Vremi Electric Compact Hand Mixer, 3-Speed

Last updated date: December 9, 2021

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Vremi Electric Compact Hand Mixer, 3-Speed

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We looked at the top Compact Hand Mixers and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Compact Hand Mixer you should buy.

Update as December 9, 2021:
Checkout The Best Compact Hand Mixer for a detailed review of all the top compact hand mixers.

Overall Take

Lightweight and ergonomically designed, this mixer is comfortable to use. A 150-watt motor with three speeds provides versatile power. The included case and retractable cord make storage a breeze.

In our analysis of 72 expert reviews, the Vremi Electric Compact Hand Mixer, 3-Speed placed 13th when we looked at the top 17 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Versatile and space-saving, the Vremi Just Beat It! Hand Mixer is a smart investment machine for your kitchen. With pure copper motor, 3 turbo speeds, stainless steel egg beaters and a built-in snap on storage accessories holder, this small yet powerful blender mixer lets you smooth ingredients to perfection for your next batch of cookies, brownies, mashed potatoes, or even scrambled eggs, without any hassle. Easy to care for, the mini mixer can be wiped clean with a soft, dry cloth to preserve it for a long time. The attachments can be rinsed with water after use or in the dishwasher.

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

It is effortless to use and fits comfortably in the hand. After use, it is possible to place the beaters in a dishwasher. The hand mixer comes complete with its own case so that it is exceptionally easy to store when not in use.
- Chef's Resource
The Vremi comes with two stainless steel egg beaters, three speed settings, convenient clip-on storage and a retractable cord. Unlike other mixers that may come with a separate, attachable plastic casing, the Vremi lets you clip your beater attachments to either side of the mixer, allowing for maximum space-saving. Though it's a basic mixer, its retro design is anything but basic. Add a little flair by choosing from one of the four available colors; pink, black, blue or red.
- Mashable
Easy to operate; Small and lightweightl; Straight and simple controls.
- All Top Ten Reviews
Weighing in at two pounds, the Vremi Electric Hand Mixer is about as light as they come, which is a must when you are mixing up a double batch of cookie dough. Plus, it has an easy-grip handle to keep your hand from tiring out. Despite its small size, this model packs a 150-watt power three-speed motor.
- Business Insider
Boasting three-speed options, this is an electric hand mixer with a powerful 150 Watts performance to deliver exemplary results. It whisks and blends foods for all baking recipes or any other related activity. And yes, it also boasts a compact storage thanks to its integrated design. Furthermore, the built-in storage case allows you to snap beaters into the sides of the mixer for better performance. The professionally-crafted blades made using a tough and ultra-quality stainless steel material makes it even better for a blending of both dry and wet ingredients.
- The 10 Pro
Vremi has been particularly attentive to ergonomics. So you can handle this mixer with one hand, without much effort. Its handle allows you to keep it in a position perpendicular to the bowl. This model weighs just 640 grams. To reach the edges of your container, you will only have to make some handle movements.
- CTOP Reviews
A smart investment machine for your kitchen which comes with the versatile and space-saving feature. With this mixers, pure copper motor, 3 turbo speeds, stainless steel egg beaters, and a built-in snap-on storage accessories holder, this small yet powerful blender mixer lets you smooth ingredients to perfection for your next batch of cookies, brownies, mashed potatoes, or even scrambled eggs, without any hassle. This mixer comes with 2 dishwasher-safe metal egg beaters blade sticks attachments made of heavy-duty, rust-resistant stainless steel to cut through and blend thick, dry or wet ingredients seamlessly.
- My Classy Kitchen
During operations, the hand mixer makes very minimal noise which is perfect and convenient if you love a quiet working space. The soft firm grip handle allows you to comfortably control the mixer when mixing and worry less about it slipping from your hands, or hand and arm fatigue. You can safely clean the attachments in a dishwasher, plus its portable design and modern shape will be eye-catching when placed in your kitchen.
- Handmixer Center
Our top pick for the best hand mixer is the Vremi Electric 150-Watt Hand Mixer. It may be small and only have three settings but the Vremi hand mixer is incredibly powerful and will reward you with the ultimate pre-baking preparation performance. Whether you need to whip up some double cream for a pavlova, create a delicious cheese cake or prepare some light dough for cupcakes, the Vremi has a professional mixing ability and its compact design, high-quality mixing beaters, and super cool design with a compact storage feature, it is excellent value for money.
- Morning Chores
The Vremi 3-speed hand mixer ($14) is lightweight.
- Epicurious

What experts didn't like

With just 150 Watts of peak power, this model is much less powerful than many competing models. For some people, this might be enough power to meet their needs. However, others may well find that the Vremi 3-Speed Compact Hand Mixer is distinctly lacking in terms of performance.
- Chef's Resource
The speed is too fast.
- All Top Ten Reviews
One downside: we did come across a few customer reviews complaining that the slowest setting is still a little too fast for some jobs.
- Business Insider
Price: Due to the strong performance and the solid workmanship, the device is priced a bit more expensive than many other models, so it certainly is not for everyone.
- CTOP Reviews
150-watt motor power. Can't properly work on tough mixes or dough.
- Handmixer Center
Not ideal for heavy-duty usage. Small size.
- Morning Chores
it doesn't come with whisk or bread attachments. It only has three (unlabeled) speed settings. There isn't much difference between its speed settings, and it is loud and unsteady.
- Epicurious

An Overview On Compact Hand Mixers

Stand mixers have their merits, but sometimes a counter-consuming behemoth is overkill. For quick jobs, tight quarters, or small hands, a compact hand mixer will perform the task nicely.

When shopping for a compact mixer, consider how you will likely use it. If you would like to have one on hand to whip up a cake mix or make some pancakes on occasion, a simple three-speed hand mixer will suffice. However, if you often find yourself whipping up everything from meringues to mashed potatoes, a mixer with multiple speeds and perhaps a power boost option will likely serve you better.

Attachments are another consideration. Many compact hand mixers simply include a set of beaters, which are excellent for basic mixing needs. On the other hand, you can find mixers that come with additional attachments, such as whisks and dough hooks. Again, your personal preferences will help you determine what is necessary.

Think about storage options, as well. If you have limited cabinet space in your kitchen, a compact hand mixer with its own case or with clips to hold the beaters will be easier to tuck away and to find when you need it.

Of course, the price of a compact mixer is also essential. Deciding on a budget before you begin shopping and then listing the features that matter most to you will help you make the best decision.

The Compact Hand Mixer Buying Guide

  • Always turn off a hand mixer before inserting the beaters into a bowl containing ingredients to mix. Increase the speed one level at a time to avoid breaking the mixer, overbeating the batter, or making a mess of your kitchen.
  • Do not immerse a hand mixer in water. To clean it, remove the beater attachments and wash them as directed. Unplug the mixer to avoid electric shock and wipe carefully with a damp cloth where needed.
  • If your compact hand mixer includes multiple attachments, learn the functions of each to obtain the most value from them. For instance, beaters are best for mixing ingredients with a normal to dense consistency, such as batter or mashed potatoes. Dough hooks are best for kneading bread. A whisk attachment provides aeration to whip wet ingredients, such as eggs or cream.
  • Avoid messes when mixing by poking the beaters through a sheet of wax paper before inserting them into the mixer. The paper will contain splatters keeping you and your countertops clean. This is especially useful when your child wants to help in the kitchen.
  • Always supervise children using a hand mixer to avoid damage to the appliance as well as injury to the child.