Weston 07-3101-W-A Aluminum Manual Meat Tenderizer

Last updated date: November 3, 2021

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Weston 07-3101-W-A Aluminum Manual Meat Tenderizer

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Update as November 3, 2021:
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Overall Take

If you routinely need to process large quantities of meat, this meat tenderizer with a hand crank will make your job easier. It has 31 stainless steel blades and a sturdy cast aluminum body with a heavy-duty base and crank handle. The gadget comes apart for easy cleanup.

In our analysis of 22 expert reviews, the Weston 07-3101-W-A Aluminum Manual Meat Tenderizer placed 4th when we looked at the top 13 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Tenderize pounds upon pounds of meat with a few turns of the handle. This non-traditional tenderizer is durable, all metal and features steel combs to prevent jamming. 31 Ultra-sharp stainless steel blades pierce through connective fibers, leaving even the toughest cuts of meat tenderized. Run steaks and chops through a second time to cube it. This tool is ideal for making meats thin & tender for perfect cubed steak, schnitzel or chicken fried steak.

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What experts liked

This tenderizer lets you make the meat thin and tender when you spin the handle. For all of you hunters and farmers, this is a must-have gadget. Made using all metal this modern tenderizer is durable for use.
- Yum China
The Weston Meat Tenderizer is equipped with 31 durable blades that are made from premium stainless steel. It is capable of tenderizing all kinds of meat, even the toughest ones. This product has two housing pieces that can be disassembled for seamless cleaning.
- Idses Media
Heavy-duty stainless steel/cast aluminum construction 31 extremely sharp tenderizing blades. Stainless steel combs prevent jamming. Excellent stability. Comes with 2 C-clamps and stainless steel tongs.
- Best Meat Cooking Tools

What experts didn't like

Chute can only take 1.25-inch thick cuts. The blades are not designed to handle bones.
- Best Meat Cooking Tools

An Overview On

Have you ever had an unreasonably tough piece of beef or a very chewy piece of chicken? Sometimes, no matter how good of a chef you are, the meat you’re working with can be very difficult to eat. This is where a meat tenderizer tool comes in. It’s a hand-powered kitchen gadget that is designed to soften beef, lamb, venison, pork, turkey, chicken, duck and other kinds of meat before cooking. Taking the time to do this quick step often results in melt-in-your-mouth dishes.

There are three main types of meat tenderizing tools. One of the most common is the kind that looks like a large hammer or mallet. Typically, this meat tenderizer is made out of a heavy metal. The hammer has two faces, one that’s flat, while the other has cone-shaped protrusions. You use this type of meat tenderizer by hammering on the meat. Similar to this style of gadget is one that looks kind of like a potato masher, but has a large metal face that is either smooth or has a bumpy surface. The flat sides of these tools are perfect for pounding out meat into thinner slices, while the jagged side is great for softening the meat. Another type of meat tenderizer uses blades that puncture the meat as they are pressed into it. This not only helps to soften the tough fibers of the meat, but also helps to create channels for flavors from marinades and spices to seep through.

While one of the key benefits of a meat tenderizer tool is that they turn rough cuts of meat into succulent meals, an added bonus is that they help to reduce cooking time significantly. You can make a better meal in less time by using a meat tenderizer because the gadget does a good job of breaking down tough fibers in the meat.

The Buying Guide

  • Before you purchase a meat tenderizer, think about what kind of cuts of meat you eat most often. This will help you decide what kind of gadget you need. For example, if you mostly eat chicken and turkey breast, a mallet-style tenderizer will help you get thin cutlets that cook up in no time. If you are a fan of large roasts, you may fare better with a blade-style meat tenderizer that can penetrate thick cuts of meat, helping to both soften the flesh and let the marinade seep through. If cube steaks are your thing, then a standing blade-tenderizer can help you get perfectly textured meat with a few turns of the hand crank.
  • Depending on the quantity of meat you need to tenderize, look at the surface area the gadget covers. For example, if you’re a hunter and process your own meat, you’ll want to get a large meat tenderizer that has a big surface area. If you’re only tenderizing a few small pieces for your family, then a small tool will do the trick.
  • For those that like to add flavor to their meat using herbs, spices and marinades, take a look at the absorption rate the gadget provides. In many cases, you can get meat tenderizers that will increase the absorption rate of the meat by several hundred percent. This helps your meat to take on better flavors and decreases the amount of time it needs to cook.
  • Meat tenderizers have a tough job to do, and that’s why durability is key. Look for tools that have blades that are made out of heavy-duty materials such as stainless steel. Aluminum construction for the outside of the gadget will provide the best results.