VIVO Adjustable Children’s Interactive Desk & Chair Set

Last updated date: August 3, 2020

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VIVO Adjustable Children’s Interactive Desk & Chair Set

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Kids grow at a rapid pace, which is why the VIVO Adjustable Children's Desk and Chair Set is such a great buy. Both the desk and the seat are adjustable, so you can raise them as your child ages. The unit is made using a durable steel frame and the chair has an ergonomic design the prevents slouching. In our analysis of 75 expert reviews, the VIVO VIVO Adjustable Children's Desk and Chair Set placed 8th when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note August 6, 2020:
Checkout The Best Children’s Desk for a detailed review of all the top desks.

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What experts liked
The unit comes with an ergonomic design that allows the user to sit in the correct body posture, reducing the risks that come with sitting in an uncomfortable position.
- Z7 Premium
November 13, 2019 | Full review
Having a solid steel frame construction, this height adjustable children’s desk and chair pair are certainly strong. The solid steel frame ensures that he set is not affected even after the most rugged use. It is moulded and crafted to produce an ergonomically efficient study set. As a result, it prevents slouching and helps maintain body posture to a great extent.
- The Top Pro
The desktop inclines up to 40 degrees, making it perfect for her drawing or her writing, or you can keep if flat, should you want her to keep her computer on it. For each adjustment, whether it be the height or the incline, the desktop has a comfortable handle on either side, making it a piece of cake to fit to your little one and her choice of activity.
- Family Living Today
January 9, 2019 | Full review
It comes from quality steel and hence durable. You will find it easy to tilt the desktop for easy reading. The top has stoppers to protect your hands from injuries.
- All Listings
Being very spacious it gives enough room to keep the books and stationeries at the place which is easy to reach.
- Listderful
October 6, 2017 | Full review
The workstation is compact, and easy to put together because all the tools and components are provided.
- Ergonomic Trends
This $140 set is made with ergonomics in mind. This means you can adjust the seating and desk, including the angle of the writing surface to promote proper posture and writing habits.
- Best Seekers
This children’s desk and chair set is very adjustable so you won’t have to waste money by replacing this workspace year after year. You’ll also be able to store any supplies for your kid in the large storage drawer as well, making it easy to clean up.
- Desk Advisor
The table, as well as the chair, is ergonomically designed. This ensures that you are able to use them as a study desk for a longer period of time quite easily.
- Top Best 10 Reviews
Its steel frame is solid and durable, and the chair has an ergonomic back that keeps them comfy and prevents slouching.
- Wiki EZ Vid
March 29, 2018 | Full review
Is ergonomically designed and features a large pull out drawer.
- Born Cute
September 12, 2019 | Full review
The height is adjustable.
- The Gear Hunt
October 15, 2018 | Full review
The desk doesn’t take long to set up. Once it’s assembled you can move it around with ease, so you can place it wherever you want to.
- ComputerDeskz
April 12, 2019 | Full review
What experts didn't like
While the workstation was generally easy to assemble, one of the screw holes didn’t align.
- Ergonomic Trends
It doesn’t allow for any storage.
- Best Seekers
The chair is heavy.
- Born Cute
September 12, 2019 | Full review
Premium tag price. Not a ton of storage.
- The Gear Hunt
October 15, 2018 | Full review
Difficult for child to adjust height by themselves
- ComputerDeskz
April 12, 2019 | Full review

From The Manufacturer

Adjustable smart desk for children (DESK-V201G) from VIVO. This interactive desk and chair station combines fun and safety for kids of varying age and size! Perfect for kids' rooms, study areas, and more, DESK-V201G features an adjustable tilting surface, from 0 to 40 degrees, and an organized pull out drawer for storing papers, coloring books, coloring utensils, etc. Underneath the desks surface is a 1" stopper to prevent little hands form being pinched when the desk is being tilted. The surface of the desk measures 26" x 19". Both chair and desk have a sturdy steel frame and are both height adjustable to keep up with your fast growing child. The top of the desk can be adjusted from 21" to 30" and the seat of the chair adjusts from 12.6" to 17.3". This set is ergonomically designed for comfortable sitting and proper body positioning which is important in maintaining good health even from a young age. This desk and chair station is recommended for ages 3-10. Initial desk setup takes only a short time and once assembled is easy to move around. kids desk height adjustable stopper tilt Height Adjustable This interactive desk and chair station is perfect for kids' rooms, study areas, and more. Both the desk and the chair have a sturdy steel frame and are height adjustable to keep up with your fast growing child. This desk is recommended for children ages 3-10. Stopper Underneath the desk surface is a 1" stopper to prevent little hands from being pinched when the desk is being tilted. Rest assured knowing your child is safe when working at their kids desk. Adjustable Tilt This desk features an adjustable tilting surface for your child, perfect for changing their working position. To help keep your little one's desk organized, there is a pull out drawer for storing paper, coloring books, coloring utensils and more! logo Why Choose VIVO? We Save You Money. Many ergonomic solutions come at a high cost. Our mission is to use innovation, creativity, and efficiency to produce a more affordable solution that doesn't sacrifice quality. We Make It Easy. We want our products to be easily accessible to children all around the globe so that comfort and productivity can brighten their day and strengthen their creativity. We Care About Your Experience. We don't just sell products, we sell solutions for needs encountered in everyday life. Our prompt and friendly service will ensure those solutions work for you. Specifications Desk Height Adjustment: 21" to 30" Chair Height Adjustment: 12.6" to 17.3" Surface Tilt: 0° to 40° Desk Surface: 26" x 19" Recommended Age: 3-10 years old kids desk VIVO We are every bit consumers as we are engineers and creators. As a leading provider of desk and screen mounting solutions, we live for products that enhance and simplify everyday life.

