WEN 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press

Last updated: April 2, 2024

A speed regulator automatically shifts between the WEN 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press's 580-3,200 RPMs. The mechanical variable speed mechanism also provides consistent torque, ensuring all of your projects complete reliably. This drill does make it tougher to power through some sturdier metals. So it makes a better choice for those who plan to work primarily with wood.

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Product Details

In our analysis of 48 expert reviews, the WEN 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press placed 5th when we looked at the top 7 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Remember when power tools were actually powerful? WEN’s 12-inch swing, variable speed drill press with laser centering device, is a powerhouse for your shop. Packed with features that you’ll find in larger more industrial type drill presses. This bench-top, cast iron drill press has the power to drill through metal, wood and other materials. Max drill capacity is 5/8” in 1” thick cast iron. The variable speed feature allows you to target in the exact speed (infinitely from 580-3200 RPM) that works for your project. While you are working you simply move a lever and adjust the speed as needed. No pulleys and belts to change! Our design uses a mechanical variable speed which allows for the same power and torque through the entire speed range. A digital readout powered by LED’s displays the running speed. Constructed with a rigid frame consisting of cast iron: head, table, and base, ensures accurate holes. Its powerful induction motor features ball bearings for an extended life and it all comes together with smooth and balanced performance even at high speeds. The 5/8” chuck with MT2 spindle taper gives you versatility with a variety of bits and features on-board chuck key storage, so you never have to hunt around for it. Worktable bevels 45° left and right for those tricky operations for the perfect right angles consistently. Base has predrilled holes for mounting onto a bench or work stand. Slotted table allows for mounting clamps and vises for effective mounting. The X-pattern laser locks-on to your drill points saving on guesswork and sparing expensive materials. A versatile and valuable tool for any shop especially when you expand its range of use with optional accessories such as mortising attachments, drum sanders, circle cutters, etc. Since 1951, WEN has proudly produced innovative powered tools focused on value delivering meaningful features that will help you complete and enjoy the work as much as the project. Remember when you could drill with laser precision? Remember WEN. DO NOT use power tools in the presence of flammable liquids or gases.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

The LED screen readout keeps track of how fast your drill is going, making adjustment a breeze.
The WEN 4214 12-inch drill press can deliver a variable speed of 580-3,200 RPMS, which is very versatile and allows you to work with a wide area of materials.
This power drill model has an inductive motor with 2/3 horsepower and a beefy rating of 5.0 amps. This provides sufficient power for drilling through any materials from softwoods to dense sheet metal as long as you equip the chuck with the appropriate drill bit.
The benefit of a variable speed dial is you can change the speed while maintaining the same power and torque you may need for denser materials.
It is also possible to set multiple speeds by simply turning the speed regulator. This is good because it provides drilling applications particularly for materials with different tensile strength, density and hardness.
Another benefit is the fact that the variable speed mechanism is mechanical, and this has the advantage of keeping the power and torque consistent throughout the entire speed range, helping you achieve predictable results regardless of how you adjust the speed lever.
The mechanical system of this machine is also impressive as the variable speed is convenient. You can set it in various speed range such as at 580 RPM or raise it up to 3,200 RPM whenever you need a quick hole to be drilled.
A good feature of speed as it provides you 580-3200 RMPs with the simple turn of the speed adjustment lever and torque, make you easy and tenderness during the period of activity as well as it doesn’t create any uncomfortable

What reviewers didn't like

The competing brands have a spindle lock but this one doesn't.
Will have difficulty drilling through thick metal, especially steel.
The main problem with this unit is that it struggles when drilling through thick metals, especially steel. Although the variable speeds and durable drill bits can in fact drill through metal sheets, you’ll need to exercise extreme patience when doing so.
The WEN 4214 can work on both metal and wood, but its speed system makes it more suitable for wood. It does not process very tough metals to satisfaction.
The WEN 4214 does not feature a lockable spindle.
The WEN 4214 does not have a spindle lock while the competing brands have this feature.
Locking Linear Depth Stop adjustment requires a wrench.
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