VTech KidiBeats LED Light-Up Drum Set

Last updated: August 4, 2022

This toy for toddlers set is geared toward kids ages two to five. The toy comes with four modes of play: free play, letters, numbers and follow-along, and will grow with your toddler.

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: This toy for toddlers helps kids to learn about music, lights and sounds.

In our analysis of 55 expert reviews, the VTech KidiBeats LED Light-Up Drum Set placed 5th when we looked at the top 17 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Perform like a star with the KidiBeats Drum Set. Tap the three light-up drum pads and cymbal with the included drumsticks to hear each of their unique sounds for sensory development. Play along to built-in melodies in a variety of styles including rock, dance, pop or in your own style to encourage musical creativity. Four play modes include Free Play, Letters, Numbers and Follow Along.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

There’s a control pad with several touch buttons that control the toy’s mode and operation, including an easy-access power button.
The drum set features three drum pads. Each of the drum pads features a cymbal to produce a unique sound leading to good sensory development of the baby.
Each drum head in this drum kit has internal lights that serve as a cue to teach different drumming patterns to your child.
Amazingly, there are 4 modes with each having different function.
When battery is running low it will shut down automatically to preserve battery-life and indicating that you need to replace the old battery.
The drumsticks create unique sound on the drum pads and cymbals.
Make less noise than standard sets so, they are a better option. There are many quality drum sets for kids which you can buy, there are also good replicas out there, you might come across to a few ones.
This drum is small just like a half feet wide and foot tall. Its volume settings is so pretty just like top of the toy. This set has neither enough sound nor loudly neither slowly.
It’s worth noting that each mode has its own LED light. Your child will feel like a real drummer with two drumsticks that are included in the kit.
This is a good toy to get a very young child’s brain thinking in terms of a drummer. It isn’t extremely loud, and as long as they are in their room playing it, it shouldn’t bother others around the house.
These all make their own unique sounds to help with sensory development. Toddlers can bang and bash to make their own sounds or choose from 9 melodies of varying genres from rock to pop to dance.
This cute drum kit also consists of three drum pads, drum sticks, and cymbal.
Not only a great to to make music – but a great toy to learn numbers and letters too!
I’ve had this drum set for more than 4 months, and it is still working! I’m amazed at the durability that this drum set’s got, despite my son being very wild at times when playing with the drum set.
The main attraction of this cheap kids drum set for children themselves is the fact that they can pound on these drums.
The VTech KidiBeats Drum Set is another musical toy that can complement your toy guitar/piano well.
The smallness and attractiveness of the drum make it fit well with small kids. Although the color is not the primary issue that benefits, it plays an important role in kid’s happiness and at the same time saving a lot of space.
This drum set is a great way to make your toddler happy by giving him/her the occasion to spend the time in a productive way while having fun.
The instrument is basically a toy drum designed for preschoolers to not only learn to make music but also to learn and understand numbers and letters.

What reviewers didn't like

Even for an 18-month-old, the 12-inch-wide drum set seemed rather small—so it would certainly be too tiny for children who are actually old enough to properly make use of all of the features.
You have to press the power button every time you want to play.
The batteries included are non-rechargeable even though the company recommends a rechargeable pair.
Tiny for growing kids.
The drum set is small and does not have a seat.
Size of speaker is smaller.
One more drawback is that freestyle option adds very inconvenient (and obnoxious) drum beats occasionally that disrupts kids’ actual drumming.
Drum sounds go off randomly while playing.
The product is relatively small in size.
The few complaint we found were related to its size, but the dimensions are stated on product pages so they may have overlooked it.
Many parents were disappointed with the size of this drum set finding it to be much smaller than they expected.
It is smaller than previously anticipated.
Designed for children between 2 and 5 years old, so it is not suitable for every toddler.
Much better Junior sets available.
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