it away damp and not worry.
- Arbor Explorer
The sturdy accessory comes in a decent size to support up to 2 adults and is firmly secured by 2 solid steel carabiners, 2 tree-friendly ropes, and two strong ropes.
- The 10 Pro
The comfortable hammock is designed using the best 210T nylon parachute fabric. The spacious hammock is simple to install as it comes with strong and durable hammock.
- All Top Ten Reviews
The Winners Outfitters double camping hammock is made from sturdy 210T nylon that can accommodate weights up to 500 pounds best suit either for one or two persons.
- Top Review Pro
Hanging this hammock takes a little time thanks to the rope, straps and solid steel carabiners that are also provided. The rope is 0.3 inches thick offering more strength and durability compared to thinner ropes provided by competing models.
- List Outdoor
It also comes with all the necessary hardware and is easy to set up and enjoy.
- Reviews Outdoors
It has great support that you will feel amazing sleeping in it. The interlocked stitches ensure you are safe inside the hammock. You will take only three minutes to have the hammock in place.
- Top 6 Pro
Comes with a bag fitted right onto the hammock where you can store it after packing it.
- All Listings
It is available in vibrant, beautiful colors
- Ah Joo
The product offers excellent bang for the buck. It provides all the features you look for in an expensive hammock. However, the best part is that it is more durable and more comfortable to set up than most expensive products.
- Camping AXS
It is super lightweight and effortless to setup. It can be used for beach, travel, and yard and camping.
- Alterestimate
The price is very cheap for the amount of value you get.
- Adventure Sacks
The winner outfitters company makes sure that one can set up this hammock very easily. The hammock comes with all the necessities that are needed to set up your cozy hammock. You can hang your hammock in less than three minutes.
- Safariors
Offering plenty of space for two people to sleep comfortably, this hammock is easy to assemble and take down. In less than 3 minutes, you can set up your hammock and prepare to nod off.
- Byways
Setting up this hammock will take less than 3 minutes since you simply hang it from trees using rope. This hammock package comes with the hammock, tree straps, ropes, and carabiners, so you have everything you need to set up your hammock.
- Paramatan
The new 210T nylon parachute fabric is strong enough to support up to 500 lbs., so you can use this hammock with your partner.
- Camp Away
This hammock can comfortably support up to 500 pounds and can accommodate two people. You will sleep on it with your loved one without any disruption or worry. With it is the 210T nylon parachute fabric which gives it this much strength. It weighs less and takes a few minutes to set up.
- Enjoy The Wild
Winner Outfitters Double Camping is lightweight and breathable. The mildew resistant nylon cloth will last for a long lifetime.
- iExpert 99
Sets up extremely quickly.
- Wiki EZ Vid
This hammock is ready to set up the minute you get it.
- Independent Wolf
The accessory is made out of 210T parachute nylon fabric and has a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds. The light fabric, carabineers, strips, and ropes make carrying it easy whereas the simple design makes setting up and disassembly simple and easy.
- HQ Review
Coming with two ropes, two tree friendly straps and two steel carabiners, this is a great bargain. You will be blown away by the price of this product.
- Camping Maniacs
Because of the new 210T nylon parachute fabric, the BACKPACKING hammocks provide relaxing support up to 500 lbs.
- FoxReviewPro
The solid carabiners with the camping hammock can give you extra security and help you to stay without worry.
- Products Browser
The material is super soft which makes it one of the most comfortable hammocks you’ll find, and it’s also mildew-resistant and breathable. With everything you need for a quick and easy setup, the Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock is easy to love.
- Road Affair
An impressive value that includes ropes, straps, carabiners, and bag along with a lightweight yet durable hammock with triple stitching. Customer Service is prompt when concerns arise.
- BestReviews
The carabiners used for this camping hammock are also smooth without any sharp points included.
- Royal Hammock Headquarters
Very simple to hang.
- Live Nature Fit
For easy hanging, all necessary pieces of equipment are included with the premium hammock. It will take only a few minutes to hang your camping hammock on a tree using the strips, ropes, and carabiners.
- Technetro
This is a versatile parachute hammock. It has a soft and comfortable 210T nylon fabric. Plus, the fabric is super light for easy setup.
- Rotha Reviews
It is made of 210T nylon fabric, making it quite hard-wearing. Another impressive thing, the Winner Outfitters Lightweight Double Hammock is extremely easy to set up and carry for camping, backpacking or traveling.
- Leek Garden
This overall hammock system comes with everything that you need to get set up immediately after you receive it. There are carabiners, tree straps, and the hammock itself. The set up is simple and easy to do so that you can make camp faster than ever before thanks to the logical set up of this type of hammock.
- Outdoor Sleeping Gear
It is made with new 210T nylon parachute fabric which provides this BACKPACKING hammock a calming hold up to 500 lbs. It is super lightweight and extremely easy to set up which is ideal for camping, travel, beach, yard.
- Outdoor Pursuites
Though this is an inexpensive product, it doesn’t fail to fulfill the expectations of comfort. This hammock is manufactured from super strong 210T parachute nylon material. The nylon cloth is breathable, soft and mildew-resistant and the triple locked stitches maximize the strength of the hammock that ensures safety.
- Hiking Ambition
This double camping hammock features a lightweight design and it comes with the two ropes, two tree friendly straps, and two solid steel Carabiners.
- Hammock Camping
Nylon parachute construction makes it very durable.
- My Hunting Gear