An Overview On Desks

Giving a child their own workspace not only promotes independence but also allows for a place for the child to express their creativity. Adding a children’s desk to your son or daughter’s bedroom is a perfect way to accomplish this. As you shop for the best children’s desk, there are a few features to keep in mind.

First, consider how your child will use the desk, says parenting expert Kate Desmond.

“A young kid will probably use it to create art and store treasures,” she says. “So, for little tots consider a desk with bigger storage, and a place to hold cups for art supplies. My second grader uses her desk nightly to do homework. And while a sturdy desk is still important, I also look for a good amount of paper storage, and a place to hold writing utensils. Desks that have USB ports and outlets earn extra points as children reach teenage years and need to charge their various bits of technology.”

Look for a children’s desk that is not only sturdy but also meets your student’s weight requirements. There are models made from solid wood, as well as units that feature solid steel frames. Desks constructed for smaller children often won’t exceed a 50-pound weight capacity, while those made for older kids can hold as much as 150 pounds.

Check the design next. You want the child to easily be able to get in and out of the desk, as well as have the desk and chair be comfortable to use. The VIVO Adjustable Interactive Children’s Desk uses an ergonomic design that prevents slouching by promoting the correct body posture while in the seated position.

Safety is also important, so review the product labeling for any certifications or safety tests that have been performed on the children’s desk. For example, you’ll if you decide on a lift-top desk and chair, you’ll want it to have a hinged lid for safety, as well as a gap along the edges of the lid to keep tiny fingers from getting hurt.

Look for something sturdy that won’t tip if climbed upon and lower to the ground for easy maneuvering,” Desmond adds.

Consider a model that is adjustable. This way, the desk can grow with your child. Not only does the FDW Kids Drawer Storage Student Study Desk offer this, but it’s also got plenty of storage. Kids can place their books and art supplies inside. There are even indents within the desk for pens and pencils. While other desks only have adjustable legs, this model has an adjustable seat and desktop that can tilt up to 40 degrees. This type of desk may be better for older children who need to switch from art projects to homework assignments.

Finally, keep an eye out for children’s desks that have a host of extras. For example, the Step2 Art Master Kids Desk comes with a scratch-resistant surface and offers storage in abundance. There’s even a built-in cup holder on the right and left side of the desktop. Other desks come covered in characters that are familiar to children.

Also consider using your child’s new desk to teach some other important life lessons, like how to keep an area tidy and organized.

“No matter what age, the one thing I tell my kids about their desks is if they can’t find it, they can’t use it,” Desmond says. “Teach them young to avoid paper piles to keep their desks clean and clutter-free — a strategically placed recycle bin nearby is always a good idea.”


DWYM Fun Fact

Did you know school desks were first invented in 1880? Before that, children either worked or were educated at home. It was John D. Loughlin from Sidney, Ohio that came up with the first desk for students and he called it “The Fashion Desk.” More than one child could fit at the desk and many models included an inkwell, as they didn’t have pens and pencils back then.

The first adjustable school desk was built in the 1930s. Both the seat and the desk could be made to fit the student. The desk also opened so that students could store their schoolbooks and supplies. Today school desks are also used in a home setting since children often bring home assignments that must be completed and turned in to the teacher the next day.

The Desk Buying Guide

  • Wood is attractive, but also soft and easy to scratch. This type of desk may be better suited to older children.
  • Keep in mind that sturdy models may be heavy and hard to put together.
  • Most models are too hard for children to adjust, so parents will need to complete that task before the student can begin using the desk.
  • While some children’s desk models come with all the tools and hardware you need to assemble them, others don’t. Make sure you know which tools you need before you buy.
  • Most school desks and chairs can be cleaned with a little warm water, liquid dish soap and a rag. Wooden models would also benefit from a multi-surface cleaner that is designed to remove dust. Of course, it is always important to consult your product care label before the first cleaning.
  • Verify that the company offers complimentary tech support in the event that you have trouble putting the children’s desk and chair together using the provided instructions.
  • There are a few factors that influence the cost of a children’s desk. First, you’ll find the Delta Children Nick Jr. PAW Patrol Storage Bin Chair Desk on the lower end of the price scale because it’s designed for toddlers only. The Step2 Art Master Kids Desk is in the middle price-wise, as it’s more of your standard desk and chair with storage. The VIVO Adjustable Interactive Children’s Desk and the FDW Kids Drawer Storage Student Study Desk command a higher price because they are also adjustable and can grow with your child.