WETOLS Rivet Nut Tool Set, 14-Inch

Last updated date: July 9, 2020

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WETOLS Rivet Nut Tool Set, 14-Inch

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We looked at the top Rivet Nut Tools and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Rivet Nut Tool you should buy.

Update as February 4, 2022:
Checkout Make Any Assembly Job Easy With The Best Rivet Nut Tool for a detailed review of all the top rivet nut tools.

Overall Take

You won't lose any of the pieces that come with this rivet nut tool set, as they are all carefully stored inside a blow molded carry case. The unit is made from a chrome steel that has been heat treated to resist corrosion and deformation. Users will also appreciate the ability to get a good grip, thanks to the textured non-slip handles.

In our analysis of 8 expert reviews, the WETOLS Rivet Nut Tool Set, 14-Inch placed 2nd when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

VARIOUS MANDRELS: The rivet nut tool equipped with 7PCS interchangeable mandrels(Metric M6 M8 M10; SAE 1/4-20*2, 5/16-18, 3/8-16). EASY FOR USE: The mandrel of Wetols 14″ Rivet Nut can be easily removed by hand for easy mandrel change or maintenance. STURDY AND DURABLE:The mandrels of our hand rivet nut tool is made from Chrome steel with heat treated 40℃ and the arm is made from 45 carbon steel, which protect against corrosion and resist to deformation. SOLID BLOW CASE: All Accessories are packaged in the blow molded carry case for easy storage and portability. Each tool is placed close to its position to prevent movement and scratching. COMPLETE ACCESSORIES: 70pcs rivet nuts (10 rivet nuts for each mandrel,20 rivet for SAE 1/4-20).Please note that the 1/4-20 mandrel was installed in the gun.

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What experts liked

The arm of the WETOLS is almost 14 inches long so you get your work done with less effort than others. Effortlessly removing the mandrel by your hand is possible because of the easy installation. The tool has a whole accessory package that has 7opcs of rivet nuts having 10 rivets per size.
- Legend Handyman
Quick and easy to use, Mandrels are easy to change or maintain, Durable and solid construction, Comes with additional accessories, Portable, Everything well-place in a box
- Giants Tool
There is no doubt that there is another major brand that is known for its rivet nut tools, but they are over $62. So, naturally one will want to find an alternative to that major brand and sure enough WETOLS Rivet Nut tool set is something to check out! The WETOLS 14″ Rivet Nut Tool, Hand Rivet Nut Tool (made from chrome steel, while the arm is made of 45 carbon steel) and comes with 7 Metric & Inch Mandrels M6 M8 M10, 1/4-20, 5/16-18, 3/8-16 and a total of 70 pieces of rivnuts (10 rivet nuts for each mandrel, 20 rivet for SAE 1/4-20). You also get a solid blow case that holds the tool, tightener and mandrels. Great for those working on automotive or other projects that need a rivnut. But the best part of all, it’s only $39! Definitely worth it for the price and those who want a rivet nut tool set but don’t want to spend a ton of money on it!
- Dennis A. Amith

What experts didn't like

If you use excessive force or over squeeze, then the nuts are bound to strip. The tool takes a bit more effort than other tools that have been featured. Sometimes lubrication may be required for it too.
- Legend Handyman
Sometimes it may need to be lubricated, Over squeezing can strip the nuts, Compression tools may take a little effort
- Giants Tool

An Overview On Rivet Nut Tools

Unlike the standard rivet, the rivet nut has a body that is internally threaded and counterbored. It comes in a few different shapes. The rivet nut is especially handy when you need to bond a material that is thin or frail. Whether you use this type of nut regularly for work or a variety of home projects, you’ll need a rivet nut tool to install them.

As you shop for the best rivet nut tool, you’ll want to look at the tool’s construction. The WETOLS Rivet Nut Tool Set, 14-Inch is an excellent choice, as the tool’s mandrels are made from chrome steel that has been heat-treated to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, the tool’s arm is formed from a 45 carbon steel that is corrosion and rust-resistant. Other models may be constructed of aluminum, brass or a nickel-based alloy.

Next, you’ll want to examine the rivet nut tool’s handles. Look for an ergonomic design that reduces hand fatigue. The Aqqly Hand Rivet Nut Tool Setter Kit, 16-Inch features handles that are three inches longer than other models, making them easier to hold. They also are equipped with double compound hinges that maximize leverage.

Review whether or not the rivet nut tool requires the use of an additional tool to change out the head. You’ll find the Astro Pneumatic Rivet Nut Setter Kit, 60-Piece utilizes a toolless quick-change head that eliminates the need for other tools. You’ll be able to swap out the mandrels and nose pieces quickly and easily.

Finally, consider a rivet nut tool that includes a storage case, so you can keep all of your mandrels and rivet nuts neatly organized. The REXBETI Rivet Nut Tool Setter Kit, 14-Inch comes in a solid carrying case that is compact and easily portable. When you open the case, you’ll discover that each tool fits snugly into its designated spot. This keeps the pieces from moving around and becoming damaged.

The Rivet Nut Tool Buying Guide

  • Your rivet nut tool may need to be lubricated. Read the product care guide to see how often lubricating the tool is recommended.
  • If you need to clean your rivet nut tool before setting it back in the storage case, you can do this quickly with a stainless steel wipe. These wipes are sold in a container that resembles those used for dispensing disinfecting wipes. You should be able to simply pop the lid and pull one wipe out at a time.
  • Always use caution when squeezing the rivet nut too. Over squeezing can strip the nuts.
  • If you find that your rivet nut tool has an instruction manual that is inadequate, you can view detailed videos on YouTube that will physically show you how to properly and effectively use the tool.
  • One of the benefits of opting to use a rivet nut is that it isn’t damaged by heat like other nuts.
  • Rivet nuts have a wide range of uses, with a few of these being bicycles, playground equipment, home appliances, watercraft, automobiles, aircraft, solar installations and a host of home and office furniture.
  • Interestingly, rivet nuts can be installed by a six-axle robot or a variety of other automated assembly tools. Of course, this is done in a manufacturing setting, so most do-it-yourselfers will need to stick with the more affordable rivet nut tool that is operated by hand.
  • Since rivet nut tools come in sets that include mandrels and rivet nuts, you’ll need to look at the number of pieces in the set, as well as the overall construction of the tool when considering price. You’ll find the WETOLS Rivet Nut Tool Set, 14-Inch and the REXBETI Rivet Nut Tool Setter Kit, 14-Inch are the most affordable per piece, while the Aqqly Hand Rivet Nut Tool Setter Kit, 16-Inch comes in just a slight bit higher. The Astro Pneumatic Rivet Nut Setter Kit, 60-Piece is the most expensive of the bunch.