What experts didn't like

The company states their straps are durable and also tree-friendly, meaning they won’t damage the tree structure upon use. We couldn’t confirm this because, oops, the straps were left out of our order but there aren’t many complaints from other consumers about them.
- The Sleep Judge
Average quality rope.
- Outdooren
The steel carabiners are quite heavy to carry.
- Gear We Are
Short straps and rope quality could be better.
- Arbor Explorer
Only available in double size.
- List Outdoor
Straps are a little short.
- Reviews Outdoors
Carabiners are made of steel and not aluminum; hence, they are quite heavy.
- Ah Joo
No tree straps.
- Camping AXS
Carabineers are made of steel and will be heavier in your pack.
- Adventure Sacks
An instruction manual could be included. The ropes could be pre-knotted for more ease of use.
- Safariors
The only real disadvantage of this camping hammock is that it’s not as fancy as other products. This is a hammock that provides comfortable, spacious sleeping quarters, but it doesn’t boast all the gadgetry and wizardry of pricier models.
- Byways
The single hammock provides narrow interior space even for one person.
- Camp Away
The fabric is a little bit thin, and the straps are too long.
- Enjoy The Wild
Some users complained that it is not durable.
- iExpert 99
Straps are a bit too short
- Wiki EZ Vid
This is a small brand, so they don’t yet offer accessories like insect nets or rain fly attachments.
- Independent Wolf
The disadvantage is that the surface isn’t ultra smooth.
- HQ Review
Slightly heavier than other models.
- Camping Maniacs
Minor seam fraying in the hammock and bag have been reported. The straps also tend to fray and coule be longer.
- BestReviews
Straps may need to be replaced to work for some situations.
- Live Nature Fit
What I don't like about this product are the carbineers as they are made of steel, which is quite heavy.
- Leek Garden
Included carabiners are not weight-rated. Very thin material; can be cold to use.
- Outdoor Sleeping Gear
Steel carabiners are a little on the heavy side.
- My Hunting Gear

An Overview On Camping Hammocks

There’s nothing more relaxing than spending time outdoors. Whether you’re planning a beach retreat or a camping trip in the woods, you’ll want a comfortable hammock to lounge around in. Perhaps you’d like to gently swing while reading a good book or take a nap while listening to the nearby waves. As you shop for the perfect camping hammock, you’ll want to keep the following in mind:

Determine whether you’re looking for a single hammock or a double. A double is ideal for couples or a parent who wants to lounge with their child. Next, you need to add up how much weight you need the hammock to bare. Some are only capable of holding 400 pounds, while others are designed to hold up to 1,000 pounds. If you’re on the tall side, you’ll also want to look for a hammock that measures about 10.5 feet long and 6.5 feet wide.

Check the fabric next. Most hammocks, including the Wise Owl Outfitters 210T Parachute Nylon Hammock, are now made from a heavy-duty 210T parachute nylon, which is both breathable and comfortable. They feature a triple-stitching setup that adds to the strength of the hammock and eliminates fraying.

Consider how well the camping hammock folds up. You want it to be lightweight and portable so that you can toss it in your backpack and go. The Kootek Lightweight Nylon Parachute Hammock single model folds up as small as a grapefruit. If you need the double model, you’ll only take up as much space in your backpack as an eggplant. As an added bonus, the hammock comes with its own carrying case that is attached to the hammock itself.

Look at the hammocks accessories and make sure that the hammock can be set up quickly and easily. The Anyoo Single Cotton Outdoor Hammock comes with steel carabiners and two wide straps with steel rings. Even novice users can have this hammock set up in minutes.

Finally, choose a color. Although some models come in just two color choices, others have as many as 17. That means you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a camping hammock in a desirable shade that also matches your tent and other camping gear.

The Camping Hammock Buying Guide

  • Camping is a lot of fun, but it can be quite dirty. You’ll most likely need to clean your hammock when you return home from your trip. After you remove the carabiners, you can toss the hammock in the washing machine. Choose the cool water and delicate cycle settings and add a little bit of mild detergent. Air-dry the camping hammock on a clothesline and you’re all set.
  • Never wash your hammock with other items and avoid using fabric softener, bleach or other harsh chemicals in the machine when washing a hammock.
  • Camping hammocks tend to come with their own storage bag. Before you put the hammock away for the winter, however, you’ll want to spray it with a protective spray. This stops mold and mildew from growing and keeps critters from using your hammock as a nest.
  • You won’t find much variation in price among the camping hammocks, as they are all made out of the same material. Just be careful that you are comparing single hammocks with single hammocks and double hammocks with double hammocks. You may want the color choice to be the deciding factor. If that’s the case, you’ll find the Wise Owl Outfitters 210T Parachute Nylon Hammock and the Kootek Lightweight Nylon Parachute Hammock have many more color options than the Anyoo Single Cotton Outdoor Hammock and the AmazonBasics Fabric Hammock With Stand.