Vizari Malaga Soccer Shin Guards for Kids

Last updated date: May 11, 2020

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Vizari Malaga Soccer Shin Guards for Kids

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These soccer shin guards for kids have adjustable straps and many color options to provide ultimate customizability. Despite its comfortable, lightweight build, the outer shell is built using high-quality polypropylene plastic to easily take hits without weakening. The shin guard also helps stabilize and protect the player's ankles to prevent injury in that area. In our analysis of 67 expert reviews, the Vizari Vizari Malaga Soccer Shin Guards for Kids placed 2nd when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note May 11, 2020:
Checkout The Best Soccer Shin Guards for a detailed review of all the top soccer shin guards.

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12 expert reviews
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2,380 user reviews
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What experts liked
Lightweight polypropylene shell. Foam padded backing. Hard shell with foam backing adds extra protection. Well-made. Choice of colors and sizes. Hook-and-loop closure fastens around the front and will not irritate skin. Easy to put on. Not bulky.
- BestReviews
They feature dense foam backing and a wraparound Velcro strap for a secure closure.
- Wiki EZ Vid
Despite their heavy-duty protection, they are extra light giving your leg uncompromised performance.
- AmaPerfect
These guards sit comfortably over the shin, ankle, and knee and are made of lightweight polypropylene (plastic).
- Own The Yard
On the inside is a moderate amount of foam padding, which both helps absorb blows and makes the shin guard comfortable to wear.
- Sports Life Today
The PP shell is strong enough to bear impact while playing, but yet is lightweight enough that the shin guards don’t feel too heavy.
- Strive Challenge
Wide size availability. These shin guards have ten different sizes available, from Extra-Extra-Small-Youth to Adult-Large.
- Bar Bend
For extra comfort, this shin guard is foam padded and has a front strap closing for a snug fit.
- Sports Glory
They don't slip off.
- igeeksoccer
Shin guards will stay as glued during the match or practice thanks to the upper and ankle straps.
- Soccer Soda
This high quality shin guard is durable, comfortable and long-lasting.
- Soccer Ball Picks
Apart from their from the closing strap, they are also offering protection for the player’s ankles to prevent them from rolling and spraining in lateral, quick movements or when someone comes in for a fast slide, especially when you are the defender.
- Indoor Champion
What experts didn't like
Sizing is tempernametal, so be sure to check the sizing chart carefully. May run small, so size up if in doubt.
- BestReviews
Guards run a little small
- Own The Yard
Some customers were confused about the sizing system.
- Sports Life Today
The interior padding tends to bunch up
- Strive Challenge
Angular design. The uppermost portion of these shin guards has a relatively sharp angle. If the shin guards aren’t a proper fit, this angled edge can irritate soccer players’ knees during play.
- Bar Bend
It’s not very flexible.
- Sports Glory
The different sizes may be confusing.
- igeeksoccer
Users have shown concerns regarding the size availability and the flexibility of these soccer shin guards.
- Indoor Champion

From The Manufacturer

Based in Paramount, California, Vizari Sport USA is a well established brand in the soccer specialty industry. By consistently providing athletes of all ages and skill levels with the highest quality soccer apparel and equipment since its foundation in 1998,Vizari Sport USA has grown steadily throughout the years into one of the finest soccer specific companies in the industry today. Lightweight PP shell for Protection. Foam padded backing for comfort, Front strap closing system. Excellent players shin guard.

Overall Product Rankings

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An Overview On Soccer Shin Guards

If your kids play soccer, you likely have some basic equipment you’re required to buy before the start of the season. One item that’s a must before hitting the field is a shin guard for each leg. Soccer players can take pretty tough blows to the shin area, whether through aggressive kicks from other players, tackles or the ball itself. The correct shin guard can protect against injury.

But it’s important to find a shin guard that does its job effectively. The shield must be made of a material that can absorb shock and withstand a few knocks, but that material won’t be comfortable against the skin. For that reason, many shin guards feature material like foam that rests against the skin to keep the player comfortable.

FIFA doesn’t just require shin guards. The organization also has very strict standards for how they’re made. They need to be designed using a “suitable material,” as well as provide “a reasonable degree of protection.” Additionally, shin guards must be covered completely by a player’s stockings.

Before you buy, check your own organization’s regulations regarding shin guards. Although safety is a top priority, you’ll also need to make sure they meet uniform requirements. Once you’ve gathered those requirements, pay close attention to the material used to protect the shins. Polypropylene is a popular material for the shield part of the shin guard due to its ability to absorb the shock of an impact.

Lastly, there’s the fit of the shin guard. Make sure it covers the length of the shin and that it has straps that will adjust to ensure a snug fit. Some guards are built ergonomically to ensure they conform to the leg. You should also look for a shin guard that will protect the ankle as well as the shin.

DWYM Fun Fact

For youth playing sports, injuries are always a concern. Protective gear can go a long way toward keeping your little ones safe without getting in the way of having fun. But there are a few other ways children can prevent injury while participating in athletics. One is to warm up before every practice or game, then take time to do stretches to cool down after. If your child does suffer an injury, it’s important to stop playing until cleared by a doctor to prevent further injury or, worse, permanent damage. Lastly, it’s essential to stay hydrated during any activity that causes exertion. Coaches should schedule water breaks throughout practices and games and make sure kids are drinking fluids every 15 to 20 minutes, as well as before and after the activity.

The Soccer Shin Guard Buying Guide

  • Shin guards attach using straps. Pay close attention to how these work and make sure the shin guard will stay firmly in place, without moving around, even with knee bends and twists.
  • In addition to safeguarding the shin, many shin guards are designed to protect the ankle. Make sure it’s built to keep the ankle stable to prevent twisting.
  • Some shin guards provide great protection, but they do so at the expense of comfort. Keep in mind that a heavier shin guard can be uncomfortable and distract from gameplay. Lightweight, yet strong, is best.
  • Getting the shin guard on and off can be complicated, especially if you’re dealing with straps that attach in the back. Having straps that fasten in front can be a big help for children. They may even be able to put on and take off their shin guards without help.
  • Shin guards come in a variety of colors and designs, which will help you find one that fits your own player’s preferences.
  • Some shin guards extend all the way up to the knee, offering additional protection on the field.
  • Foam padding between the shield and the leg does more than provide comfort. It can also help absorb shock, increasing the protection shin guards offer.
  • Shin guards typically aren’t one size fits all, even if there are straps to adjust the fit. You may want to take measurements to ensure that the one you’re buying is the right one for your child’s height and shin length.
  • The straps play an essential role in ensuring the shin guard doesn’t slip around while your player is in action. Multiple straps can help with that, but a snug fit is essential, too. As your player sweats, especially while playing on hot days, shin guards can become uncomfortable. A mesh sleeve can help with that, offering the breathability necessary to stay cool.